87 year old neo Nazi-Witch jailed in Germany


Have a look at the comments, as an example of what the masses think of neo-Nazi-Witches…The funniest comments are the dissimulate ziobot comments where they compare jailing Ursula with Nazism?????

Harry Trisk, Bradford – “Making it a criminal offence to publicly deny something, no matter how much evidence to the contrary, smacks of nazism.”

Paulm69, United Kingdom – “Silly old boot. I’d disown her if she was my grandma and tell her why too.”

Maria F, London – “She is old and senile now and just a young girl when it happened so she probably sheltered and didn’t witness it herself and that what she was told.”

jigjg, London – “more than 15 million people were murdered in the Holocaust, not 6 million. These included Jews, Soviets, Poles, Serbs, homosexuals, Gypsies and many more. Abhorrent woman, when will they ever learn.”

BangToRights, Bucks – “Dementia”

Hywel90, Petersborough – “Just give her the same “labour” treatment they did the poor prisoners. Deluded old fool.”

Annee, Chicago – “What is wrong with all you people agreeing with this punishment or even worse? Of course she’s wrong and of course she’s a racist but what about free speech and the freedom to think and believe what you like?”

GenevralLaureneRoxx, Carlisle, – “87 year old grandmother is that supposed to gain our sympathy? Holocaust deniers are awful people even if they are grandmothers.”

TolerantGuy, London – “Ten months? Should have been ten years.”

Sir Parky KCVO, Poole, – “Put the old woman in a labour camp and throw away the key.”

Monners1960, Plymouth, “While her opinions are vile she should not be jailed for them.”

yorkie, Huddersfield – “What’s German for free speech?”

mrethiopian, Earth – “Good, because she is a scumbag and deserves to live in a concentration camp, to bad we couldn’t giver her a taste of the real thing.”

audreyr, york – “There are none so blind as those who cannot see!!!!”

Korotki, Devon – “Personally I’d not give her the satisfaction of acknowledging her claims, to ignore and ostracize her would have a far more damning effect on the woman…”

Watson and Holmes, United Kingdom – “Locking up in an asylum could be more appropriate.”

If the masses react like this to the greatest Grandmother in the world, what would they want to do to me? Well I know what they want to do to me….But they pick on an 87 year old woman instead!!!! Just because she told the truth….And these masses of Ziobots have far more knowledge then what they make out, they know she is right, they know they are guilty of being traitors and lairs and deceivers and murderers, they know it!!! But why pick on an 87 year old grandmother? You cowards! They pick their times as well, they know when they can get away with it, when they have the numbers and support, but if they were on their own, they would say nothing.



19 responses to “87 year old neo Nazi-Witch jailed in Germany

  • leuchovius2014

    Damn right! And how many of them do you think have ACTUALLY watched the interview videos of her? It is beyond pitiful that one 87-year old lady has more spine and WILL than entire hordes of Daily Mail readers. These commenters are pathetic slaves status-signalling their worth to their masters. Slaves obediently awaiting to react to the command-words given by their masters: “racist!”, “holocaust denier!”, “free thinker!”

  • aufihrhelden

    There are around 64 million creatures in B’nai B’rith today so given an even birth-date rate, even if you got rid of 50,000 a day it would still take around three and a half years to be rid of all that evil. The problem is one of logistics to be rid of the mass weight of numbers of Zion. If this were accomplished the few who are decent and true would not mind dying.

    What does everybody think of that comment that I’ve just made ?

    I’ll tell you what you SHOULD think – there is more love and affection in that comment than, more or less, any comment made anywhere ever especially when you apply it to the world as it is today, that is the world that THEY have created, not me, the world that THEY have created you understand – it’s me that is forced to live in a world of such evil yet apparently I’m the one who hates !

    Anybody who reads the article above and then disagrees with my statement is someone who finds Dresden amusing – they should be burnt at the stake like a book.

    It’s got nothing to do with the Demiurge because the Demiurge cannot function without the evil of weight of numbers.

    It’s got nothing to do with the Jews because the Jews cannot function without the evil of weight of numbers.

    What drives something ? What drives Zionism ? WHAT DRIVES IMBECILIC ZIONISM ? The English Speaking Masses of Hatred because nothing else could !!

    All problems, all questions, all ‘mysteries’ related to all of real history can be solved by asking the question : ‘What is the nature of the thing being addressed ?’

    It is the Nature of the above creatures versus the Nature of Rudolf Hess. All Heil Rudolf Hess !

    Siegfried to Mime : ‘You’re not to love me – haven’t I told you ?

    Look at the video below for a CONTRAST. Those men and Rudolf Hess ! The Truth of Gods ! More than the Truth of Gods ! See the two soldiers at the 1:47 mark. Hard as Nails ! True ! And Fighting for Deutschland !

  • delendaestziobot

    When Saint Ursula is jailed, in Germany by Germans, for telling the Truth about Germany, then you know it is THE END of humanity…..

  • delendaestziobot

    These creatures are not ignorant, it is not that the Truth will overcome lies, it does not, truth never overcomes lies in the masses of ziobots, the lies will always prevail in the masses, they love the lie, they love the Jews, it is their nature, they hate Saint Ursula, and they hate Hitler and always will, truth is utterly meaningless to them, they just hate Hitler, they hate Him not only because He told the Truth, they hate Him instinctively with every pore of their bodies, it is their nature….The masses do not listen to Truth, they hate Truth! The Holoco$t is the Religion of the Masses, it is the only religion they have ever had, they exist as catamites and sycophants for Jewry whom they love until death.

    You know who the biggest Liars actually are, it is the Gentiles….They are the ones who drive Zion as expendable mechanical drones, as Kamared Steve pointed out….The Gentiles and Jews are like a body with a head, they are in a symbiotic relationship, and the Gentile must serve the Jew, because that is his reason for existence, there is nothing else for him.

  • aufihrhelden

    It is, of course, vital to distinguish between who willingly supports Zion due to a vile and insidious Nature, and in this world today that is predominantly the English speaking Masses along with the French speaking Masses ; and which European people have this world forced onto them by the aforementioned Masses.

    Heil The Greatest Grandmother In The World !

    • M:G

      The reaction to this poor senior citizen is what I faced when attempting to debate the holohoax. You could risk bringing the entire wrath of millions of ziobots on your self, thank god I was not sent to prison or re-education centers. The usual loaded words I recieved are exactly the same what this honourable grandma suffered from, the automatism and artificial machine like stare is what you see in the eyes of ziobots once the light of truth is revealed to them.

      By the way, here are the updated figures of the population of zion: ( as of 2016 )

      United states     323,953,116
      Canada                 36,327,393
      United Kingdom  65,140,475
      Ireland                     4,703,625
      Israel ( Jews )        6,377,000
      Australia               24,123,843
      New Zealand          4,698,713

      Total:                   465,324,165

      France                   64,698,528
      Cu Total              530,022,693


      • delendaestziobot

        Yes, they are nothing but clone-like artificial machines, merely inferior copies of Being….One cannot educate or inform them of anything, they already know far more then we credit them for, they are not ignorant little plebs blinding groping for Light and Truth, they are programmed automata of a despicable and evil Enitity, the groping tentacles of an monster that hides its true Self, because it is so ugly, and it knows it….

  • delendaestziobot

    Heil Saint Ursula (the true Saint Ursula) – the Neo-Nazi Witch.

    No matter what language they speak, they are all part of the Masses. And they all just speak a variation of German, because German is the first language upon which all other languages derive, whether it is French, English, Greek, Russian, Spanish, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese or whatever, all languages derive from German, so essentially the masses speak a form of German….But one can see how they have tried to cover this up, so for example, in a English Dictionary, all references to the German root word have been deleted, even though it is obvious that the English word is German in origin…The Germans themselves have done this! So it is also the German speaking masses, they are the ones who have done this to Saint Ursula, and they would like to stone her in the streets, or burn her as a Nazi-Witch, or beat her to death with shovels, and they would have done that if it was 1946….They would do it now, the reason they don’t is because they wish now to pretend that they are not violent and vile murderers but innocent, fair-minded lovers of peace, they want to pretend that Saint Ursula is really just a old fool who needs some counciling and guidance, a “correction facility”…The Ziobots want to understand why these “evil Nazis” still exist, how can they help prevent this, so that it does not happen in the future, why is it that a 87 yo granny became so radicalized, is this something that could be part of dementia and aging process, should doctors and medical staff be on the look out for any early signs of Nazi radicalization in the aging?? Should school children be informed and educated that this could happen to their own grandmothers, that it is something that not only can happen to them, but also happen to little old ladies, they can become radicalized by Nazism because of a deteriorating mind. These are all questions that the Germans will be asking themselves, and there will be many, many paid professionals who will be employed in this process. In the meantime there is 10 million more “refugees” on their way, this years quota, that Germany must and will assimilate. At the end of the day, the Germans will not be too concerned with the correction of a little old German lady for her “dementia” they have millions upon millions upon millions of criminals of every colour piling into their lands, like a PLAGUE! A human tidal wave of biological scum and filth is going to flood their lands, has flooded already…The Germans will not have time to worry too much about us neo Nazi-Witches, they are going to be flat out slaving for their new Masters….LOL….That’s what you get when you betray, you get the Punishment…..Did they really think they were going to get away with it? Did these Brits and Yanks and Europeans really think that they could get away with the crimes of betrayal they have committed…..Go onto a train in a capital city in any of these places, and you will see your future….But, even to their last mortal breath, these humans, these traitors, will never understand, never not ever, will they understand that they were in the presence of the true Saint Ursula, who returned to them, as their last hope, but they will never understand that, because they are mere mortals.

    • M:G

      Typical ziobot response:
      1) Fuck u nazi scum, you are a bigot, racist and supremacist, fuck THE HELL OFF.


      3) Do you, sobb … sobb have any sympathy for the six million dead, my grandpa witness everything, you fucking neo nazi asshole.

      • M:G


      • delendaestziobot

        Yes Kamerad, that is the typical response I have always received. A bunch of profanity and lies mixed with a kind of gleeful delight in the destruction of Germany and Hitler and the willingness to do it all over again…The worst thing is that it is so generational their parents and grand parents were also vile liars and cheats and frauds and traitors, so they also repeat their lies as well…They always say “my father/mother/grand mother/grand daddy/uncle/niece was killed/beaten/tortured by the Nazi in da war” to which I reply, “well your father/mother,grand mother/grand daddy/uncle/niece or whatever is a fucking liar like you.” To which they reply: “You fucking Nazi scum!”……

  • Jimmy

    Reminds me of this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bE-DEt85uVU
    They sound like jackals in the background.

  • aufihrhelden

    The ‘language’ that they speak, however, can still act as a good guide in order to ascertain those who were, throughout history, and now all the more, BORN SICK AND EVIL and who would need to be annihilated before any lasting paradise can begin here on earth. Another example would be from Serrano when he reveals the absolute hatred that the British have for the Indians and the Spanish. Throughout history, the English and the French and the Americans and the rest have dedicated their lives to wiping out Germania yet there are some people who still believe that truth can somehow co-exist with absolute evil.

    So how do you get rid of 530 million people without destroying the entire world – that would lie with Neuschwabenland but what needs to be done never gets discussed because THE THINGS THAT MATTER never are revealed because of self-interest from ALL parties.

    Nobody wants it, not really, that’s why nothing ever changes.

    Heil Ursula !

  • leuchovius2014

    The last drop of Holy Ehrean blood from the Grail that has spilled is in the personage of Saint Ursula. We are the ghosts that wander this hellish landscape after the collapse of heaven in 1945.

    What we can still do to help is to pray to the Avatar that retribution from Kalki will come within our lifetimes and that we will be fortunate enough to bear witness to the complete obliteration of this false Earth. HH

  • delendaestziobot

    Only Saint Ursula, the true Holy Mother of Europe could have returned at this late stage, and we have witnessed what they have done to her….So now they must suffer the consequences – they are to be trampled underfoot by a sea of scum, tides of human garbage are going to sweep over them, that will be the first plague….But that will be just the beginning, there will be far worse to come….

    Heil Saint Ursula the Holy Mother of God!

  • Das Erwachen der Schwerter

    Just the British media lynching its way on a global scale.

    ”As I told you, even as Europe is completely destroyed by massive Third World immigration, the British press will continue to attack the European people for the slightest defense of themselves.

    Really, when you boil it down as to who is the enemy and the situation, not much has changed since 1933. Except people walk around with phones now. London is faggot – Rothschild central, the enemy of Europe. The international Jew is Jewing everyone. Etc..”


  • aufihrhelden

    The World’s Greatest Grandmother :

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