Human Testimony


Heinz Linge (is this actually the real Heinz Linge? Does not look like the real Linge, some fake photos floating round of a fake Linge double in a SS uniform. ) reading from a prepared script for his British Movietone interview….I think the video speaks for itself, totally unbelievable… You do realize that the testimony of a prisoner is considered to be worthless, and a man who has been ‘interrogated’ and tortured will agree to read anything you put down in front to him. It is false witness accounts like this that the All-Lies put forward as evidence, and movies of course, that is the other form of evidence – movies with actors, and tortured prisoners…So it must be true, right? I mean it’s on the television, so it must be true…Humans do not lie….Yep, “Hitler Dead”, died in a leaky and dark bunker with no communication systems in Berlin, the Russians found his teeth in Moscow, but said they did not know he had died, but the British knew he died because the Russians found his teeth, this is confirmed as being absolutely true because the assistant of a Jewish Dentist confirmed it as being true….Yep, the Bunker exists, Hitler died in it, nobody can see the Bunker though because the Russians destroyed it, but the British know that it existed because German prisoners in Russia confessed to them after interrogations that it did indeed exist which confirmed absolutely what the British already knew even though they had never seen it themselves. Yes, it all true, what you read and see on television, humans never lie, their testimony is always true, especially the testimonies of defeated and conquered prisoners in jail…However, as the British will also attest to “Human Testimony is utterly worthless”, they can admit this at exactly the same time, both confirming it and denying it at the same time…And that is called ‘Dissimulation’…Which is the sign of the Ziobot…A Robotic organism..


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