Koln’s She-Wolf


“Koln’s foundation begins with the mighty Rhine River which is the She-Wolf Rhia Silvia or Forest River, who feeds the twins Romulus and Remus, who are the twin settlements divided by the Rhine, together they make up old Roma in the exact location that one finds Koln (Cologne) today, Sometimes the River Rhine, in antiquity, was given the name ‘nile’, the name was later transferred to North Africa, same as the ‘Rome’ of Italy is a later place-name transferal, from Germany to Italy. The so-called ‘River Tiber’ in Italy was barely a seasonal stream compared with the mighty River Rhine, the Tiber, in fact, is a man-made canal and sewerage main. It is the Rhine that is the founding river of Europe. Rey is the etymological root, and in Latin and Greek Rhenos means literally ‘strong flowing river’, from where the English words ‘river’ and ‘run’ originate. The Roman-tic Rhine really is the great river of legend!”   –   Third Reich Pilgrim: The Ruins Of Power, page 214-15


Old She-Wolf of the Romerbrunnen Cologne, badly damaged in WWII and repaired in 1955, Romulus and Remus were completely destroyed.

One response to “Koln’s She-Wolf

  • delendaestziobot

    In Manu: For The Man To Come, ‘Words Carved In Stone’ page 9: Hermod the Messenger of the Gods, returns from his Pilgrimage in search of Baldur…..And it is stated –

    And the Golden Age shall return
    The Reign of Saturn and Rhea
    And a lineage of gold
    The most precious
    To populate the world
    From Pole to Pole

    The “return” is a reverse, a going back, the Individual in an atavistic way goes back to the origin. So what I am saying here, is that Saturn is the Field and Rhea is the River (The Hindu Shiva is just a later adaption of the Germanic Rhea) – Rhia – The Rhine River….I don’t think I can put it in plainer terms. The Rhine feeds the Field, which is Saturn, and the Fields were Golden with Wheat, because Wheat was the first cultivated crop and the first “Gold”, Gold and precious metals are still measured in “grains” of wheat. It was the cultivation of Wheat that populated the world from Pole to Pole, without the Wheat of the Field – the Reign of Saturn and Rhea, no population growth, that simple… So you see the Reversal of Time, the Pilgrim is going backwards in time, to the UR-origin.

    “Towards the origin within you, pulsating in the rhythms of the blood, your own blood that you have given to your Self.” – Third Reich Pilgrim, page 71.

    Eternity is also Time in Reverse as Knut Hamsun said.

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