Koln is Rome

“I had to circumnavigate the region before I unleashed my philosophical blitzkrieg on unsuspecting Cologne, collecting the scraps and bits of disconnected information that I needed in order to unravel the phantasmal allegories of history, a spurious his-story, a human his-story corrupted and tampered with to such an extent that it is an arcane tapestry of terrible intricacy. The art of weaving and the Weavers Guild of Cologne, and later the daughter of Cologne – London, hold many secrets to the ‘Black Arts’ and ‘text’. In colloquial terms what is His-Story is ‘Spinning a Yarn’. Text derives from the Latin textus; a tissue, from texere, meaning to weave a story, a his-story is woven together from different threads, spun as an inky web, with the ‘Dance of Death’ on skins of vellum, the Golden Fleece; this alchemical maze I unravel. By the River Rhine of Babylon I stand and hack apart the web of Zion! The pernicious ciphers of a billion human drones will be undone!”  –  Third Reich Pilgrim: The Ruins Of Power


The Bishop of Koln-Rome on the Strom-Rhine has lost his head. The Mitre is the Dom Cathedral, the Pope is the wrong seat.

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