Some photos of the Atlantic Wall ruins at Lokken and me. The remains of the entire coastal battery at Lokken now lies on the beach as the North Sea has eroded away the dunes. A very eerie and atmospheric sacred site, with great geomantic and spiritual forces being generated by the ruins, and these are real ruins, not fake ruins like Stonehenge in England, real ruins that exert real power. These coastal defenses were built by the Danish in 1941 to keep the British from destroying Danish ports and invading…..And they call that now “German occupation”!!!! It was actually the Danish that built these coastal defenses that make up the Northern end of The Atlantic Wall, it was the largest building project ever undertaken by the Danish, the Danish paid for it and built it themselves, they don’t remember that though, even if they do remember they do not have the conscious to know what it means. I also visited the bunkers and coastal batteries at Hirtshals in Denmark. I will be writing about my visit in Third Reich Pilgrim Part II.

Adolf Hitler: The Ultiimate Avatar, Manu: “For The Man To Come”, Son Of The Widower and Third Reich Pilgrim Part I, are all now available again on Amazon, while copies last. Maya: Reality Is An Illusion and Other Essays in Esoteric Hitlerism is currently sold out. Hermitage Helm will release a 2nd Edition of Maya next year which will be extended to include more essays.

12 responses to “Updates

  • leuchovius2014

    The juxtaposition of the silent solemn stone with the brain-damaged cartoonish graffiti is a good representation of the gulf that separates the Holy Blood of the Ages from the demented childish demonism of Modernism.

    Welcome back Third Reich Pilgrim! Sieg Heil!

  • Das Erwachen der Schwerter

    The memory; seemingly, ‘Whites’ can’t remember a thing. It is just a programming of higher IQ primates with bad instincts. You see, the instincts with resonating thoughts and actions, are the true memory. How much the vile cities and breeding selection of Dodopeons have dilluted everything to political ”Muh Feeeelz” and shit.

    LOL at the ”Gas” graffitti, there might yet be another HollyWhore movie coming out: ”Hitler’s extended gas chambers on the beaches of Denmark, the forgotten other 60 million Jews”.

    Fucking ”Vikings”, right after the war, the first thing they did, was to starve thousands of German children in their refugee camps. Then they are with them and remember everything regarding their duties and survival; and then they do all the things they say they are against, to the Germans, the children. They ”just forgot” everything directly when the war was ”over”. That is what the wars apperently are about.. (making up / repressing / resonating) Memories.

    Ah well, now everything is better in the West. We have got Wild Tyrones and Akbars running around in absolute whore societies, raping, plundering, killing, abusing etc., but that’s all fine, because Hitler is still evil and lost the war. All fine..

    Just another note, I remember reading, Most of the Atlantic defenses in France and such, were built by Dutch volunteers. But they too, have forgotten.

    Any war and struggle, it started with the hatred against the Germans and so it will continue. It is like an eternal struggle of German survival. Anywhere, if they sense a boogy-man, he must have _some_ German in him. The media is full of it, just look at the accusations at Trump.

    USA greatest white Ethnic population, directly after WW2, the Germans, they have been made to forget everything about their heritage. The Irish, Brits, French faggs, Spanish, Italians etc., all remember somehow, and even celebrate in some ways their heritage. But the Germans – totally annihilated in spirit.

  • delendaestziobot

    Yes, the bunker on the beach at Lokken was where 6 billion Danish Jews and Gypsies were gassed to death by evil Nazis, but as it turned out most of them survived by swimming across the Atlantic Ocean to Amerikwa, where they received compensation for the rest of their generations forever. It’s a very funny tale, totally true because humans never lie….Europeans love the Jews and Gypsies and Arabs and whatever, they just hate themselves and want to commit collect suicide, that’s all cool, I got no problem with that, its got nothing to do with me, it’s ugly to watch for sure but at the end of the day I really don’t care. What I do care about is the lies that were told about Hitler and the true Aryans who died in the wars at the hands of these traitors who have lied about it ever since….I mean maybe they think that if they commit collective suicide they will escape Judgment?

    They are claiming amnesia because they know they are guilty, the White Traitors know that they are guilty, it is not Tyrone and Akbars fault, what do the inferior races know? They are just mongrelized morons, no its the White Europeans, the White Traitors, they have done it to themselves because they know that they are guilty, so now they want to lie down and be trampled to death by hordes of nike shoed Tyrones and Kebab munching Akbars, it’s their choice, if that’s the way they want to do their penance, it’s all cool with me. I am not going to try to help them, but somehow they think that I care because I am a Nazi. But I don’t care what happens to the masses, that is why I am a Hitlerian Nazi.

  • aufihrhelden

    Anybody that does not openly support the complete annihilation of the English and French speaking ‘White Race’ is essentially Jewish and must also explain why the German Ehreans have no right to life.

    ‘Endless hatred must be engaged in for the sake of boundless love’
    – Steve Hirst

    It must be vented as such in proclamations to give meaning to any so-called Struggle and to eliminate blandness.

    I know what people think of me.

    Whilst ever they exist, what remains of the Third Reich Ruins will be destroyed one by one.

    This video contains the usual anti-German propaganda but contains a very important point at the 14:05 mark regarding the Struggle between the minority of German Ehreans and the masses of Zion :

    ‘Third Reich leaders understood [that] an army’s size wasn’t necessary to win future wars. Therefore they adopted the so-called concept of ‘qualitative superiority’. Therefore, one can win a war with relatively low quantitative forces while utilising high qualitative forces.’

    See how the producers have used the term ‘so-called’ and used inverted commas for the term ‘qualitative superiority’ – this is suggestive and reveals what group they all belong in.

    Heil Hitler !

  • delendaestziobot

    The “White Race” is 99.999999999999999999999% Jewish, so yes, essentially Jewish, there is no difference between Jew and Gentile as Paul the Bishop of the Brewers Guild of Koln says in the encoded Testament of Kain. The Jew is racial entropy in action, race is simply a race to the bottom with the Jews leading the charge. The mission of humanity is the arrive at the bottom a biological heap of brownish dung….There is nothing on this flat earth that can stop it, and who would want to? Anybody who is a capable of getting out of this shithole is going to be hated…They hate Hitler because he was capable of getting out of here, and did.

    “Endless hatred must be engaged in for the sake of boundless love.” – Steve Hirst

  • delendaestziobot

    Seeming that we Ehrean Nazis make up only 0.00000000000000000000001% of the White Race, the anti-Nazi Rhetoric can only be described as Overkill……We are such a tiny minority, that all the Minority support groups should be out in force supporting us as a minority group! LOL….Siddharreich should be receiving government grants! Where’s my Order of Australia medal and government grant? LOL,,What a joke… Even the non-existent Paul the Brewer and his anti-Knight, the equally non-existent Ulrich von Hutten were in on the Joke and they were made out to be a single Saint! Where’s my Sainthood? I should be made the true Bishop of Rome because at least I know where Rome is, you cannot be the Bishop of Rome if you do not know even where it is…LOL…

  • delendaestziobot

    What did Ezra Pound say? Something like this – “Laughter is not of this world, laughing is the end of all things in this world.”

  • delendaestziobot

    It’s funny how there is not one Anti-fa who will come to Siddharreich, why not when after all I am just a dumb ‘bonehead Nazi’, where are all the Anti-fa now to shoot me down in flames with their vast knowledge of history and superior morals, seeming that they are all so intelligent and have been to University and shit. Where are the Nazi witch hunters? Where are the Orwellian like Nazi Thought Police to make a fool of me with their superior Liberal deNazified brains? Surely it cannot be that hard to intellectually challenge the Third Reich Pilgrim? Am I not controversial enough? LOL….

  • aufihrhelden

    But both are irrelevant on the face of this Earth!

    The Liberals are irrelevant because Zion rules by force but The Third Reich Pilgrim is irrelevant because of its Truth and Greatness !

    Zion The Imbecile rules by Force Through Weight of Numbers and that is the lowest common denominator.

    First Principles – when one wants to remove something, one must remove the thing that drives it, all else is merely cosmetic. What drives Zionism is the will of the English and French speaking Masses, ALL ELSE is puppetry.

    Therefore there will be NO everlasting peace, love or beauty in this world until, essentially, those Masses have all been wiped out. It is worrying, surprising and disturbing just how many of those who possess Ehrean qualities choose to back away from this grounded and fundamental truth.

    Here are some brave Heroes :

  • delendaestziobot

    The Hitlerean view is that if the Germans did not obtain the leading position in the world then the human race would be over, that there would be no hope at all for humanity and just a race to the bottom where humanity would disintegrate in a mish-mash racial chaos. Only if there was a purity of race left among the Whites could there be a revival, unfortunately, it is obvious, that there is no purity of race left in any significant degree among the White race, therefore humanity is considered to be at an end. The few remaining Ehreans are just ghosts, they are the Dead who have returned for the Last Judgement. Humanity began its slow and miserable decline into oblivion after 1945, the decline will not be quick, but slow.

    Humanity betrayed the Ehrean Kristos – Adolf Hitler, whom was “God’s only Son”, to put it in Christian terms, after that comes the Punishment for the crime. The lowest circle of Hell is reserved for traitors, the White Traitors….Like the Americans who Bombed Pearl Harbor and then blamed it on Japan, or like the British who bombed themselves and then blamed it on the Germans, it is that type of treachery that the lowest Hell is reserved for.

  • aufihrhelden

    … but, of course, there’s a difference between those few who are on the surface of the Earth today but who are FORCED to live amongst ‘Humanity’ and the Masses of Humanity itself.

    Even before the Second World War there was, of course, the English Jewish Masses attempting to destroy Ehrean India through the East India Company and the French Jewish Masses trying to destroy Ehrean Germany through Napoleon.

    It goes on and on through the centuries …

  • delendaestziobot

    India was a creation of the East India Company, it had no history before then, the Indians were brought to India from Europe by Europeans to create a mass market. Europeans built up India and then handed it over to the Indians in the 20th Century, this process happened all throughout the 20th Century, what was built and created as mass markets with the inferior coloured races was then handed over to them, free of charge, the Europeans even wrote their histories for them and formed their own “native” language – from Mespotamia to Indonesia, from Africa to Australia, from Japan to China and so forth, all over the world.

    Seeming that the entire history of humanity is now proven to be BOGUS, things have changed. An Ehrean (neologism) would be one who recognizes the change, this has come about since 2012, so the Ehrean is a New Race that did not exist before 2012. The Ehrean is the one who has reformed a link to the Astral, while still in the terrestrial realm, this has only happened once before, with Adolf Hitler, whom it could now be said is our “Holy Father”, to put it in Christian terms.

    One could say Aryan India, or Aryan Germany, as it was but Ehrean is something new.

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