Wewelsburg Runenhauser

Some photos I took at Wewelsburg in 2011:












8 responses to “Wewelsburg Runenhauser

  • delendaestziobot

    The last photo is of Wotan with one eye, which is on the bridge of Wewelsburg Castle. The Brazen Head of the Screaming Man who has been inherited by the Third Reich Pilgrim. He is now tattooed on my back.

  • delendaestziobot

    “it is the Great Wagon, the chariot of the Gods, Wagen of Odin = Woden or Wotan; the Irmines Wagen of the Saxon, Grimm’s herwagen of the heavenly wain. In astrological terms I refer to the constellations of the stars that perpetually revolve around the North Star or Polaris, celestial Pole constellations like Ursa Minor, ‘Little Bear’ and Ursa Major, ‘Great Bear’ the constellation Draco, the serpent also orbits the Polaris.” Third Reich Pilgrim, page 179.

    Do not put the cart before the horse!

  • The 55 Club

    Excellent! The Vehm Star at the end of that overhang is of great interest. And the Talking Head too! Simply beautiful, Karl.



    • delendaestziobot

      At least we can date the “Talking Head”, which is on the Castle bridge, it’s dated 1934. The Femstern is on the eaves overhangs of a house across road from the Ottens Hof, in Wewelsburg.

      “The horse was an animal of sacrifice, one in the mold of Sleipnir, Wotan’s eight legged God carrying stallion….More important than whether the Germans believed in a horse with eight legs is what they were expressing with the grand image…In reality, the steed of Wotan is the Achtrod, the ascending Holy Right-Acht, which perceives the True God. The horse hears and is, as previously mentions, the E rune, which is Law.” – Runenhauser, Phillip Stauff

      Basically the nature of Wotan has been revealed. Wotan in astrological terms is the Great turning Wheel and revolving heavens, which revolve around the North Star. And in terrestrial terms Wotan is the Cart, the Wagen, the Wheel…The two horses which pull the Wagen are Sleipnir, with 2 sets of four legs. Sleipnir and Wotan are allegorical Transignums – transforming images, which have now been decoded. The Hagal is also the Wheel, the spoked Wheel…..I think we could point further to the Pageant Wagen, the moveable stage, which were part of the “Mystery Plays” of the Middle Ages – Pagyn – so Pagan….A Farrier is synonymous with Blacksmith, early metal working is totally Equine in nature, relating to horses and carts. I would submit that Wotan’s one eye is the housing for the axle, the axle rod hole on the Wagen Wheel…

  • The 55 Club

    mmm. Yes, the Blacksmith and his anvil. And the Miller too. And something about the Grass Grinding.


    • delendaestziobot

      The grinding of the Millstone is Horsedrawn, and also the Heavens turning like the Millstone of Wotan. Looks like the furrows of the grinding stone are related to the Swastika of the “Cosmic Mill”….The Millstone comes first, then later translated to the movement of the stars around Polaris

  • aufihrhelden

    Richard Wagner – Wotan’s farewell to Brünhilde :

  • Kamerad Brian

    Superb photo’s Kamerad. Many thanks for posting

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