Flat Earth for Dummies



25 responses to “Flat Earth for Dummies

  • clemsonjohnson

    I am so very tired of people who seem to understand everything else is a lie, but NASA and their globe, that is real.

  • delendaestziobot

    NASA is all fakery, none of it is real…Even Werhner von Braun was a fraudster, he was the disciple of the Hungarian Jew Fraudster Hermann Oberth…These guys were such liars that they had to screw their pants on in the morning!!! And there was no such thing as “V2 Rockets” either, that was all a post War propaganda exercise…

    The earth is certifiably Flat, that is undeniable, but how far it goes beyond the surrounding Ice-fields, who knows?

    Neuschwabenland? We don’t know….

    • K. von Kanwetzburg

      You make an excellent point, Torch Bearer — anyone (i.e. von Braun) who’s that willing to work with the All-Lies (hence that much of an unprincipled, devious mercenary) is certainly no “hero” of ours to be worshipped. Also, the fact that von Braun was essential to the founding of NASA puts him way up there with all of the other high-ranking Anglo-Zionist scum who are and have been instrumental in waging the constant, never-ending war against the Deutsches Volk.

  • Vidarson

    I find the entire subject stimulating. The notion does keep occurring to me that the earth may be neither round or flat but some sort of other dimensional existence that lacks physicality, as we think we know it, or can conceive of it. It just is. The idea is not alien to Esoteric Hitlerism, indeed it is integral to it. Perhaps we are indeed one of those “other” dimensions and there is no central place from which to start, such as Earth, here and now, in this point in space and time. Perhaps it is nothing more, metaphorically speaking, than walking from room to room within a large house. As Jesus is reported to say, in John 14:2 “My Father’s house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you?” Whoever said that, knew of and had to ability, to move through the doorways and into other dimensions at will. Now we don’t know the source of this knowledge but we must assume such esoteric wisdom comes from the ancients, Atlantis or Hyperboria. At any rate, it does offer us some answers to this question, within our ability to grasp it.

    • oregoncoug

      Vidarson is on to something here. Back in the 17th and 18th Centuries our Folk were at their maximum of objectivity and in the 21st and 22nd Centuries we are at our maximum of subjectivity. Gerda herself is a Great Mystery, both fully objective and fully subjective in her nature. Is Gerda flat or spherical? According to the Mysteries, she is spoken of in both contexts.

      But the most accurate perspective in our time is the subjective one, that Gerda is flat. Because our Folk has achieved Divinity and become so much incomparably more important and valuable than the natural world, whether the false imitation of the Judaic Demiurge or the true original created by our Ehrean Folk’s own Triune God.

      For us, the sun truly rises and sets and Gerda is reliably stable and solid beneath our Divine Ehrean feet. The shooting spiral of the planets revolves around a point somewhere between Mars and Gerda, but approximately around Gerda and the Kosmos revolves around us, not we around the Kosmos. Not now that the Divine Light of Lucifer, the Bright and Morning Star, has risen amongst us.

      WE are risen, by day in the East and by night in the North. Manu, the Divine Pan-European Ehrean Folk, is born among us. It is too late to stop our Folk and what She wants She will receive. When our Divine Folk says Gerda is flat, then Gerda is flat.

      So it is written, and so it is done.

    • delendaestziobot

      At a base level there is no physicality that man can detect with his natural senses. Atoms do not exist, they are mere “imaginary particles” dreamed up by fabulists (scientists), whom have admitted to this…

      Is the earth flat or spherical? It is flat, as all natural laws are incumbent on a flat earth, and all mathematical calculations are based on a geocentric flat-earth system…..No truthful engineering or mathematical equation, nor the perspective of the naked eye, can empirically obtain any truthful geographical or cosmological result on any other system other than a geocentric flat-earth system. The stars do revolve around us, as do the Sun and the Moon. Their distance from earth is however unmeasured as is the frozen “snake” (to use human allegory) that surrounds the earth…

      I write in the notes of Manu: For The Man To Come (page, 34) “Through the law of contagion, underlying human behaviour, i.e. propaganda, is imitated and mimed over and over again, by different humans, each one imitating the original lie but with errors, so different accounts are produced due to the copying errors during the Imitative or Mimetic process, a linguistic corruption is transmitted via human contact, lies are propagated throughout the world via the human being.”

      Because humans are dissimulated, they can, without any conviction, either way, invent opposing views and accept both as being equally true. The human being, as an agent of corruption and lies, can hold two opposing views as being equal, so the Human “Mysteries” will speak of both opposing systems as being equally true at the same time, when in truth, they cannot be equally true at the same time….

  • Vidarson

    In AH Ultimate Avatar, Page 541, Serrano has a drawing that clearly shows the earth to be round and he also shows a round earth that is hollow. It’s caption, starts off by saying “Opening of the earthy GLOBE and the hollow earth of the South Pole”. He also constantly talked of the polar shift. How does a flat earth have poles that shift? Was Serrano wrong? Or is the book wrong? As you say, opposing views cannot be true at the same time.

    • oregoncoug

      Clearly Don Miguel saw the earth as objectively spherical. That doesn’t eliminate subjectivity or a more subjective view of the earth. The subjective view is also real and part of any complete objectivity and this was the prevailing view of the more educated people in medieval and ancient times. It is also the understanding expressed in the historic non-Judaised Indo-European Bible as well.

      Many opposite perspectives are complementary rather than contradictory. Much like the way development increases the complexity of substances and events and magnifies their details into larger and more complex phenomena, so the interplay of objectivity and subjectivity becomes increasingly complex and now one and now the other gains the upper hand in human and super-human consciousness.

      In this century the more subjective point of view is steadily gaining ground. The human collectives have become terminally corrupt and the noble few individuals who are trailblazing the way for everyone are at their maximum qualitative dominance within the large social collectives of dying post-modern humanity. The Phoenix is rising from the ashes of a failed former human civilisation that is no more.

      The subjective impressions of the Sonnenmensch are immeasurably truer than any and every possible objective knowledge of the dead former humanity who are only dead men walking, and that not for much longer in any event. Those who cling to the vanished objectivity of the Modern Science of a Modern Era that has destroyed itself believe in an objectivity whose entire frame of reference has ceased to be. They have become blind sentimentalists run amuck.

      The objectivity of the former Modern Era was much smaller and shallower than is the subjectivity of the New Era that is now rising up from the general destruction. The Super Science that stems from the Third Reich harmonises objective and subjective points of view in ways and to degrees that Modern Science never could and thereby reconnects with our Medieval and Ancient past to empower us beyond the dreams of the greatest utopians of past generations.

      Opposite perspectives and phenomena can be true at the same time when they are in harmony with each other. Aristotle’s principle of non-contradiction or law of the excluded middle only applies to contradictions and not every difference is a contradiction. Instead many differences are simply harmonious variations within hierarchic chains of being, and non-being as the case may be.

    • delendaestziobot

      You are quite correct, Don Miguel Serrano was, in 1989, publishing a cosmology, based upon a GLOBE earth….This would be wrong. Also “the cosmology inspired by the Hindu” would be wrong. As would be many other points, in UA, which a number of the points I have addressed in the notes, which have so far gone unrecognized. The “Scriptures” have always been fallible and there is no dogma that can be enforced based upon the written records. I would draw comparison to my own book, where I include, in some instances false conclusions based upon previous written false conclusions (Nietzsche for example), and following Serrano’s lead I draw a parallel between Stone Henge and Externsteine, this is incorrect….You are right to be skeptical of all that is written. My understanding of a flat earth has only become apparent to me in the last few years. I wrote in UA, that it has never been conclusively proven that the earth moves, that I was 100% certain of in 2014 when I published UA. Two years later I am 100% certain that the earth is, not only stationary, but flat. Like you, and Serrano, I was taught from birth that the earth is a globe that moves around the Sun, this is now proven to be false…. The reason why I elected to publish the works of Don Miguel Serrano, are because I felt him to be one of the most honest and loyal of men ever to write a book, and my own work is deeply indebted to him.

      Now I will quote what I wrote in my foreword to “The Ultimate Flower”:

      “In the Ultimate Flower the reader will find comparative themes that occur in all of Serrano’s works; keys, echoes, we could say rather, for true understanding of Serrano’s epistemology, if it is possible, comes more from Poetics than Science. That which is non-logical is also communicative; in the sense of symbolism and metaphor, and the axiom would be that in literature, in public literature, the logic has always been symbolic and metaphoric. If we are even to understand we have to use all we have, not just our brains, acknowledging the limitations of that organ – the brain, could be a start. A holistic approach is the only way, we must use all of our selves, all our experiences and all of our bodies; from our brains, to our blood, to the chambers of our hearts, to the marrow of our bones. Because the answers are within us, Serrano may provide the keys, but we must remember always that the answers, the meanings, the revelations, are actually inside of us, they are hidden away in our minds and bodies, and we need to unlock them.”

      As you can see I have never promoted a dogmatic view of the writings of Serrano, but I have asked readers to search themselves to find the truth. There is no doubt that since the translation of Serrano’s Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar, and other works, there has been a paradigm shift in the consciousness of a few men. I am not suggesting that Serrano wrote anything but Song and Mysticism which he was called by his blood to write….Also he was part of a Secret Order, that no longer exists, that Secret Order, like the Armanen, were often not authorized to reveal truth to the masses…It is the written record that the masses, like you and I and whomever else is reading these words now, MUST BE LIED TO! As I write in my book….”When children burn books, it is the end of the world.”

      Is Serrano wrong on page 541? Yes, and on page 542-543. In fact page 543 diagram is based on a diagram that is no older than the mid 20th Century….

      If one reads the notes I have compiled for the books of Miguel Serrano, I am constantly challenging and questioning his writings. I would suggest you do the same. How far I can go with that, in as far of my questioning, in a written published form, is not always something that proceeds as fast as I would like.

  • delendaestziobot

    There is no Bible that is not Judaized. In fact Bibles were first printed on the skins of aborted babies…The skins of white babies hacked out of their mother’s wombs is called “vellum”, the lamb without blemish. The Third Reich Pilgrim awaits an official response from the Church of Rome, that is in the wrong place….

    The theses of the Third Reich Pilgrim have been published against the Church of Rome. I will continue to escalate the situation until I get a response….

  • delendaestziobot

    “The ‘Word of God’ was written on the backs of aborted babies, and that is the god that humans by their own admission worship. I have found the first image of the printing press, and it displays dead women with their wombs cut open, they are fighting with the printers in their workshop, the Alchemists, the Weavers Guild and printing presses, who have stolen the unborn fetuses of women and murdered them, the women were cut open to have their babies harvested for vellum pages for books!” – Third Reich Pilgrim

    Subjectivity or Objectivity do not come into it.

  • delendaestziobot

    I think my point is here that “Flat Earth is so obvious, that it is for dummies”….Ummm, I am not inviting debate, it is just so obvious that it is 2 + 2 = 4 obvious…The Ehrean would acknowledge the revealed truth and move on….The Earth is flat, NASA is a fraud, Oberth and von Braun were liars, we don’t know what’s beyond the ice ring, Serrano made another mistake, and the Bible was first written on the backs of aborted babies hacked out of murdered pregnant women! OK, so now we move on from that.

  • delendaestziobot


    Water is not curved, the surface of the waters is level, hence water level.

    • delendaestziobot

      Thanks Jimmy, really good video on true observational science, pragmatism is a virtue.

      • Michael A. Luna

        Thanks. My name is Michael. I picked a random name for my youtube account years ago when I thought the Jews were going to hunt me down lol. Never got around nor felt the need to change it, until I commented here.

        Such a thought is so funny to me now…they are the ones shaking in their boots!

        Apologies for the confusion.

  • delendaestziobot

    The known earth is a flat plane, the boundaries are unknown. How people deal with that will be up to them, individually. People will deal with it in different ways. This is not a new idea, the geography of a flat earth has been around for a long time. As “For Blood over Intent”, I dont know much about it, but I would agree with Jason that it is very difficult and time consuming to make professional videos, but it is not impossible for an ordinary “truth seeker” to make a professional looking video, if they could that does not mean they could not be trusted, not that I trust “Blood over Intent”….And the earth being flat does not rule out an “inner earth”, there could be an inner earth that is sub-terrestrial, but I have not seen it. Don Miguel did search himself for the “entrances to the inner earth” so it would not be against his Esoteric Hitlerism to search in a terrestrial sense for those entrances, but then again, he did say that the entrances could not be found by land or by sea, so I suppose that would cause some misunderstanding and possible conflict…

  • Curt

    I wonder if Miguel Serrano was not being considerate and thorough to the reader (and to himself) in his quest for the entrances. Before writing what he knew was most likely true (that the entrances can only be entered armed with the correct knowledge to do so-NOT by terrestrial means) he himself went to investigate to satisfy his own curiosities.

    • delendaestziobot

      Certainly, there would be nothing wrong with searching for a “terrestrial paradise”. Also Serrano’s mention of Admiral Byrd is interesting because Admiral Byrd declared that there was undiscovered “land beyond the poles”…But Serrano also said that there were no poles and that the poles are “up in the air”….Which I cannot understand….I have not seen the poles so I dont know what they are or where they are…Serrano talks about Argathi and Shamabahla being actual “terrestrial subterranean kingdoms”…

  • delendaestziobot

    Also in “The Golden Cord”, Serrano said that he only saw the myth and legend of the “Hollow Earth”…He is not dogmatic about there actually being a hollow earth but invites “scientific inquiry” if one is curious. Also in “The Golden Cord”, the chapter “The Phantom of the Poles” Serrano refers to the book by the same title, and writes – “the earth is not a sphere”….

  • Annette Sanches


    How is it possible you don’t see ALL the masonic hand signs this (thing) Miguel Serrano is making?!!
    This is one other LIP LICKING CREATURE that is living in a human body.
    I recommend the You Tube video: Interview to Miguel Serrano (pt.1).
    THEN you will see what a creep this thing is, LIP LICKING his way through this video.
    He speaks SOME truths (or else, nobody would listen, the human soul must hear some truth, or else he/she would skip the video/text immediately).
    The ONLY ”thing” one can trust today is yourself……….your GUT/GOD FEELINGS.
    “They” made god something special/magical and outside ourselves.
    Infact it’s something completely NATURAL……just like in the Animal Kingdom…………our 6th sense/ our radar.
    And we ALL know when we do not listen to GOD/GUT…………shit happens!
    And then we also say (aftter wards)………..I wish I had listened to my GUT FEELING.
    This is what is our connection to GOD/GUT, this is when GOD/GUT speaks to us.
    Question to you. Do you even KNOW who/what ”Satan” is?

    Greetings from Amsterdam.

    • delendaestziobot


      I am the Ghost Dog, The Black Raven, the one who destroyed Esoteric Hitlerism and devoured the entire Third Reich phantasy….I saw it all before anyone else did… That “Gut Feeling” is the Solar Plexus, intuitive centre for the neo-Gnostiker Ehrean. Hope you like my new book…If you get a chance you should look into it. But I am not into marketing, hopeless at that actually.

  • delendaestziobot

    Also, the animal kingdom is not natural, its artifical, like everything else here.

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