Atlantis, Edda & Bible

“We know that the Old Testament was compiled by Jews from Ancient Aryan books in order to serve their political aims and the New Testament is ancient Aryan-Germanic wisdom that has been interwoven with coarse Jewish falsifications and forgeries. Our ignorant Christian priests hide truth from our folk, and the most learned of our Christian scholars announce “truths” and “revelations” to us which are instead nothing more than mere allegories, symbolism, fables and forgeries. All of this has been forced upon our peoples, even by means as hideous and cruel as the Inquisition. We are forced to accept as truth and divine revelation that which is only a poetic cloaking of fundamental realities or the brazen counterfeiting work of an international criminal syndicate. Thus our people are made to remain blindfolded and are given the exoteric in place of the esoteric; we are given the shell instead of the core.”  –  Atlantis, Edda & Bible by Hermann Wieland , page 258

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