Regensburg Walhalla

The German architect Leo von Klenze is also the designer of the Parthenon in Athens which was never completed by the Greeks, still being built in fact. The Regensburg Walhalla in Germany is older than the fake ruins of the Greek Parthenon. Third Reich Pilgrim: “Germany is the Holy Land!”

Walhalla bei Donaustauf, Aussenansicht Walhalla (Bayern), (Ruhmeshalle bei Donaustauf nahe Regens- burg, erb.1830-42 unter Ludwig I.von Bayern, Arch.: Leo von Klenze). - Aussenansicht von Suedosten. - Foto, April 2008.

Walhalla bei Donaustauf, Aussenansicht
Walhalla (Bayern),
(Ruhmeshalle bei Donaustauf nahe Regens-
burg, erb.1830-42 unter Ludwig I.von
Bayern, Arch.: Leo von Klenze).
– Aussenansicht von Suedosten. –
Foto, April 2008.


8 responses to “Regensburg Walhalla

  • Vidarson

    Interesting. I had not thought of it in those terms before. I’ve been to this monument of perfection in stone (in Germany). At the time I saw it, 30 years ago, I was not awakened. Yet even then, it impressed me with it’s dramatic scale and epic aspirations within mankind. I cannot imagine a lessor race even dreaming of such a place, let alone actually building it. Dark days are descending, when even this Walhalla will be cast among the ruins. Yet the spirit that built it flows within our blood.

  • delendaestziobot

    This is the true work of Germania Ahnenerbe and the Third Reich Pilgrim. Only the true Heroes, the Ehre-ans will be able to see the Truth. And they will be few in number…

  • Michael Angel Luna

    Perseus is Klingsor…castrating himself… or rather itself. Per Se means “by itself”, although not used in the sense I am alluding to-“all by itself”… Nonethless it is interesting to read the story of Perseus and Medusa and see how the plagiarizations work, glorifying capitulation to the Demiurge with Germanic archetypes… Very effective at lulling unsuspecting readers into associating Perseus with Parsifal, and that is what-90% accurate? Very understandable how one could fall for the trap… but there is something very wrong with that story and everything else in Greek Mythology.

    • delendaestziobot

      Perseus is also Siegfried, and Paris and Jesus and St George and Beowulf and Hercules and Cherusker, Arminius, Gabriel and Odin and Parsifal. All these are literary phantoms of an original Archetype which represents the chopping down of trees, as the tree is the Dragon or the Serpent.

      Yes, Perseus is 90% Parsifal, as a linguistic cognate, which is also a tree, as “trees” and “roots” relate to linguistics, as do “blood relatives” and “decedents” and “family trees”. The Greek has been transliterated from the German in the 17th-18th Centuries AD.

      This may because of the economizing of the Demiurgic Entity, as Serrano said the Demiurge is economizing, and using Parsifal as a typographic matrix for the latter Perseus, maybe just a labour saving devise for the printing houses and type setters…

      Same with Andromedea being chained to a rock is the same as Prometheus being chained to a rock with the serpent also involved in the event, and then that can just be transliterated to the serpent being chained by Jesus. Perseus like Siegfried has the Tarnhelm, Perseus has the Hadeshelm…… You can imagine the type setter just fiddling round with the spacings and the letters for the cognates to form the new mythologies and languages…. But this is going quite deep now….

  • delendaestziobot

    The only man that ever came close to this was D.H. Lawrence when he had a vision in the forests of Germany:

    “I come to well understand tree-worship. All the old Aryans worshipped the tree. My ancestors. The tree of life. The tree of knowledge. Well, one is bound to spout out some time or other, chip of the old Aryan block. I can well understand tree-worship. And fear the deepest motive….The Romans! They too seem very near. Nearer than Hindenburg or Foch or even Napoleon. When I look across the Rhine plain, it is Rome, and the legionaries of the Rhine that my soul notices…The Romans and Greeks found everything human. Everything had a face, and a human voice. Men spoke, and their fountains piped an answer….”

    See just how close D.H. Lawrence is getting here with his visions in the Black Forest, but as soon as he leaves the Fatherland again, he loses all his visions again.

    • Michael Angel Luna

      The Forest is Wald-UR…Son of Wotan! He is found among the trees, in their bark… and also in a Dog’s bark or their God’s bark.

  • delendaestziobot

    Baldur is killed by mistletoe, which is a parasitic plant that kills a tree – this would be coming from Viticulture where Baldur is a Jesus Vine God, but also he is a composite, and the personification of White Gypsum, which as used by printers as a whitening agent for Vellum, and later Paper. Paper still needs a covering of animal substance though, like Vellum. Animal glues are used to cover all writing Paper, so Paper is still a form of Vellum, in that is has a clear animal product coating. So Baldur is a Vine, a Tree, and Gypsum…Many of the sharp weapons that are used in training Vines do not kill the Vine, but Mistletoe does – that is the meaning of the Riddle of Baldur.

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