Ancient Greece did not exist


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  • delendaestziobot

    The Regensburg Valhalla would have been designed and constructed before the Greeks scattered a few old stones on the ground and declared them to be thousands of years old – “the birthplace of civilization”. Ah no, it’s just a fraud. Imagine the Tourism dollars that have been generated by just placing a few old stones on the ground and declaring them to be “ancient”, then a few drawings, some broken bits of pottery, and bingo, you have created an entire industry! The Tourism Industry!

    This is all starting to fit into my Thesis – “Germany is the Holy Land” as outlined in my book ‘Third Reich Pilgrim: The Ruins Of Power’. Of course, if there was no Ancient Greece, there was no Ancient Rome….And my thesis, also, for the first time describes how Koln (Cologne) in Germany is in fact ancient “Rome”, and it is Cologne that all roads lead to and it is Cologne which is the mother of all cities – Mystery Babylon on the Roman-tic Rhine.

    I am right on this, which means, that Humanity itself is wrong and Humanity has no genuine History on which to base its existence.

    Now I have been immediately receiving messages and emails saying that I am “insane” and the like….And when I hear that I know I must be on the Right path!

    • VS

      You said:

      “And when I hear that I know I must be on the right path”

      But you presented your claims with certainty. Now you need someone to tell you you are crazy to confirm you are right? So then why didn’t you say “I have a theory that the pyramids are fake” for example? That would be honest.

      You condescend us all for believing in lies, but then you tell lies and expect us to believe them. Yet, in fact, you don’t even know the truth for certain, you pretend.

      The truth will not bend for your ego. You can believe you are right all your life, but if you are wrong, you are wrong.

      We aren’t here to stroke your ego, we want truth. Discerning minds will keep away from rash and impulsive liars.

      • delendaestziobot

        I think that the Greek government should pay reparations to all those they have conned with their phoney ruins and “antiquities”. I have been to the Parthenon, like millions of others, unaware, at the time that is was just a fake con-job, I would like compensation, in Gold, just like Germany was made to pay compensation and reparations in Gold for “thefts”….Well this, as we are presenting it, is the theft of all German history and language and culture! A massive fraud against the German people!

        What lie have I told? If you want to Believe that Athens was the first great city of Antiquity and Civilization, then you are wrong, because the historical record is wrong….Now, you will find much support in your error, and I will find very little support in my quest for Truth and Justice. So be it…

      • VS

        Of course there is always an emotional aspect to every decision. But if you think that I am solely questioning your claims out of some kind of subjective attachment to ruins in Ancient Greece, Egypt, India, England or Disneyland and Neverland for that matter,you’re incorrect.

        The issue here is that I, like everyone else, want the truth. But you recently made the claim the Pyramids were built by the Suez Canal Company, for example. Okay, this is interesting.

        But records and depictions of the pyramids go back much further than the middle of the 19th century, which is when you claim they were built(during the construction of the Suez Canal). And your claim that they were built with the same stones from the Suez canal is weak because it is obvious that the stones were quarried out of the same geographic region, so of course they would be of the same type, perhaps even from the same quarry for all we know. Stone lasts eons so that the stones are the same means nothing.

        Plus, there are over 100 pyramids in Egypt and throughout that region there are probably thousands of other pyramids of a smaller size littered about.

        But it seems you want us all to force all of our common sense and fair reason to bend to your hasty, bold, rash and borderline absurd claim that the pyramids were build by “The Suez Canal Company”

        And for what? Tourism?!

        Why? Egypt is hot and the pyramids are in the desert. If they wanted to build fake ruins they’d do it somewhere in Europe where more people would come for an abundance of obvious reasons.

        So what of all of your other bold, rash, hasty claims such as “there was no war in the pacific theater of World War 2” or “Sanskrit was invented by the East India Company” I mean come on. Why would you just jump to these conclusions on such weak footing? If you are so convinced(which I don’t think you yourself are convinced of your rightness) then prove it to us. Give us all the info you have that convinced you. And if you are of sound mind and reason, all of us will also comprehend your rationale.

        But as it is now your claims are interesting, but for all practical purposes they are as crazy as saying the earth is a sphere. They require complete faith in only one person: YOU. Because the facts and rationale simply ARE NOT THERE.

  • VS

    And I will also add. I know you claim history is fabricated, but what will you say if someone produces a book depicting the pyramids which dates from prior to the existence of the “Suez Canal Company”? Of course most of us here agree and comprehend, yes, history is falsified, the truth is obscured. But to claim the pyramids are fake and made less than 200 years ago? This is incredibly outlandish and only requires blind faith.

    So if you are even ALMOST convinced you are right, give us evidence. Provide us with reasoning. But the facts don’t appear to support your claim. Are there lies about the Pyramids, ancient Greece, Stonehenge etc etc etc? We all here are sure there are plenty. But the point is that your claim is not backed by reasoning. You have a simple claim such as “it was the suez canal company, even the stones are the same” and this is to seal the deal. But it doesn’t. You need to be able to answer tough questions if anyone is to take you seriously.

  • delendaestziobot

    It is common practice to backdate drawings and paintings in the unscrupulous world of publishing business. To make images appear older than what they are. There is no verifiable evidence of the Pyramids existing prior to the Napoleonic era….That is what I said.

    I wrote that the Pyramids were constructed out of poured in situ-concrete, using a mixture of sand and aggregate and cement, so the building materials come from the localized site. The same concrete block building technique that was used on the Pyramids were used on the Suez Canal.

    You are misrepresenting what I have been writing, which is a common practice, it is called “strawman” arguments.

    There are many fake ruins in Europe also, their are fake ruins all over the world, this has to do with transport routes for the River Crossing Guild. See Third Reich Pilgrim. There is no point attempting to argue with me if you have not even read my thesis. That is what is absurd.

    The rationale and the facts are certainly there it is just that you are unable to see them.

  • delendaestziobot

    And I dont care if the human Ziomass takes me seriously or not. It is not about what they think of me, it is about me proving them wrong, and I know that they will be displeased about that….To say the least.

  • delendaestziobot

    I suppose you would believe that the pyramids were built by hand by brown “ancient Egyptians” in loincloths?

    The construction of Suez Canal was made out of hundreds of thousands of concrete blocks, a building technique that had been used in Europe perhaps more than 100 years previously. Artificial stone (concrete) was being used for canal building all over Europe before the Suez Canal construction, the “artificial blocks” which are described by the engineers themselves in the building surveys are the same blocks used to construct the Pyramids…..These blocks can be clearly identified at the old “breakwater” of Port Said, for any man to come who want to investigate further….

  • delendaestziobot

    A Breakwater is pile of rubble and concrete blocks, artificial. Artificial man-made mound that in section view resemble old ruined “pyramids”….The pyramid is a sign or wonder produced as a monument to Breakwaters by Corporations such as the Suez Canal Company, one of the most powerful companies in the history of the world. The Suez Canal Company had created both the modern state of Egypt and the modern state of Greece. Just as the East India Company created modern day India….

    “Corporations were once religions
    And religions are fossilized corporations.
    Advert upon advert, corpse after corpse,” – Third Reich Pilgrim: The Ruins of Power

  • delendaestziobot

    Wonders are created for Tourism purposes, and are very profitable. Without the creation of Wonders for Tourism many modern states around the world would collapse.

    • VS

      I guess I am just an awful ziobot. Just a little creature pestering the author of THE GREATEST BOOK OF THE CENTURY. I’ll just go an retreat to the sewers where I belong. I guess I am not Aryan enough. I ask too many questions.

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