Robert Matthews speaks

2 responses to “Robert Matthews speaks

  • The 55 Club

    Towards the end, his hand was mangled in a shootout with the fbi and he surely understood the significance – “Fear not death Tyr Man, for it cannot kill you!” – He was Tyr, the reborn young Wotan in the flesh and he sends us his encouragement from Valhalla “where the brave may live forever!”

  • delendaestziobot

    He was indeed TYR, and set all Valhalla alight!

    What real men can do with real forms and substances the demons can very easily fake by showing unreal forms to breeding animals, in greater numbers. When we can see a billion unreal forms of fakery where does one single life of truth stand? How to recognize it, and how to live it? When everything is fake.

    “In an electro-mechanical cave my generation was raised by display devices and monitors receiving the malicious broadcast signals. In desperation I traced the lost steps of ragged rebel angles looking for a path out of the illusions, searching for an escape from the false transmissions of physiological warfare that tortured me, and finally, without even a fate to call on I went in search of decayed knowledge hidden in ruins, for a future without fate in the ruins of lost realms, searching for things unseen and things unheard, things without an electrical transmission and without a radio-wave, neither printed word or anything” – Third Reich Pilgrim – The Ruins Of Power.

    We live, today, in the Silicon Age, the Age of Sand, where nothing is what it seems, illusion after illusion. The only way out is through Duty and Honor, and Honor is Loyalty, and Loyalty is Faith in Truth.

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