Pilgrimage by Kamerad Steve,


Inevitably another Pilgrimage would mean travelling by air and thus having to engage in forceful edicts of Zion regarding what might be termed as ‘things you have to do before boarding an aircraft’; “Where are you going?”, they ask me at security, “Austria”, reply, although, of course, the correct answer would have been, “None of your business, now get out of my way.” But that might have resulted in the Zionist goons being offended and they may have tried to stop me boarding the aircraft because offending ‘The Great Zion’ is, well, according to their unilateral edicts, an offence. Their ‘problem, reaction, solution’ tactics are pathetic and laughable – this is because Zion is a Laughing Stock.

I do arrive in Vienna and catch the City Airport Train from the airport to the city centre, it being the quickest and most convenient method and which runes on ‘Railway Power zero emissions’ which they state is 100% clean energy (92% hydro power and 85 wind power) but this again is another example of Zion’s ‘problem, reaction, solution’ tactics – invent the global warming lie, invent a million things to ‘combat’ it in order to find more ways to control populations; but what of the implosion and alternative energy of German Super Science? The views from the window on the way to the centre of Vienna are what the guide books don’t tell you about – the normalcy of the practicalities of the world in service to Zion. No fancy leaflets straight off the freshly smelling printing presses to advertise these realities of life…

Walking westwards from Wein Mitte station I cross the Ring Strasse and arrive at Doktor-Karl-Lueger-Platz where there stands a monument to him.

‘But even an elementary sense of justice enforced me to change my opinion when I had the opportunity of knowing the man and his work, and slowly that opinion grew into outspoken admiration when I had better grounds for forming a judgment. Today, as well as then, I hold Doktor Karl Lueger as the most eminent type of German Burgermeister.’  – Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

The stone figures on this monument could almost be carved of the Third Reich…ah yes… The Word in Stone… it is the complete antithesis to the contents of the Talmud which is why it may not be there for much longer. And so, of course, there is a ‘CAMPAIGN’, there is an ‘IDEA’, there is a ‘CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS’ on a website, http://www.luegerplatz.com which they state is a ‘Pressure group to transform the Karl Lueger statue into a monument against anti-Semitism and racism in Austria.’ Which is, of course, pathetic code for what they really mean is that they want to transform the Karl Lueger statue into a monument against the existence of the White Race in Europe and for an overt worldwide Jewish dictatorship. This website contains the usual hatchet job of lies and propaganda relating to Karl Lueger (yet another example of the reality today that all you need to ‘get by’ in the world of Zion is to be evil and stupid) and also page after page of ‘submissions’ (the CALL was heeded!) of pictures of ‘ideas’ of ‘transforming’ the statue, that is attempting to transform beauty into ugliness.

‘He [Doktor Karl Lueger] had a rare gift of insight into human nature and he was very careful not to take men as being something better than they were in reality.’  – Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf


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