The war goes on and on


While others are having a time without concerns, eating their ice cream under the sun’s blazing warmth, going to restaurants, partying al night to end up in some stanger’s bed; or having a time with concerns, being bothered about the food not served within the time span they wanted, the boss nagging about its employees not doing what (s)he wants, wakeful nights about being fired, a girl not liking you – the pensions they told you that you would enjoy after 40 years more of contracted slavery, that are in financial troubles.. You, you should Always keep mind, the war did never end. We lost a huge and most open battle, but the war has not been delayed during the aftermath, we are systemetically opressed and being fought against, to keep the truth hidden or hard to grasp for those I named above.

While they are having their nice time…

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One response to “The war goes on and on

  • aufihrhelden

    A person who understands this world and reality follows deep thought with statements that the masses would view as the ravings of a lunatic.

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