The Real Ruins of Power!


The ruins of the Nuremberg Congress Hall on Death Lake.



“And for us NAZI’s today, the Congress Hall in its ruined form attains a greater power than it ever could in utilitarian form, the architectonic configuration is complete, it truly has become the monumental ruins it was designed to be” – Third Reich Pilgrim – The Ruins of Power, Chapter V – The Stone Giants of Nuremberg



The Real Ruins of Power.

4 responses to “The Real Ruins of Power!

    • delendaestziobot

      Good work Kamerad.

      “The only thing that resembles my soul are these ruins, I am like a dead soldier who has returned to the Reich as a Ghost to witness the last betrayal…The Third Reich could only be symbolized in enduring stone, because one day it would be the ‘Ruins of Power that would speak from forgotten sacred groves surrounded by a wasteland of monotonous urban deserts. The giants of National Socialism stretching out over time as the Eternal Guard watches, the giants whose psychic vibrations emit from out of the depths of the roots touching the inner earth, until quickening of the bluest blood stirs astral fires; from the gravity, from the decay, from the neglect comes the ruins of our blood mirrored in the stone-craft of heroes of old!” – Third Reich Pilgrim – The Ruins Of Power.

  • leuchovius2014

    The Spirit of the glorious Eternal Reich is manifested in these beautiful ruins.

    The spirit of the modern world is manifested in a Starbucks storefront.

    • delendaestziobot

      Yes, indeed, the Spirit is in the Ruins in the Holy Land of Germany! the Demon of this world is in the Facebook pages and digital circuitry of Medea!

      Without a Return to the Sacred Ruins of Germany, all is lost for man…

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