I had to revise my previous post, because I was not critical enough of Phoneyhenge, it is even more phoney than what I first thought. If I was able to do a site assessment it would probably only take me 15 min to work it out, but over the internet it takes a little longer, a few hours at least. Phoneyhenge is not even made of real stones. Because of the weight of real stones it would be a far more complex and therefore expensive operation to place them in-situ. The British government has used steel fabricated shells and then used a form of spray-on concrete that has then been molded using plaster-of-paris, various natural means have then been used to acquire an aged look. In construction and engineering it is weight dispersal of the structure over the foundation area that is crucial, the weight of the structure needs to be well distributed, large monolithic stones of great weight are therefore extremely difficult to stand up straight, especially in a post and lintel form on unstable foundations such as Salisbury plain which turns into a muddy bog seasonally. If the stones were real they would subside and topple over after about one year…The only way real stones could stand in those positions in that geographical area would be if the large and extensive foundation works had been excavated and formed, this would include huge concrete pads and tonnes and tonnes of steel reinforcement. Concrete pads and steel reinforcements are still required and have been used but they would not have to be as large if the stones were hollow faux stone, a mock -up. Stonehenge is actually a mock-up. It is not even real…All evidence, as the Russians have revealed in these photos from the 1950’s, point to that time as the date of construction for the mock-up Phoneyhenge, there may have been previous attempts by the British government working through the Public Works departments and the British War Department which owns Salisbury Plain. Salisbury Plain is the largest military training ground in England, hence the Military have been involved in its construction. As we know it is very easy for the All-Lies to also produce fake photos and all types of fake “evidence” to enforce their illusions on the gullible general public. The narratives also change over time, the narrative on the first design briefs for a landscape folly were Biblically based, for example a ruin that survived Noah’s flood, that then changed to the ruins being constructed originally by the “Ancient Romans”, and then it changed to “Stone-Age man”, and then sun-worshipping “Ancient Druids”, the narrative has changed several times…And will change again, but the stones are not real, the dates are not real, all of Phoneyhenge is just Phoney, a Folly, an Amusement.


Missed a bit! The steel sheeting is still visible beneath the sprayed on concrete.



If you are not laughing, then the joke is on you. LOL.

9 responses to “Phoneyhenge

  • delendaestziobot

    Note: I am not a supporter of the host of the Video presentation, just the evidence presented regarding Phoneyhenge or Playdohenge, or the steel shell spray-on concrete and moulded with plaster-of-paris henge of faux megaliths, which are no older than my grandfather….LOL…

  • delendaestziobot

    “Where are they now, the little children of Stonehenge?” I guess they have all gone to another Glastonbury concert…You stupid Plebs! You know what’s really funny, it is that Judeo-fundamentalist-dissimulated Christians have more of a sense of humour these days than their counterparts the Satanists! That is funny.

  • Steve

    Astonishing. In your previous post you said the Giza pyramids are fake (or did you mean all the pyramids?). Do you have any info you can direct me to? Any thoughts on Gobekli Tepe?

    I love your blog.

    • delendaestziobot

      Egyptian Pyramids, indeed all “Ancient” Egypt was invented from the 18th Century AD onwards, it is only a couple of hundred years old. The Pyramids at Giza are made from the same poured in-situ sand-concrete blocks used to construct the Suez Canal. The design and construction of the Egyptian pyramids are dated thus to no earlier than the Napoleonic era.

  • delendaestziobot

    All ruins found in Turkey begin with the fraudster Hienrich Schliemann, all subsequent archaeological “discoveries” are based on his pioneering work in archaeological fraud, a very profitable tourist business is the outcome. Archaeologists sell their “discoveries” to Governments which in turn use for them for Tourism.

  • leuchovius2014

    If you can ignore the retarded voices that he makes, this guy makes some good observations about the fakery done to the sphinx :

  • delendaestziobot

    Serrano refers to these “Megalithic” and “Paleolithic” stones, in his highly cryptic style as “Vimanas”, Hindu stone Vimanas, or stones that fly….

    Well, we know that stones do not fly, and that they don’t have wings, we know that, and in his symbolic and literary style one must assume that this means something else, as he says that he writes in code and its all a mystery, and so forth. So if we analyze it we find that Vimanas or Vaimanika Shastra or Shakuna Vimana are literary devices of a poetic form that appear in India approx. 1959….This is the time that Serrano was Ambassador in India….There are some drawings of a stone thing with little wings and propeller.. So there is a clear connection here of a literary hoax and flying stones….I can only assume that ‘Flying Stones’ were a kind of joke, and code for Stones lifted by modern cranes….

    Seeming that Stonehenge is fake and certainly no older than tractors and modern cranes…..Then Vimanas don’t fly after all unless moved by modern machinery. Now, Serrano mentions “a Stonehenge” in Wales, not Salisbury Plains, but assume the same thing, an artificial construction made by modern means. There were most likely attempts at this in the later 19th Century and early 20th Century at Salisbury with work carried out by the British Military, and they probably had several attempts before they got it right using lighter weight artificial stone….

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