The construction of Stone-Henge

Stone-Henge is an example of “landscape folly”, a landscape folly is an ornamental construction placed in a landscape setting. The folly has no purpose other than ornament which creates an emotional response in the beholder, to stimulate amusement beholder, to produce wonder. The characteristics are such that they are buildings rather then sculpture, a folly is not a sculptural piece, but is to appear as having some function or use as a building construction, this character is often disguised, as the folly represents a form of trickery which is given the name “mystery”. Follies are deliberately built, they are not restorations. Much planning and design goes into the design and construction of a folly and they can be constructed in very grandiose styles on very large scales. Follies appear unusual, eccentric and conspicuous in their landscape setting, they are placed in such a way as to appear unusual, eccentric and conspicuous. There is an element of fakery in their design and construction, fakery is a part of the design and construction project brief – fakery is to be involved to achieve a greater wonderment effect on the beholder, the prime example of this is what is called a “sham ruin”, which is a folly that pretends that it is an old building, but it was actually constructed just to look old; it is a sham, a ruin that is constructed as a ruin just to serve the element of the fakery brief….This is a very common practice worldwide. The commission brief for such public works as follies is described as “public amusements”. Follies began in 16th Century Germany as “Roman ruins” and have evolved from there, they are now common place and widespread and very profitable as “tourist attractions”.


Salisbury Plain in 1950, before the erection of Stone-Henge landscape folly. Surveying and site preparations and marking out for stage one of construction.



Construction begins. In the photograph one can see that the workers are primitive sun-worshippers from 3000 years ago that have been magically transported into the 1950’s, the work is overseen by ancient Druids, in modern garb. LOL.



How did they build it, this ancient British mystery monument? With modern cranes, trucks and machinery. How else do you think they did it?


The stones are not even real, and they are hollow, the construction technique is from the 1950’s and was carried out by the British Office of Public Works.



The accountants had already figured that the Folly would pay for itself with 10 years, after that it would be all profit! All was needed was a ticketing booth and a cash register!



Yep, that’s premix concrete, how else would the concrete footings be poured? I did not know they had denim jeans in the ancient druid days, how strange and mysterious, I feel so nostalgic and emotional responsive to it all – the Ancient Days of Yore brings a little tear to my eye, I guess that is what it means to be a Pleb.



Stone Henge is owned by the British Crown and is a World Heritage Site as listed by UNESCO, so you can be 100% sure that everything they tell you is the absolute truth, they would never lie to the Plebs.



Ahh so that is how it was aligned, with surveying equipment, or is the man in the photo actually an ancient Druid, far more advanced than us today, who magically transported himself into the 1950s and then dressed up in modern garb and then taught the British Office of Public Works how to construct?



Witnessed by thousands of people, and yet they still believe it is ancient. Fakery and Trickery was the brief and the brief was met.



Instant lichen and moss just apply several liberal coats of stale milk.



What’s going on here? A plaster-cast moulding?….Ancient druids perhaps? Why are they wearing jeans and smoking pipes I ask?


16 responses to “The construction of Stone-Henge

  • blutsun

    Stonehenge is was certainly rebuilt in an idealistic fashion.
    It did however exist prior to the rebuilding.
    See John Constable’s painting of it from 1825:

    As we can see there was certainly a large stone structure already at the site. The Brits just rebuild how they thought it “aught” to look, which I agree is historically deceitful.
    Carbon dating of nearby human remains is what evidences the antiquity of the monument being thousands of years old.

    • delendaestziobot

      Indigo Jones first painted it, he was an architect and designer from the 17th Century. The construction of the design was first completed in the 1950’s.

      • blutsun

        I did some research into this Indigo Jones man, and what you say appears true.
        As for carbon dating being fraud, can you point in the direction of sources which demonstrate this to be so?

  • delendaestziobot

    Cabon dating is fraud, well proven to be a fraud.

    • delendaestziobot

      C-14 Crash, Bloss and Niemitz. Radio Carbon dating cannot serve as a basis for accurate dating of artifacts or anything else. Labs are paid to find chronological dates according to the “Official” Judeo-Christian Time-line.

  • delendaestziobot

    There is no physical evidence of Stonehenge existing prior to the 1950’s. There are designs, paintings and drawings of a folly though, which the Plebs can enjoy as a folly. The Pyramids are another example of a landscape folly. A design that was first used for the stage plays of Mozart’s The Magic Flute. The Pyramids were constructed by the Suez Canal Company. I can do paintings and drawings of follies too, that does not make them real. But I understand that Plebs might think that they are real given enough publicity. We also know how photographs can be manipulated and staged, this is also a very common practice, especially in publishing, with fake dates and so forth, to make things appear older then what they are.

  • aufihrhelden

    When I made the original proof read of ‘MANU – For The Man To Come’ I wrote the following :

    Page 78, lines 6 from bottom and 5 from bottom – Stonehenge is, in fact, in Wiltshire, England (could there have been some confusion because some or all of the stones came from Wales ? Also, Stonehenge is near Amesbury, north of Salisbury so it is some distance from the sea so it is unlikely there would have been strong winds from the sea).

    As described above by Torch Bearer Karl, it is the fraudulent ‘Stonehenge’ that is in Wiltshire. In the original draft it read, ‘ … In Stonehenge, on the plains of Wales.’ This was changed to ‘ … In a Stonehenge, on the plains of Wales.’ If this is the ‘original’ ‘genuine’ Stonehenge and it is near the sea then it must be on the northern, western or southern coast of Wales.

    The short essay above would have made an ideal note in the ‘MANU’ book as would many other revelations by Torch Bearer Karl but I believe that these truths were rejected, by who I do not know because I am not an insider.

    Depending on what part of the book you read, very different conclusions can be drawn regarding who has been controlling the world, post 1945 …

    Regarding the above essay, of course Zion will ‘monetise’ the thing to increase the velocity by which their fraudulent fiat vouchers find their way back to them but the main reason for these ‘follies’, of course, is to channel people’s spirituality (Stupid Moronic Zion thought, in the 1950s, that the Zionist Masses had a spirit and they still believe it now !) away from anything that might be even remotely connected to anything Germanic and True.

    • delendaestziobot

      Yes, it appears that the rocks have could have come from Wales. The British War Department purchased Salisbury Plain in 1897. Salisbury Plain is the largest military training ground in England. The rocks have been erected and dismantled a number of times, probably from the 19th Century onwards, because of the mud they could not get them to stand up straight for long enough, but that problem was solved in the 1950’s, today one will find the huge concrete pad footings that the post and lintel stones are standing on. I will be writing about this fraud soon.

      I did need more research on the Stonehenge, in a day or two I should have more. At this stage it appears to be the work of the British Government, and a number of fake and mock images and writings and publications have been produced to cover it up. Obviously the British Government is capable of doing such things: Spending large capital resources to create illusions in the minds of the public.

  • delendaestziobot

    Actually made of steel and plaster of paris! LOL. On concrete pads! LOL So fake, Phoneyhenge!

  • delendaestziobot

    I am still laughing…..LOL…And slash goes the Queen’s throat….HA, HA, HA, HA, playdohenge..LOL……………………………..

  • VS

    I have a pretty good eye for things like this and it looks like a lot of these photos of them reassembling the stonehenge are doctored to some extent. I have read that there was a “restoration” done on stonehenge in the 50s or so, so the story checks out. But looking at the pictures there does appear to be doctoring for one reason or another, which confuses me even more. I’m not an expert, barely even a photographer, but there looks to be some old school editing on the shots.

    All we can trust is ‘the now’. All we can do is the right thing NOW and never be too gullible.

    At this point nothing would surprise me.

    • delendaestziobot

      Would it surprise you that the stones are not real, but hollow faux stones?

      • VS

        I do see in one of the photographs you posted that there is something behind the facade. It is incredible that with all of the tours and photographs being taken that no one pointed it out until quite recently. And still, not many people are talking about it. But yet there it is. It is less impressive than a sideshow at Universal Studies.

        One common characteristic of these ancient ‘wonders’ is the deeply ingrained myth that it was “impossible” for people to move such stones and “no one knows how it was done” But is that even true at all, or just a kind of red herring to throw people off? Or an inside joke?

        And that brings us to ancient Egypt, which I saw you also brought up. Another “wonder” that we “have no clue how they built it” At a psychological level somehow I have an easier time accepting the fact that the earth is flat.

        The web of illusions is endless. I am at a loss of words because what can I say? I have no idea.

  • delendaestziobot

    I agree, I think it is a more difficult task coming to grips with the lies of human history, anthropology and biblical history, than it is to come to grips with the earth being flat and not a round ball. And at times one does feel a kind of existentialist hopeless loss at the sheer magnitude of the lies…I could only add here that not all who appear in the shape of Men are living Men, the vast majority appear to be some Clone or Robotic-Gollum who have no consciousness.

    The Pyramids were built with the same concrete blocks which were used to construct the Suez Canal….Which has actually been well documented…I mean often they do not even try very hard to hide it, or just openly reveal it, but in a small way, but they rely on the vast swarm of publicized lies from the Media and Educational institutions to cover it all up like blanket effect. Just the weight of numbers in the end. If a man or two here or there figures it out and reports his findings, then the sheer weight of numbers that are against him will just drown him out…

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