British Hostility Toward Germany After Munich

Hitler’s Bid for British Friendship

Chapter 8-  The Forced War: When Peaceful Revision Failed, David L Hoggan


The Anglo German relationship was the most important European issue after the Munich conference. An Anglo-German understanding could mean peace, prosperity, and security for Europe. A new Anglo-German war would bring destruction, ruin, and despair. The former condition would offer nothing to the doctrine of Bolshevism, which thrived on human misery. The latter situation would present a unique opportunity for expansion to the Bolshevist leaders. It is not to be wondered that the Bolshevist leaders hated the Munich conference which had prevented an Anglo-German war. They feared that from its aftermath a permanent Anglo-German understanding would emerge. [1]

The British attitude toward Germany was the crux of the problem. The attitude of Hitler toward Great Britain was favourable from the standpoint of establishing the permanent peace between the two nations which had been envisaged in the Anglo-German friendship declaration of September 30, 1938. Hitler hoped to avoid what he considered to have been the failures of Hohenzollern Germany. He condemned the idea of a large German navy, which had been brilliantly advocated before 1914 by Admiral von Tirpitz. He was unenthusiastic about the acquisition of German colonies overseas, and he regarded Germany’s legal right to her former colonies as a mere bargaining counter. Hitler opposed trade rivalry between Germany and Great Britain. He wished the British to preserve their world commercial supremacy. [2]

The attitude of Hitler was familiar to the British leaders. The prominent Labour Party spokesman, George Lansbury, who had been the chief of the British Labour Party until 1935, had done what he could to inform the British Conservative leaders of Hitler’s ideas. Lansbury met with Hitler in Berlin on April 19, 1937. He was greatly impressed with the German leader, and he was convinced that he did not desire war. Lansbury discussed Hitler with Lord Halifax, and he rendered strong support to Chamberlain at the time of the Munich conference. He emphasized that no important section of the British population opposed Chamberlain’s trip to Munich. [3]

Arnold Toynbee, a leading English historian and an expert on international affairs, had visited Hitler in March 1936. He returned to England with a clear impression of Hitler’s ideas. He informed Conservative Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin that Adolf Hitler was a sincere advocate of peace and close friendship between Great Britain and Germany. [4]

Thomas Jones, the closest friend of Lloyd George and Stanley Baldwin, had excellent connections with British statesmen. He was with Hitler in Munich on May 17, 1936. Jones was on close terms with Ribbentrop, and he was fully informed about Hitler’s attitudes. Hitler had said that if an Anglo-German understanding was achieved, “my biggest life’s desire will be accomplished.” Jones promised Hitler in Munich that Great Britain hoped “to get alongside Germany,” and he praised Hitler’s decision to give the English language priority after German, in German schools, as a significant contribution to future contacts between the two nations. [5]

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11 responses to “British Hostility Toward Germany After Munich

  • delendaestziobot

    A plethora of post war publications analyzing in great detail the political machinations leading up to WWII were made available by hard working men all over the world, these publications, although widely distributed, professionally produced, and being of a literary nature that far surpassed anything opposed to their findings, have been largely ignored. That is because there is no capability left for humans to understand them, it is simply beyond their capabilities, human beings cannot be expected to act on something that they cannot understand. Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf that if the German people were destroyed, which they were in WWII, then that would be the end for humanity as a whole, it would be over, no hope for redemption. Humans now are a all singing and dancing clown act! They are Eurovison-Dumbobook-Gender Fluid-Beyonce-Tranny-Mongel-Ziobots!!! And they have no capacity for comprehension of Truth….Period.

  • delendaestziobot

    Humanity destroyed Europe and now they must reap the results of their actions. An Eagle came and the World rejected Him….

    “What Lucifer Hates henceforth Illusion,
    Dead bark to burn to ash in His white fires,
    Evaporated by His Golden Age
    For His Titans Have Become Ghost Haloes.

    Lucerferian Supernatural Magic”

    – Song Of The Reich

    We have produced what we can for those that remain, and it is time
    to drink from the Black Sun at the end of time, all else is Folly.

  • delendaestziobot

    We have within our hands the material to condemn all illusion, and burn it to ash. This is Magik of the highest Order. I laugh at Don Quixote, off fighting windmills, Sancho’s skepticism is appropriate here.

  • oregoncoug

    This is the Age of Sancho, the titanic Age of Berserker Fury, for the next thousand years. We are in the early dawn light of the Age of the Holy Ghost, which is the Age of Lucifer. Berserkers rule.

    Sancho’s heart’s desire is now what must and will be.

    • delendaestziobot

      Governor Sancho Panza declares that all the myths are fictitious and footwear is too expensive. He also declares that all those that cry poor are not poor, but feign poverty, underneath they are sturdy thieves and hale drunkards.

      Surely the epitaph is true: For us the world is no prize, we were born as fools, but shall die wise.

    • laudorosa

      The ability to use emotions to drive Will Power to incredible heights- Berserking!

  • oregoncoug

    The Ehrean Franciscan Friars of the Kascades will hold these words close to heart. The words are true and will not be forgotten.

  • Das Erwachen der Schwerter

    Well, not just that fat prick, there certainly were more powers playing their roles. But in general, yes – what else are the majority of people, even those be-longing to the higher racial order, but (class)-mongrels. The only cause they have is to be the play-act of political forces causing more damage to all what is of higher value.

    But that is what you get with anti-Germanism, the people obviously still glorify Hitler’s defeat even though right in front of their noses, they are being replaced by mongrels hordes. Dodopeons have bad instincts. Even if Hitler did all what he was accused of doing, those lies and bull shit, so what? While the Mongols and Turks erect statues of Timur, Babur and Ghengis Khan, those mass murderers and rapists of the Eurasian continent, we cry about Hitler and ”muh death tolls”. Apperently Dodopeons don’t like strong leaders but want to assimilate into a genetic cess-pool of weakness and increasing stupidity.

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