Delenda contra Nietzsche VII

Question:  Nietzsche, like the Tribe’s “Holy” Book has just enough Aryan idealism and aspirations to sucker in the Goyim, amongst all the contradictions and malevolent psy-ops to confuse us?

Answer:  Yes, indeed. Houston Stewart Chamberlain, a contemporary of Nietzsche, and who knew of him personally and was a man who was part of the House of Wagner. H.S. Chamberlain, perhaps it could also be said – the greatest bi-lingual writer in the world at the time. H.S. Chamberlain was totally dismissive of Nietzsche, as if he was beneath contempt: “…as for Nietzsche, from the beginning the evil spirit was stronger than the good one…Nietzsche was a man without any spiritual initiatives…I bet that in the entire Nietzsche not one single sentence, not a fragment of a sentence, let alone a thought or any constructive idea can be found, of which the author can’t be traced: Wagner, Plato, Simonides, Schopenhauer, Goethe – the Übermensch is from Faust.”

One could add any number of writers to this list. There are just a plethora of literary sources from which Nietzsche has copied and then pasted together in a mosaic style, a tabloid style, a common publishing method. Type casting, indeed the alphabet itself is based on this mechanical method of movable type – it is not only the method used to print the Bible but also to print Nietzsche books. The dates are always moved around also, so one never knows when something was actually published and printed, especially with works over a 100 years old, and the older the books are the more likely they have had the publishing dates shifted, publishing is totally corrupt and anachronistic in nature. Lucian, Herder, Novalis, Muller, Heine, Leibniz, Heraclitus, etc, can all be found in Nietzsche, in the fragmentary form, mutilated, chopped up and rearranged, not even making any sense most of the time. Then this is all mixed up with tabloid pieces, newspaper articles, common idioms of the day, journals, periodicals, university theses and so on, probably literary material that was just the fragmentary notes of the authors that were copied, or rejected pieces…It would be a cheap option to collect all the literary cast offs and rejected bits and pieces and then form then into a book of fragmentary aphorisms and then pass it off as Philosophy for the masses.

One can find examples of where Nietzsche, or whomever was producing the “Nietzsche” books, has copied fragments of the New Testament. Literary cast offs or fragments are bits and pieces of literary material that has been thrown out or not included in the final text, because it was cut out by the editor, or rejected, or just thrown away because it was in error, or did not fit the format of the book. As the old saying goes, “most of material ends up on the cutting room floor”.

“You should honour even the enemy in your friend. Can you go near to your friend without going over to him? In your friend you should possess your best enemy. Your heart should feel closest to him when you oppose him.” – Of the Friend – Thus Spoke Zarathustra

This would be an example of what normally would end up on the cutting room floor, it’s rubbish. Initially it has come from the Gospels, written in the Middle Ages, and rejected from the “Holy Bible” – Matthew – 5:43-45. Sayings of the “Jesus” character, which can also be found in the doctrines of Neoplatonism or Heraclitus, or Hegel – Coincidentia Oppsitorum – The Unity of Opposites, which is a dialectic, a literary device! Unity of opposites is a prime category of the dialectics of the Bible or Nietzsche, as it is for most written material. Human thought has a natural tendency towards contradictions. But in Nietzsche’s case the example is not even correct, its a clumsy version, in error in fact, in literary terms it would have to be re-written or thrown in the waste paper basket. The New Testament version is a much better literary example of the concept of Coincidentia Oppsitorum. Nietzsche then contrasts it again with Bible criticism, more fragments, fragments contradicting fragments, fragmentary Polemics!

“My brothers, I do not exhort you to love your neighbour: I exhort you to love the most distant.”  – Thus Spoke Zarathustra

An example of Polemics, where you give a literary source, in this case a fragment from the New Testament and then make a controversial debate out of it by going the opposite!


6 responses to “Delenda contra Nietzsche VII

  • Andre

    I’ve always resented the immorality that was behind Nietzsche’s work. I could never really come to complete terms with it. I also resent the new generation of “manly-men/ alpha male/ gamers” his ideas have created in WN movements. The ugly/weak/stupid does not always despise the beautiful/strong/intelligent as Nietzsche would like us to believe. The healthy family loves all of its children equally and helps each other in each of their deficiencies. All of the superiority complex that has been implanted in the minds of Aryans has led them to be complete individualists, without any sense of duty and honor to their family or race. People don’t want to slow down to help a brother, only thinking of themselves and the greatness awaiting them.

    Great work Delenda. I’m glad you are distancing us from the cretin.


  • Kamerad Brian

    I strongly suspect the jew freud was the real hand behind the ‘Nietzsche’ books, and that the man with the moustache was somebody he was in a degenerate homosexual relationship with. Freud represents nothing more than nietzsche ‘Psychologized’, it has exactly the same intention: Separation as opposed to reintergration.

    VVV. HH.

  • delendaestziobot

    I think Freud has drawn on the works of Nietzsche, amongst others. Or rather the Vienna publishing firms were in association with the international publishers of Nietzsche. I suspect Nietzsche lost his German citizenship due to Homosexuality. Some might say that a German could hold a teaching position in Switzerland, but Nietzsche was stateless and had lost his German citizenship, regardless without Swiss citizenship it is highly unlikely he could hold such a lofty teaching position at the most prestigious Swiss University. The Russian Bolsheviks have a strong connection to the publishers in Vienna. I would say that the “Russian Revolution” begun in Vienna and was transliterated to St Petersburg. The Russian peasants were illiterate at this time, so the entire “Russian Revolution” must have been a literary invention, concocted after the German Bolshevik Revolution. Images, movies and Newspaper reports would have been made after the German Bolshevik Revolution. Even Rosenberg would have been fooled by this, he was too young to understand at the time. I think I remember Rosenberg writing that he was relying on literary sources for the Russian Revolution. The Russian Revolution seems like a literary fraud. I did start a poem once on how Lenin and Stalin were Railway figureheads and not Revolutionaries. Again, it looks like German History has been duplicated and exported.

  • Travis

    what do you make of Serrano’s high regard for Nietzsche?

    • delendaestziobot

      I think Don Miguel held in high regard a few Aryan inspired fragments in the Nietzsche books that he read, but he did not know that the fragments were plagiarized, he assumed, as we all did (I also held Nietzsche in high regard), that the appealing fragments we read, were actually penned by “Nietzsche”. Aryans have always been trusting by nature, to a fault in terrestrial terms, lacking the inherent cunningness of the ghetto Jew, they often believe what they see is true, because it is not in their nature to lie and deceive. I believe that if Don Miguel was here to see what I have written about this “Nietzsche”, he would reconsider him in a new light, as I did myself only recently.

  • Rohan

    One of the first people to lecture on Nietzsche and become instrumental in promoting him, was apparently Georg Brandes (born Morris Cohen 1842-1927).

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