Delenda contra Nietzsche Part VI

A Kamerad emailed me with some sensible questions regarding my Nietzsche posts. So I will answer the questions here:

Question – In one of your articles you mentioned that the Protocols had listed Nietzsche along with Darwin and Marx as key subversives. I’ve never read before that Nietzsche was Jewish?

Answer – Yes, that is right, Nietzsche is mentioned along with Darwin and Marx as being key subversives in their agenda. The Protocols also say that they arrange publication and promotion on racial lines. Certain men are promoted over others due to their racial makeup, which is often a secret, indeed they are promoted if they are part of “the tribe”. The difficulty of course is of telling who is in the tribe and who is not, that is something ultimately only known by the secret Rabbis. Jews have proven themselves experts in disguising themselves. What these men share, despite the huge publication and promotional Capital resources that have been invested in them, is anti-Christian doctrines and totally Material doctrines focused primarily on the study of Nature as a dominant Force, and a final submission to this dominant material temporal Force; “I draw conclusion that by the law of Nature, right lies in force.” – The Protocols. That is true, any man of worldly experience can acknowledge that, it is true. But the Aryan refuses to submit to that Law, whereas the Jew – Darwin, Marx and Nietzsche, not only endorse this but celebrate and finally submit themselves totally to it, which is Jewish; submission to the Law enforced by their Geomantic Lord of Hosts – Jehovah. The fact that Darwin, Marx and Nietzsche may be dissimilar on many literary points is indifferent, dissimulation in literature is ubiquitous, especially in Jewish promoted literature, Nietzsche’s “philosophy” is a perfect example of this, with its pastiche of contradictory aphorisms, a mosaic arrangement of contradictory assertions and negations. Indeed one can extend this to the economic realm where the contradictory arrangements of Capitalism and Communism are set side by side by the same hand which settles in figures only, numerical figures.

Nietzsche’s best friends were Jewish, Lou Andreas-Salome and Paul Ree. Nietzsche reproached Wagner for his anti-Semitism. Nietzsche, from a wealthy family himself, considered himself to be a Polish Aristocrat, which is to say, in those days, anti-German, certainly Nietzsche is critical of Germans in every chance he gets, but seems favourable in a sentimental way to Judaism and the Jews, indeed Nietzsche refers to his “Shadow” as the “Wandering Jew”, but then immediately denies it, in typical Nietzsche fashion! He is definitely a slimy little fish to get a hold of. Nietzsche, as pointed out by Houston Stewart Chamberlain, borrowed and plagiarized all his writings, but then Nietzsche criticizes all those he borrowed from or ignores them, this type of behaviour is typically Jewish. Also, could not Nietzsche’s literary style, so loved by Jews, the world over, be described as essentially Jewish? Do you know what the word “Chutzpah” means? If a Rabbi was to write the meaning of Chutzpah he would write something like “beyond good and evil”, because Chutzpah is literally brazen, audacious outlandish behaviour , completely immoral; that switches everything, turns everything upside down and the wrong way about, confuses with a confidence rarely seen, for example a description of Chutzpah is “that quality in a man who, having killed his mother and father, throws himself on the mercy of the court because he is an orphan.” A denial of any wrong-doing, lack of conscience, a lack of awareness of responsibility, there is no awareness of wrong-doing. Chutzpah could also be described as a Great Swindle, a con-job, an audacious scam. In Nietzsche, everything is the wrong way about, and it all leads to nowhere, there is just an empty, shallow and a chameleon quality to it in the end, like someone is putting on an act.

Nietzsche and Jewish friends acting Chutzpah

Nietzsche and Jewish friends acting Chutzpah

“Go to thy woman with a whip.” – Nietzsche. But here Nietzsche is pretending to be whipped in a mocked stage scene. It’s all so essentially Jewish behaviour, here Nietzsche is depicted as donkey being whipped, as slave, and yet his “Philosophy” is the total opposite, supposedly the Aristocratic Warrior Overman to whom women are nothing but producers of children, which is of course the anti-feminine Judaic outlook on women. Nietzsche’s views, concerning women, in his books, are inline with a Rabbi’s views on women….Except Nietzsche appears to be somewhat confused, or as I have already stated, Nietzsche is not the writer of “Nietzsche” books?

11 responses to “Delenda contra Nietzsche Part VI

  • Travis

    I have wondered the same about Ragnar Redbeard and “Might is Right”. Who was Ragnar Redbeard? A book full of contradictions. Might is Right IS protocol No.1!

  • delendaestziobot

    “Might is Right” was an influence on the Church of Satan, as was Nietzsche. All heavily promoted by Publishing Companies and Universities (same thing) and Media Corporations. Of course the devil, and atheism and Darwinism and Marxism have served well in Church revivals of all religious creeds, as it is said “The devil was the best invention the Church ever came up with”. And as I have said “The same company that makes tobacco papers makes Bible pages”….

  • blutsun

    Good post.
    Have a look at this:

    “For Frank, the very distinction between good and evil is a product of a world governed by the “false God”. Lederberg compares Frank’s position to that of Friedrich Nietzsche.”

    Well that’s Beyond Good and Evil for you. Lack of moral insight, intentional transgression, etc.

  • blutsun

    “Netanel Lederberg claims that Frank had a Gnostic philosophy wherein there was a “true God” whose existence was hidden by a “false God”. This “true God” could allegedly only be revealed through a total destruction of the social and religious structures created by the “false God”,

    Sounds like pure Satanism to me. “Ye are of your father the devil…”

    Frankism must have been what gave birth to the FRANKfurt School as well.

    Eminent descendants of Frankists include former United States Supreme Court justice Louis Brandeis.

    Louis Brandeis helped create the Federal Reserve.

  • jalexandermaximilian

    Bring a whip to the bedroom he says. Then dies from his one and only sexual encounter from syphilis. Vile serf of the soul Nietzsche is.

  • delendaestziobot

    Good insights, kamerads!

    We can see the fragmentary pastiche of aphorisms in Paul Ree’s ”The Origins of Moral Feeling”, pre-dating Nietzsche by over 10 years! The same Eastern European Frankist – Jewish Ghetto sentiments expressed in the same cheap and shoddy literary style!

  • delendaestziobot

    What is amusing is that all the intellectual establishment, the world over, are pertaining to “Aristocratic” philosophy based on the borrowed literary hand-me-downs of the Jewish Ghettos! They believe in Nietzsche because he was advertised to them from a young age, which is to say that advertising works! The collective Chutzpah works, no doubt about it.

  • delendaestziobot

    “They learn by watching the facial expressions and listening to the tone of voice”….Yes this is the way the masses learn from each other like ants…..We are not from the masses and therefore do not understand the way they communicate with each other…The masses cant change, they are what they are….ants in an ant heap….The problem is that we, as isolated individuals, exist in the masses….That causes a problem….

    The masses receive signals from each other then act accordingly, it is not yet determined as to where the signals are coming from originally…

  • delendaestziobot

    Essentially the Jews and the Gentiles are the same, and often pointing the finger at each other, but both receiving the same signals, but presenting as being opposed to each other…..So as I wrote in Third Reich Pilgrim the Jews were born in the capital cities of Europe from the beginning, that is their geo-genesis, but they are presented as being outsiders by the Gentiles and then the Jews play along with this to make out there is a division between the two, when all along they are both from exactly the same place….But they attempt to hide this fact, from who? From us…

    So for example the Jewish Bolsheviks went to the same schools and grew up with the Russian aristocrats…..That’s because they are the same….Come from the same families….Are related by birth to each other….

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