Greatest Story Never Told

ADOLF HITLER: The Greatest Story Never Told

I just ordered the DVD set from Truth Will Out Films

I have never watched any part of the film yet, so I will be looking forward to viewing in.



10 responses to “Greatest Story Never Told

  • aufihrhelden

    From what I have seen on the website ‘you-tube’, this ‘series’ (if it is the same one) is, more or less, Zionist propaganda. It is a form of ‘layering’.

    From my ‘Pilgrimage 2015’ essay :

    … This is a pathetic Zionist ‘tactic’ which I would refer to as ‘layering’ but not to do with plant propagation but to do with lies. If Zion senses that some truths are becoming a little too obvious (yes, you are right, it’s ALL a little too obvious, but remember they are a Laughing Stock), if Zion eventually senses it then they will have more and more layers of lies waiting in the wings to be released when they feel the time is right but each layer only scratching the surface and no real truths ever touched. A hard-hitting television documentary of some kind of sporting ‘disaster’ might be released which is all about the ‘truth’ being ‘buried’ which may even make one or two sacrificial offerings (scapegoats) but all truth will remain ‘buried’ (suppressed !) until we see the Rise of The Sons of Hitler. …

    The Cretins of Zion will continue to rule until the Zionist Masses (predominantly the English speaking ‘people’ of the world have been wiped from the face of the earth.

    The above DVD’s are not worthy of the Third Reich or of Hermitage Helm Corpus but nobody speaks like I do.

    It would never Stephanie like Serrano did.

    Here is a truth video :

  • delendaestziobot

    True, nobody speaks like Knight Galahad.

    I will do a review of this DVD set when I finally get around to watching it, as always my expectations are low.

    • T

      For those already awakened it serves no purpuse. I disagreed with a lot. However it will serve as a startingpoint for most which is a positive thing.

  • VS

    It is a documentary which paints Hitler in a positive light. Maybe some information here or there is incorrect but we can’t fault someone for actually going through the efforts to put something out there. If my memory serves me correctly it was well done for what it started out as: just an amateurish youtube series. Plenty of receptive people have been jolted awake by it, which I think is a good thing.

  • delendaestziobot

    After watching so many anti-Hitler films and documentaries, watching a film that portrays Hitler in any positive way would be a welcome relief. On balance, I think it looks like a “good thing”, but I acknowledge that it is not going to please every hardcore Hitlerist out there.

  • OhFortunae

    It is good, in the way of balancing the mainstream informative sources; this one is of more historic value relating to geopolitical perspective however:

  • aufihrhelden

    Essentially speaking, people will believe whatever their natures compel them to believe. The above ‘Greatest Story’ video – it is not so much the odd ‘factual error’ or ‘interpretation’ that I would take issue with, it is the language and the tone used in parts, it is a bit like listening to an audio guide in a Zionist museum. One should be able to spot it. One may also question how it has managed to find its way onto a DVD, bearing in mind the troubles that the Third Reich Pilgrim has had trying to get published the works of Hermitage Helm Corpus (the Greatest Truths of The World).

    All Heil Rudolf Hess !

    Another video :

  • delendaestziobot

    I watched the DVD set and it was quite good, better than I expected actually. I think it was a genuinely sincere effort to show the truth about the most lied about man in history. Sure in terms of Revisionism it is not the most up-to-date nor sophisticated work, but it is not aiming to be, the DVD is aiming at somebody who does not know anything about the truth of the Third Reich or WWII, or someone who has just been indoctrinated in lies all their life. But even I enjoyed it, and was moved in parts, hard not to be moved by the images and stirring musical score. All in all I would recommend this DVD!

  • aufihrhelden

    Picking just one of the scenes : it shows Hitler gazing at a red Bolshevik symbol and on seeing this he copies from it the colours of the Third Reich swastika symbol. Now this post is nothing to do with the Holy Origin of the Swastika, that would not be a criticism of the DVD if the DVD were genuine because the maker of such a video may just not be aware of such. However, for it to be in the video in such a MALIGN MANNER indicates the involvement of a MALIGN INFLUENCE – a person with true intentions attempting to show an accurate portrayal would not, by definition, engage in such Zionist propaganda. I believe the DVD to be an attempt to channel any truths of the Holy God Man that are coming to light into a sort of ‘blind alley’ that World Jewry would try and control.

    BUT !! …

    … It’s all irrelevant anyway because truth is irrelevant. What’s not irrelevant is any blueprint for a gas chamber for around 500 million Zionists extant in the world today but insiders don’t like that kind of talk.

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