The Final Journey

The Final Journey    by  Kamerad  Brian


Ultra luminous eyes stare unblinkingly, as the translucent electric blue body emerges from the organic machine which has held it captive for however long…..The face stares up, straight up, toward its final destination, its ultimate goal. Slowly the being pulls itself free of the lifeless prison that was once its ‘Living’ cell, incarcerated like a monkey in a zoo. It takes a huge amount of ethereric energy for the astral to completely separate itself from the fake origin, but this being has the strength of 100 men, and the insight of 1,000,000.

Upon separation, the Hyperborean floats for a few seconds, as if bidding farewell to the mechanical, technotronic prison which it has known as ‘Home’ for what seems like seconds now.

Now the journey begins, back to the source. Through endless emerald ether, onwards toward true Home, the Centre of all Things, the galactic Swastika – Heart of the Universe!


20 responses to “The Final Journey

  • delendaestziobot

    Slicing holes in space-time, a hole in the belly of the Demiurge, through which the Astral Seed of Man will emerge – Etherealized to conquer new worlds and thereby transforming all within and without.

  • Hosner


    “The world of future will be the world of the New Antarctic. It may be the new Antarctic is the old Atlantis. Both above and under the sea. This is an unfinished book. The ancient dead and the rest of the defunct ones alike lent their hand in its writing. I was but a vehicle of eternal love. Which is why this is also a book of eternal life. A book of a southern country of ice. And of the White Sun. I prefer to live out the part of the book to follow.
    To walk, walk, until I meet once again the Oasis of ice, the inner Antarctic, the last smile, the tender indifference, until I am joined with my Father again, long since passed away. Pallid traveler, the wind is here, all things lost are here. And some of the found. Here the sea’s anew… ”

    Santiago de Chile, 1955

    (Miguel Serrano: ‘Who Calls From The Ice?’
    A History of Seeking for the Antarctic 1957).

    • delendaestziobot

      Kamerad Hosner,

      Is there a full translation of “Call From The Ice”? Or “Invitation To The Ice Fields”?

      The Antarctic Trilogy would go well together in a deluxe edition:

      Antarctica And Other Myths
      Neither By Land Nor By Sea
      Call From The Ice

      • Hosner

        I am not 100% sure, but I guess no English translation exists as of yet. Is ‘Antartica And Other Myths’ Serrano’s text? I never heard of it.

  • Hosner

    A Deluxe Edition sounds good!

  • delendaestziobot

    I am not sure if those 3 publications in Spanish overlap in some way or they are 3 separate publications. I don’t think there has been a full translation of any of those 3… I just thought they sounded relevant to our present intellectual occupation.

    • Hosner

      I only have “Quien llama en los hielos” in Spanish, i.e. “Who’s calling from the ice” (see the short introduction above). The work is mentioned in “Golden Cord,” together with “Ni por mar ni por tierra,” as a text, written in code, telling the saga of the ultimate (meta)physical search/pilgrimage to Hyperborea, hiding in not-so-plain sight. The text is in pdf and it looks good, can’t say exactly why, but I like the letter-type, always an important indication, and it includes a neat map of Antarctic.
      It consists of 166 A4 pages that seem to be part of a larger work, since the text proper runs through pages numbered from 153 to 310.

    • Hosner

      I just came across this: ‘Antarctica And Other Myths’ was first presented at a conference in Santiago, Chile, in 1948, by Don Miguel Serrano, and later published as a small booklet. It reproduces information found in a book written by a certain Ladislas Szabo, published in Buenos Aires in 1947 in two volumes, which is itself a resume of the book on the 1938 Antarctica Expedition, written by Captain Alfred Ritscher of the German Luftwaffe. However, Don Serrano was only privy to one volume of this work, due to its confidential nature. All this is actually written in the ‘Golden Cord.’

      to aufirhelden: Ja und danke!

  • Hosner

    The desire to rid myself of the demiurgic matrix is now stronger than ever.
    Who is the “responsible” at microsoft? It is jehova!
    Constantly, without pause, they “offer” upgrades of systems that are working just fine, in order to replace them and steal more data from our computers.
    It is just that they don’t offer, they simply put one in front of a fait accompli, a done deal, first they march over one’s face, next they send a bill.
    Some days ago, I got shoved down my digital throat, the “Windows 10” variant of their newest data-gathering device.
    Want to protest?
    There is little one can do, except the extra computer-literate users, but even they admit that, with their knowledge it still isn’t certain the intrusions can be kept in check. Years ago, such invasions of privacy would generate at least some sort of response, these days, no one bats an eye, the frog has been cooked to perfection.
    Not that we live with the masses, or count on their indignation, it is just that what Serrano had written, keeps replaying in my head: “just a little longer…”
    This concentration-camp reality is far from wirklich. Sound the alarm?

    Nor am I Hun!
    Weren’t they a Turanid tribe?
    “Hun” was a term of abuse for valiant German soldiers – in the brith-ish press during WWI, true, but that doesn’t one a Hun make!
    Heil Hitler!

    • delendaestziobot

      “Hun” is a correct term for certain Germans. Especially of the unknown variety…Of the Northern Germanic pioneer…For example the “hansa”…

      The “Behemoth” Supercompter is Meta-human….Humans are not running or controlling anything, nor can they invent anything, they are merely masks worn by a Machine….

  • aufihrhelden


    All systems are irrelevant, all information is irrelevant, all propaganda is irrelevant, all truth is irrelevant, all lies are irrelevant.

    There is only good and evil, evil being represented by the Masses of Zion. Zionism is the rule of the Mass Majority over the Ehrean Minority.

    White is not Ehrean. White is the antithesis of Ehrean.

    Zion doesn’t understand this which is why road fund licences currently exist whilst overt orders demanding that all new born children should be given up to the respective government authorities for immediate sacrifice do not.

    Where would the Cretins of Zion be today without the Force of the English Speaking Masses?

    Bankers hate Adolf Hitler. Kings and Queens hate Adolf Hitler. So do bus drivers. And car park attendants. And factory workers.

    Microsoft is a Busy Fool.

    I’m laughing at Bill Gates because he thinks it’s necessary to be a billionaire.

    If one writes, or anything similar, one should imagine that one is writing directly to one of the Holy God Men of Berchtesgaden or Bayreuth and that it should be read by no-one else, ever.

  • delendaestziobot

    Who can be an Ehrean? Nobody even understands what it would mean to be an Ehrean….

  • aufihrhelden

    The most important distinction of centuries past and most certainly of today is the distinction between Ehrean (or as Torch Bearer Karl would point to, Ehrean Traits) and White – this distinction holds both from a fundamental world outlook of each (Germanic World View versus the Hordes of Zion) and from an actual on-the-ground practical perspective as it is the Whites who are predominantly behind all the wars against any remaining vestiges of Germania.

    The girl at the 02:26 mark in the video below – She is Ehrean:

    The creatures in the video below are White:

  • aufihrhelden

    Every single living thing in ‘The Mall’ video above hates Adolf Hitler and The Third Reich (apart from the trees and the horses).

  • delendaestziobot

    The Chinese are peculiar…When I traveled through China, the first thing I noticed was that the population is overestimated. The Chinese population is much less than is stated….And the other thing is that, like all Asian countries, China has no history at all, only a fabrication, and the fabrication of the “history” is very recent, beginning only in the 19th Century, and most of the fabrication come in the 20th Century….China is younger than Japan…It seems that the trading posts of the Hanseatic League transformed into the East India Companies, which then has created the Asians markets….The Chinese themselves like the Japanese have been brought into Asia for the creation of a trading market….However, there appears to be no need, no economic need for the creation of Asian markets and the demographic expansion of the Asian peoples….So, for example the manufacture of silk, originated first from Silesia in central Europe and then the manufacturing was shipped to Asia, and then the Europeans built up the manufacturing of Silk in China, thereby bankrupting themselves and destroying their own market back in Europe…and then it is pretended by both the Europeans and Asians that the silk comes from Asia…. This process is carried on in every field of endevour, simply the Europeans building up Asia, for Asians…It is unclear to me why this would happen…It is the same with the British building up the Middle East in order to be devoured by them…..Some sort of weird symbiotic relationship – the reasons are obscure, or not identifiable…

    • Michael A. Luna

      Someone pointed out on youtube a while back that the population of large countries like China/India does not work out by adding up the populations of their cities. This may have changed now, but basically you would have to believe billions were living on farms in rural areas to account for the missing persons… And this was all still assuming the populations of the cities themselves were accurate.

  • aufihrhelden

    Zion wishes to dilute everything because it cannot compete with an Ehrean civilisation so it transfers everything all over the world and then just promotes inferiority …

  • delendaestziobot

    Large populations are formed in highly industrialized, urban, literate societies….China and India have only recently been industrialized, urbanized and become semi-literate…..Therefore the populations of India and China and less than the highly industrialized, urbanized and literate populations of the West….China and India have only been aided by the West to become industrialized, urban and semi-literate (although they still struggle desperately in all these factors, and are merely reliant of the West to continue to support them…. The Indians and Chinese were a burden carried by the West to various colonial outposts….They are incapable of forming and sustaining any culture themselves…In the 20th Century, due to huge Capital investments and Work by the West, the populations of Chinese and Indians, all over the world (The Chinese and Indians are found in all parts of the world) have increased dramatically and are now increasing at a higher rate than that of “White” people, but that is only due to the huge sacrifices made by Whites to assist the inferior peoples to propagate and prosper. That population increase can now only be sustained by the Whites if they bring the inferiors into the very centres of the highly industrialized, urban West, and then continue to feed, cloth, shelter, and educate them there so they can continue to expand.

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