Delenda contra Nietzsche Part V

I knew when I decided to duel with Nietzsche that I was entering into a profound spiritual battle, a Titanic warfare that would span the plane of this flat earth….Nietzsche’s supporters are legion, he is the most popular philosopher in the Western World, so my move to attack Nietzsche was going to be difficult and unpopular. I avoided the confrontation for some time, even in my book I try to avoid this confrontation, this duel, but a time comes when a man cannot stand by and remain silent and keep the peace, thus I have launched my attack on Nietzsche.

“Do not suppose for a moment that these statements are empty words: think carefully of the successes we arranged for Darwinism, Marxism, Nietzsche-ism…To us Jews it is obvious to see how destructive these ideologies have been upon the minds of the Goyim”   The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

What one must understand about Nietzsche is that he is not the writer of most of the books that bear his name, this is common in the publishing industry, it is kept secret to a certain degree, but it is commonly known as “ghost writing”. I will give you an example from the present: The writer of the Harry Potter literary franchise is not J.K. Rowling, there is a team of writers who write the Harry Potter books, J.K. Rowling is, what is called, a “figurehead”. Nietzsche is the same, a figurehead, he never wrote anything after his split with Wagner, and even then, it was his sister Elizabeth who had the connections to the Wagner family. At the time, Nietzsche, was considered a degenerate half Jew and a petty con man. It was impossible for the stateless Nietzsche to obtain the position of Professor of classical philology at the University of Basel. To be made stateless by Prussia and to lose his citizenship would have been an utter disgrace, it was impossible for a stateless i.e. criminal to be made a Professor at Basel University, Nietzsche would have had to have been at least a Swiss citizen, but Nietzsche was not a Swiss citizen and therefore was not eligible for the teaching position. This fact has been covered up by the huge and powerful publishing Corporations that support Nietzsche-ism. But it is a fact nonetheless, and it is unavoidable,  the fact is that Nietzsche never held the position of Professor of Basel University. It is even acknowledged that Nietzsche had no qualifications for the position, which he did not, but the important fact that Nietzsche had to be first a Swiss citizen to even qualify at all for the position is  ignored. Also, Nietzsche, at the time, would have had to have been a practicing Christian to obtain the position, and Nietzsche obviously was not a practicing Christian. Nietzsche used this lie to cover up the reason why he had lost his Prussian citizenship. Nietzsche lied about being in the Franco-Prussian war, that would be impossible because Nietzsche had already lost his Prussian citizenship….It was not possible for a criminal who had lost his Prussian citizenship (for unknown reasons, but probably homosexuality) to serve as a medical orderly in the Prussian army…At that time Nietzsche was also suffering from the sexually transmitted disease of Syphilis. Which is more evidence that Nietzsche was a homosexual. But overall the most important fact here is that it was not possible for Nietzsche to have obtained a teaching position at the prestigious Basel University, nor was it possible for him to have been a medical orderly in the Prussian army after he had lost his Prussian citizenship! Nietzsche lied and wrote in his letters that he had renounced his Prussian citizenship in order to take up the teaching position in Switzerland, but there is no need for Nietzsche to voluntarily renounce his Prussian citizenship for the position, what Nietzsche needed was Swiss citizenship, which he did not have, therefore he could not have obtained the position in Switzerland.

Now, I can assure you, that when I found all this out, a year and a half ago, I was just as angry and frustrated as what you might be now reading this. I had been reading Nietzsche from when I was 15, like Serrano, but I had always felt intuitively that there was something wrong with the writings of Nietzsche, or Nietzsche Inc, something just did not seem right, the constant contradictions, the subtle praise of Judaism, the virulent hatred towards Christianity, which sounded like it had been written by a Rabbi; the anti-Germanism, the anti-Spiritualism, etc. Nietzsche confounded me and I did not know why, at times I would read things in Nietzsche that I agreed with, but now I have learned that these baits and hooks were merely copied from other sources, that in the textual mish-mash, in the process of copying and pasting from all manner of sources and then heaping it all together by a team of writers, some things were contained in the text that I agreed with, there were Aryan elements in the text, but these elements, pure in form had been mixed together with all manner of literary rubbish, and Jewish cynicism…Nietzsche was after all, a commercial publishing venture, and it has worked on that level very well…


32 responses to “Delenda contra Nietzsche Part V

  • Oiyehue-Yepun

    Nietzsche has been sold to revolted young as a remedy. “Take it, read it and stop being against everything in the world” they say. In other words: When young guys start thinking (if one can call that thinking), just sell them some contradictory words written by an insane man, who hates Beauty, but who writes some baits. And I fell in this trap, many did.

    A glance at Beyond Good and Evil: “Still today France is the refuge of the most intelectual and most refined culture in Europe and remains the great school of good taste, but one must know how to discover it, this good taste France”. Nietzsche.
    In the same book: “this historical sense, which we Europeans reclaim as our specialty, came to us due to the fascinating and crazy Semi-Barbarism, in which Europe was delivered by the democratic mixing of class and race – the nineteenth century is the first one, which knows this sense that became its sixth sense” Nietzsche, the “figurehead”.

    So, France is the refuge of the most refined culture at the same time (nineteenth century) it advocates to mixing and barbarism? Contradictory words…Market strategy maybe, sell to frenchmen, sell to frenchmen enemies.

    • delendaestziobot

      Exactly, it is a marketing strategy, a little bit of everything for everyone will appeal to the mass market. This is quite simply a marketing strategy – how to sell more books with the brand name of “Philosophy”….It is not even Philosophy, it’s tabloidism of the 19th Century….Much of Nietzsche would have just been cobbled together from essays for journals and newspapers that had been dumped in the waste paper basket of publishing houses….Now, the idea was to sell literary garbage to the mass market and call it “Philosophy”, and that would be the in-joke, the laugh that the Jewish publishers would have on the Goyim….And it has worked.

      I just researched Hermann Brockhaus, who was the son of the Liepzig publisher Brockhaus, and brother-in-law of Richard Wagner. He was what were called “German Orientalists” who were employed to write history and languages for the Eastern peoples. Now he published in 1850 a book on Zoroastrianism and a teacher and prophet called Zarathustra, he also wrote tales and songs and hymns in Sanskrit for Indian publishers. Now, how is it that someone who has closes ties to the Wagner family and Liepzig also like Nietzsche and is a University professor writes a book on Zarathustra, 35 years before Nietzsche’s Thus Spake Zarathustra!

  • delendaestziobot

    Nietzsche Inc. has collected unpublished notes and rejected essays and fragments from Journals and Magazines such as those published by the German Oriental Society and then used these fragments to put together a book, like a mosaic, which is in fact the publishing method for Newspapers and Magazines. So Nietzsche Inc. were Newspaper and Magazine publishers who tried their hand at book publishing, the result was called “Nietzschean Philosophy”, because it amounted to literary garbage, it was heavily promoted and financed as part of the “destructive education” campaign of the Learned Elders Of Zion, who control not only all publishing houses but the entire world.

  • delendaestziobot

    Now Nietzsche Inc. was invented to counter the influence of Richard Wagner, and so one must ask the question what is in the God-Man Richard Wagner’s work that the Learned Elders feared? And, well, it is the case that Richard Wagner is the prophet of the God-Man Adolf Hitler!

  • aufihrhelden

    Die Walküre :

    Brünnhilde to Sieglinde :

    Then hurry away
    towards the East.
    Be brave and defiant,
    endure every burden,
    hunger and thirst,
    thorns and stones.
    Laugh, whatever distress
    or suffering may plague you.
    This one thing you should know
    and always remember :
    the world’s noblest hero,
    Oh woman, you harbour
    in the shelter of your womb.

  • delendaestziobot


    “O heavenly rulers!
    Holy Immortals!
    Turn your eyes
    on this true, loving pair!
    Apart, who can divide us?
    Divided, still we are one!


    Heil, O Brunnhilde,
    glorious star!
    Heil, love in its radiance!


    Heil, O Siegfried,
    Conquering light!
    Heil, life in its radiance!

    Heil, Heil, Heil, Heil!

  • K. von Kanwetzburg

    I have said it time and time again — Nietzsche is a deceptive plagiarist, meaning: He (or the corporation that wrote for him or whoever claimed to be “Nietzsche” or whatever) spit out decent amounts of truth here and there, hence the National Socialist admiration for him (by and large). However, “Nietzsche” did not derive these thoughts, others did. Furthermore, the nature of materialist philosophy, from the time of “Socrates” to our own day, is spurious. It is deceptive by its very nature, and non-Ehrean. It is words for words sake alone. This is why we can identify with many quotes that the “great philosophers” put out, but not their underlying worldviews. All Zion-approved philosophers are putting out a corporate brand or “label” with which to ensnare and entrap as many unsuspecting naïve folks as possible. That is what “philosophy” does (Filo / Filius / “Son” / of “Sophia” / the Witch) — it entraps those who feel more with their mind than with their Heart. Philosophy is for the automaton, NOT the Ehrean.

  • Hosner

    Kamerad Kristof, you seem to be a noble soul, but also one in need of sculpting your independence in the watery domain of heart and attachments, even as do most of us.
    As gentle as a feather I wish to be, and not anger or offend you, god forbid. You are my Kamerad and I don’t have too many. Two, to be exact. You and KY. Is this pathetic? No. It is not. It is simply true.
    But Truth is also an Aegyptian feather, being weighed by Wotan, in order to triangulate our position in (the after)life.
    Thus it is that I must speak, it seems. You wrote some things about Nietzsche. But I have the impression that the things you wrote are not your own thoughts and ideas. I have the impression you repeated them after Kamerad Karl. It was he that won that particular Truth, he’s the thinker who wrestled it from the arms of the Demiurge. It was his insight, intuition and study that launched that Truth here, on this obskur website, along with many other astonishing and strange and difficult-to-fathom Truths that he sometimes elaborates upon, most often not, making us wait for his new book(s). You are also a thinker, I’ve read your own book, NS. and I know that you possess a first class mind, a lucid soul, and a brave Hitlerist heart.
    Which means that you are absolutely sovereign, in no need to repeat, or copy anyone. As to Nietzsche. I knew him, or thought I did. And I loved him for his writings. Then KY razed him (almost?) to the ground. Which is why I went back and re-read some parts of FN’s works; and I think I can say that KY knows what he is talking about when it comes to F. Nietzsche, perhaps approximately, but you somehow do not, at least not enough to proclaim him for some sort of a second rate sophistic swindler. Please, forgive my direct manner of approach, the banality and holiness of death being in the air, we must not mince words, we must be men. Kameraden!
    Philosophy is What is philosophy? Philosophy, as a discipline, tends to be a beautiful whole, treacherous and demanding. But I prefer the term Thinking. Heidegger is a thinker. Ditto Pascal. Ditto Weininger. Ditto Philipp Mainländer and Cioran. And Carlo Michelstäedter and Julius Evola, and Parmenides and Brentano.
    Ditto Hölderin. And Puskin, Pessoa, Byron, Dante, also Ligotti, and Lovecraft. But they are primarily artists, whereas FN is both, a philosopher/thinker and an artist, which is something that can’t be said for many. Aristotle is dull, but rather important in a relative way. Lacan is extra dull, a son of Kant, not of Hegel, and rather unimportant in a relative way. Same with all the French Structuralist shadows. As far as I can see it, Philosophy is all about an edifice of Nous that is held together by Truth that is Psyche’s love. An edifice standing on the basis of pre-christian Mythology and Hyperborean Mysteries. If we picture this edifice as a pyramid, its capstone would be Adolf Hitler and his ongoing Opus. Everyone of us has his own particular understanding of Hitler. What gives me courage to write is my understanding of Him, the feeling of His approval of my particular struggle. Thus, and to conclude, whoso wants to despise Nietzsche must, I think, show more than a vague critique of him.
    As I re-read him, and I am still reading, and I can’t say that he spoke in favour of any limited “combinations.” This being said, I’d like to add that one can’t possibly attack FN on account of him not being an anti-semite, because if one understands his notion of the Overman/Antichrist properly, then one is aware what sort of keys he keeps proffering with which to unlock the humiliation and trap of living and preparing for death. His notion of an individual, not of any “subject of a mere philosophy”, is simply Orphic and divine.
    Aber Hitler heißt Orpheus! Hitler is Orpheus!
    And Hitler being God, and of God, is then a True and Popular equation. I see different alchemical phases of rhythm and melody when it comes to the Weltanschauung, everybody does. And my notion of a Hitlerist Folk is simply a multitude (sic!) of Ehrans over Zarathustra. No ziobot canaille can quench their thirst drinking from these fulminant and “soufic” SS springs of Water and “attachment.”
    And these be the levels that exact courage and frankness and, most of all, “proof.” Spontaneous and impromptu proof of all grace and all gravity.
    Next of art, of an incisive absence approximating the meat and flesh of our solitudes, of a healthy climate and a healed body and of food and of manners, of a runic spirit, not of dry formulas.
    Or, if one happens to be a politician, to have a passion for the many (sic!) and the cybernetics of ship-steering, then it is “permissible” to write all the manifestos in the world. But those would then be the political manifestos of a genius, something new and hitherto unseen, something massively useful and nutritive. But it surely wouldn’t be written in the “halcyonic” style of a Nietzsche, simply because of the fact that he whoso is picked up by the Perennial Eagle by the neck and transported through the abysses of human hate and demiurgic torture and blood dying and russian rape is henceforth forever transfigured and, most of all, forever authentic.
    No need to copy or insinuate oneself anywhere, his whole racial and genetic Hyperborean DNA (spiritual and luciferian angel) is activated, he is born a new god, beneath him is the contempt of any kind. In my case, Nietzsche is for inner discipline, Hitler is for inner and outer. Yes, Hitler is superior, but who can stand where Hitler stands? Who can drink from the cup he drank from? Perhaps some can. And I will to do so. But before one grows up to those heights and those depths, Nietzsche is eminently accessible. In matters of philosophy Heidegger didn’t surmount Nietzsche, he repeated some of his way in his own words and wrote some good poetry= Der Holzweg, written in the month of May 1945, “when almost all the world was celebrating a nonexistent victory” (paraphrase).
    I am thus not too sure anymore that Nietzsche didn’t write (most of) his writings, as is the intriguing thesis of Kamerad KY. I need to delve some more in some things, but I want to say also this: I know the nature of attraction and repulsion that is testing everybody. We simply must have the strength to be honest with ourselves, all else is (self-)treason. And yet still I keep myself back, afraid not to hurt someone’s feelings, even not to make a fool of myself, ha-ha! Perhaps slowly we will succeed together. But only after I’ve succeeded on my own. And the same goes for all of you.
    “We will win!” you wrote, dear Kamerad. Yes, we will. Many are the things I could and would like to add, some of them rather important, but perhaps another time, when the wings return. Now we are arising. Heil Hitler!

    • delendaestziobot

      Kamerad Kristof is honestly supporting me with my fight against Nietzsche, and I hope you will too. If he repeats me, he supports me, but as far as I know he fought Nietzsche at the same time as me. I was once as Nietzschean as anyone….. But I slew Nietzsche, and now he is no more…Nietzsche has no inner discipline, he has nothing…He simply ceased to exist once he left Wagner, who was a real man…

      • Hosner

        It is about support as well, and, yes, I support you 100%, even as I support Kamerad Kristof, I just wanted to see more substance, in terms of arguments, coming from his side by way of a Nietzsche-critique, that’s all. After all, one should know and, if possible, explain in whose name one is slaying a thing or a person? Perhaps it were more accurate to say my support is 99% as I truly don’t understand some things you say about Nietzsche. Even so, as far as our Kampf is concerned, I think it matters not that much, Nietzsche simply not being all that relevant or important, even to me, who am perhaps still somewhat attached (!) to his peculiar writing style and some recurring themes.
        My post was more about “transparence” and attitude in terms of “slaying.”
        I certainly can’t “accuse” yourself of not being transparent enough, you do elaborate (your) philosophy very well, and I am certainly proud to count myself among your readers and disciples. Now, call me inadequate and inferior, even stupid, if you wish, but I must add that I often follow not, not entirely, your ideas and thoughts, especially when you mention, for example, “child sacrifices, performed by Faust and Guttenberg, to the printing press.”
        But the true problem is that I frequently get this feeling of it being “awkward to ask”, since I don’t want to incur your contempt by asking you to explain. However, I term this growth as well. As to Ethos, I think it is fair to say, at least in my personal case, that I remain well within Hitlerist parameters as long as my dignity remains “provisionally” intact and I don’t feel bullied or humiliated, however subtly, by anyone. There needs must be a fulfilling way, more or less, of approaching one another, as long as we wish to work together. HH

    • K. von Kanwetzburg

      Kamerad Hosner: All I can say is, “‘Brevity is the soul of wit.” This much from Shakespeare I’ll say is TREU.

  • Hosner

    …the banality and holiness…

    should be written as:

    …the “banality” and holiness…

  • delendaestziobot

    “Nietzsche” is a newspaper man, a journo! He is not even real…He is an imaginary literary character! Sjoerd made the same mistake….Believing published “philosophers” to be real…They are not real…Not men… Shall I quote Nietzsche himself – ecce homo? Nietzsche only wants things to be as they are, forever…..How long have I fought this?

  • delendaestziobot

    It’s not possible for Nietzsche to serve in the Prussian Military. Nor is it possible for him to teach at Basel University…. And it does not matter what Basel University has to say about that, because they are nothing but a journo publishing house…They are not a nation…The Swiss? Printing money on whose machine? LOL…

  • delendaestziobot

    “”God”, “Immortality of the soul”, “redemption”, the next world, all concepts to which I have given no attention, no time either, even as a child, perhaps I was not childish enough for them.” – FN – Ecce Homo

    I took the time to read all of Nietzsche…I know him better than anyone….And I suffered from his poison words…But no more!!! I, unlike Nietzsche, believe in God, in the Immortality of the soul and Redemption, like Wagner and Hitler before me.

  • delendaestziobot

    The only thing that Nietzsche is, well, he is Polish….And with that, I must rest my case….He said it, or rather, they said it, themselves…. Polish Philosophy….

  • delendaestziobot

    Let me say I am ANTI-NATURE!!!! And therefore I am Anti-Nietzsche…..Despite the poison, despite the poison….Schopenhauer was on the right path. Heil Schopenhauer! Seek the pure form of Positive Christianity, seek God, seek the Reich and Bismark seek anything but Nietzsche, only seek Nietzsche if you want to slay him dead. Believe in noble morals, be a moralist! Believe in the Netherworld and the beyond…God damn it even believe in German Beer if that means being anti-Nietzsche…Say No to life…Say no to the “female elephant” of life, say no to Nietzsche!

  • delendaestziobot

    Kamerad Hosner,

    It is not my job to explain to you anything….But I am….It is also not my concern how you personally feel about this…You must feel the inner discipline and abide by that.

  • Hosner

    Since you mention this Polish disgrace of his I must truly hurry up, because in this particular case I have all the holes covered, and say I totally agree with you; you are probably right in all other respects as well when it comes to the “Basel professor.”.
    Who even wrote how proud he was of being a “Polish nobleman pur sang, with no admixture of any lowly blood, least of all German.”
    Jahn Turnvater was absolutely right when he identified the Poles as one of the main enemies and dangers of German folk! As far as I am concerned, no Chopin can save their name who are truly the ugliest among the pale nations under the sun. I was just reminded of the horrible phonetics of their language and of that hateful Jewish midget called Roman Polanski, whose massacred wife by the Manson Family was also one giant hoax, and now I feel like vomiting. Perhaps I should ask pardon of Kamerad von Kanwetzburg?

    • delendaestziobot

      It’s the Nietzsche poison….It has infected all of us…Got to purge it out… I understand very well that it is not easy to do….

    • K. von Kanwetzburg

      Kamerad Hosner, no need to ask for a pardon. You are simply speaking your mind — I appreciate that. I see us as all being on this arduous Path together, as a fighting unit, spiritually, emotionally and (no doubt) one day physically.

  • delendaestziobot

    To slay humanity’s sacred cow (or “female elephant” as Nietzsche described himself) is not easy, it’s not a popular move.

    “Jahn Turnvater was absolutely right when he identified the Poles as one of the main enemies and dangers of German folk!”

    Listen to Jahn Turnvater….

  • K. von Kanwetzburg

    Yes, Nietzsche was a self-admitted Pole. But he was also a philo-semite (fancy word for Jew-lover), and in fact a TRUE Jew lover, who had even been rejected by the Jew Salome (a lowly commune-loving Jewess), apparently his feminine ideal. What should be of no less concern to us is Nietzsche’s *total disdain* for the German Volkisch-National Ideal, and his apparent support for Nordic-Jew miscegenation on a grand scale. Why did he support this? because he truly believed Jews were smarter than Germans, as many self-hating “whites” still do. Here, I would only refer one to the Fuhrer’s words on the topic of Jewish “intelligence” — they are total dunces in actuality!

    Nietzsche was no National Socialist. He was a morally bankrupt libertarian like his fanatic admirer — another Jewess, Ayn Rand. Albeit a libertarian with radical-traditional “leanings,” shall we say.

    • delendaestziobot

      Yes, Nietzsche would support anyone over the Germans whom he hated, admittedly. His ideal female was a Jewish prostitute. The reason why folks are attracted to Nietzsche and love him and admire him has the greatest of all sacred cow of philosophy is because they themselves are Jewish….Nietzsche, as with the Jews, only supports the continuation of life as it is, procreated, endlessly, Dionysian, or “the collective continuation of life through procreation, through the mysteries of sexuality.” – The will to continuation and affirmation of life through the sacrificial pain of its highest types – this is the meaning of the “Birth of Tragedy”…. In Nietzsche the Demiurge writes and confirms Itself, but It weaves Itself delicately and subtly into all forms of Medea……. To this poison, so artfully woven by the Demiurge, we saw no antidote, but with Miguel Serrano there appeared the first hope of an antidote. “Nietzsche” is not a singular Entity, not an individual, hence all his writings are in a newspaper format, cut from other clothes and then pieced together, because the Demiurge is not thinking, It is just re-arranging Its pieces.

      Within Nietzsche one can see many truths woven in, here and there – for example, “the weaker dominate the stronger again and again – the reason being they are the great majority, and they are also cleverer.” You see here, it is a joke, a joke on those who think Nietzsche to be the philosopher of Aristocratic Ubermensch…. The editor laughs and knows very well whom his audience will be, not that it even matters, but why not include it anyway, just for amusement….What is the “Will to Power” when the weakest dominate the strongest with ease every time, and that is why they are the majority! In fact there is no difference…. We all know it is the weak and cowardly who survive and procreate….

      To be anti-Nietzsche, one must rebel against Life and seek the Kingdom Beyond (Reich), and for this Moralism is required.

      • K. von Kanwetzburg

        “… we saw no antidote, but with Miguel Serrano there appeared the first hope of an antidote.”

        This is precisely why I have broken my HITLERISM into two distinct “Testaments” if you will. The OLD and the NEW (I can send a copy of the books in private, via email, to any Treu Kamerad who would like me to enumerate the particular books of each canon. Serrano of course, along with a few others, belongs to the NEW.

  • delendaestziobot

    Does one affirm life or deny life? That is Nietzsche’s question and he affirms life, as it is…. Well, have a look at the world and “life”, do you affirm what you see, do you think it perfect and good? I have looked at this life, at this world, and experienced it, and I can only say that I deny it! And by denying this life I would be classified as “anti-Nietzschean” because Nietzsche is “life-affirming”….

    • K. von Kanwetzburg

      Life is what it is. Is it “good”? No. You want bad stories, I got them, and then some. Personally, I believe I am here to help others of the same race-soul, in the strictest sense of the term, to transcend this shithole. And also cause a little mayhem and destruction in the process.

  • delendaestziobot

    In written works HITLERISM can be divided into the OLD and the NEW. Hitlerism developed this way after 1945, with many writers and thinkers seeing themselves as Apostles of a Hitlerist faith.

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