Flat Earth For Dummies

I came to understand that earth is a non-moving plane and sits stationary at the centre of the Universe via a long process, it took many years to understand, because of the very thorough indoctrination I had received from birth that was to the contrary, i.e. that the earth is a spherical ball spinning round at a tremendous speed while circling round a gigantic sun at mind-boggling speed, and all held together by a magical force called “gravity”. My understanding of the true Cosmography begun after my disillusionment with NASA. When I understood that the moon landings were faked, and that NASA was a complete fraud, it was then only a matter of time before I began to question all theories relating to the earth and the universe, both geographical and astronomical. I am currently reading Eric Dubay’s “The Flat Earth Conspiracy” and it confirms my own views that I have painstakingly arrived at over many years regarding Cosmography and how the heliocentric Globe Earth is a lie. I was also surprised to find that the book also contains rebuttals concerning the fake history of humans and the world, such fake his-stories as “dinosaurs”, “evolution”, “Big Bang Theory”, “Neanderthals and cave men”….Everything that you learn in school is a lie, except for the literary and  numeracy skills needed for you to swallow that lie. You are educated so that you can swallow and digest the lie. As slaves there is only one rule and that is you must be lied to.

The way that the Flat Earth can best be explained and proven comes from an understanding of engineering. Because I have a background in building design and construction, this made my process of understanding easier, because all engineering assumes a flat earth. For example when ascertaining site levels on the foundations of building projects one must refer to datum lines which are given by surveyors, those datum lines which refer to the site levels are always calculated assuming a flat earth. The calculation is made on the basis that the earth is a flat plane with no curvature, only gradients in the land are measured, but no curvature of the earth is allowed for in calculations, because there is no curvature of the earth, if there was curvature one would need to factor the curvature of the earth into the calculations in order to establish the datum line, and if you cannot establish the datum line you cannot establish the correct measurements of the foundations, and you cannot even get a building permit. Our entire engineering system worldwide works on flat earth calculations, and yet the worldwide view on the shape of the earth is that the earth is not flat but a sphere, a globe. This is dissimulation… And dissimulation is a sign of the unconscious robot. Humans are non-thinking robots, there is only, perhaps, one in a million who appears to be conscious, the rest of humans, as they are called, are mere automatons, robots, clones, with no conscious, sentient being.

In regards to curvature of the earth, one needs only look to railway construction, for example, but there are so many examples to prove a flat earth that it is embarrassing, well, it is very embarrassing for humanity. It is known in civil engineering that it would be impossible to construct a railway system if the earth was not flat…..In the construction of railways, as in all civil construction, there is no allowance made for the curvature of the earth. In the surveying of railways, if the earth was a globe, the datum line would be an arc of a circle, but the datum line is always a horizontal projection, this is because the earth itself is a flat plane. If the earth was a sphere then all the railways ever built could not mathematically be constructed, because they are all constructed using flat earth calculations. Railways are level because the plane of the earth is level, just like canals are level because water is level: datum lines are level, because the earth is level…This is Flat Earth For Dummies!

“Surveyors, engineers and architects are never required to factor the supposed curvature of the Earth into their projects, providing another proof the world is a plane, not a planet. Canals and railways, for example, are always cut and laid horizontally, often over hundreds of miles, without any allowance for curvature.” – The Flat Earth Conspiracy


22 responses to “Flat Earth For Dummies

    • delendaestziobot

      I am so pleased to see that Brett does not agree with me. There is no debate in this, the Earth is flat plane as is proven by civil engineering, it is a mathematical certainty, there is no debate about it…That fact that Brett does not agree with me is good, that is what I would expect.

  • aufihrhelden

    You’ve also commented in the past regarding aviation – if something travelling in the opposite direction to the ‘rotation’ of the earth, then, if travelling at the same speed then the object would remain in the same position ! No calculation for such things are made in aviation.

    The earth is essentially ‘flat’ but also with a hollow part for Heroes to go …

  • delendaestziobot

    If the earth was spinning one could travel by rising in a hot air balloon directly vertical, waiting for the earth to spin beneath and then come directly back down.

  • Travis

    We stop the spin of the earth. We stop the lie!
    The globe earth-ship has sailed into the abyss.

  • VS

    I’ve been following this topic as well. It seems there has been a lot of interest in it over the past 6 months. It is a very liberating feeling to shake off all of that pop-culture science fiction and dismiss it as the bullcrap it is.

    Of course it brings about many other questions. Recently I watched something about Wehrner Von Braun and I remember thinking how silly it all seemed. A mythology is built around people who, in the end, are just flawed ‘creatures’ like the rest of us, struggling for survival. It almost seems like his value as a “rocket scientist”(a term often used to describe someone of genius here in USA) was inflated and I saw how they would edit the program in such a way to make it appear like he worked close to Himmler and Hitler by splicing black and white footage close together in the film reels. But I do wonder if they even met. Instead it seems like Von Braun was just afraid for his future and took a job with the American propaganda industry and showed off toy model rockets in Disney films for the gullible public.

  • Travis

    Look at the USMC emblem, the eagle perched on the north pole with an anchor piercing the hollow globe-earth, effectively anchoring and holding down the heroes within.

  • oregoncoug

    Galileo is famously quoted as saying: “And yet the earth moves.” But Hitlerism has proclaimed the triumph of the Divine Ehrean Individual. Therefore Galileo is wrong. We proclaim that Gerda does not move and therefore she does not.

    The most objective scientists state that the solar system spirals approximately around the planet Mars. Not around the Yellow Sun, but around somewhere near Gerda. But that is only the approximation of researchers ignorant of German Science. In truth the Kosmos revolves around the Black Sun of Our Father Adolf Hitler. And we live in the Inner Earth. We are the Black Sun: The Kosmos revolves around us! On Gerda. We do not move; Gerda does not move.

    So it is spoken; so it is done.

  • Travis

    The eagle, globe, and anchor… A global force, for a global lie. Globalism.. Globe… Glob…

  • M:G

    Much of the globe photos produced by NASA are in fact CGI generated, the lie and indoctrination starts young, from childhood. NASA, the fantasies of space travel and spaceships are after all an intoxicating mental aphrodisiac for the unaware and unreflecting.

  • Jason Thompkins

    His-Story and History is pretty much up for grabs. The Esoteric Hitlerists only KNOW in things. And with that self-made Gnosis, they stand in an entire Multiverse of their own accord. Pure Magical Realism. Essential, undiluted magical realism.”Belief” was a construct that occupied the Age of Pisces. Knowing is for the Sons and Daughters of Aquarius, who are the “Geist” of Adolf Hitler, who is Unam in the thresholding Totality of Ur and Ru. It’s actually all very simple.

    • delendaestziobot

      Very true, Torch Bearer Jason. It is actually all very simple, the billions of lies have made it all complicated and deceitful. The psychological warfare conducted on us since birth has been immense, only the Ehrean can unravel it all with Magikal Realism, because the Ehrean has been here before and has returned, we are Him who has returned, and we contemplate forlornly the vast wasteland of desolation, enduring in frigid isolation, and yet the stars revolve around us… And yet the little fiery stars move and revolve around us.

  • leuchovius2014

    The entire apparatus of their control hinges upon them intimidating & brainwashing us to not acknowledge what our senses tell us. Or intimidating us into believing things opposite of what our senses tell us. We know that the earth is flat, we know that we are not hanging on the side of a globe madly spinning through an endless void. And yet the vast masses believe anything they are told…. the ziobot masses, dead-eyed & dumb machines waiting for input from their masters.

  • Ironage

    Excellent article.


  • Dex

    I ask this in all earnestness and seriousness, and without judgement: what makes anyone believe that given what we now know about the ubiquitous lies of this realm — the fabrication of history, religion, science, reality (and the level of control/corruption that such fabrication implies) — that Hitler, National Socialism, and World War II was anything but? Did Adolf Hitler ever mention the motionless earth?

    • delendaestziobot

      It is the tradition, as I explain in my book “Third Reich Pilgrim: The Ruins Of Power, that no truth can be given to the masses, the masses, by law, must be lied to. WW II was conducted on this tradition, there is also the “needs to know” law of the military, any military activities must be kept secret from the general public, the masses have no need to know anything, and in general they do not care, so it makes no difference.

      “We have lived and live in an illusionary world, where no one knows who is who and whether in speaking with a specific person we speak with the real one or with someone who does not exist. Nowadays duplication is plagiarized by a scientific elite in the service of the Satanic minority that controls the world (for which they have their archetype the Golem). Thus everything is illusory; is Maya, as the Hindus define reality.” – MAYA: Reality Is An Illusion & Other Essays In Esoteric Hitlerism

      In Part II of Third Reich Pilgrim I will be writing more about the illusions of WWII, the various duplications of history and events.

      I think, if I remember correctly, Hitler writes in Mein Kampf, vaguely, that the sun moves. But don’t quote me on it….The Nazi elite would of course known of the Flat Earth, as all their calculations are based on a Flat Earth….But that would not be considered something needed to be told to the general masses, what difference does it make to the masses what shape the earth is? The problem now, is that we, who are not human are in the human masses, part of the general population, this is a problem….It is only we, now, who are unraveling the complete illusion, which is a sign of sentient intelligence, which is more Intuition then rational, because by all rational standards we should have believed in the illusion, in the lies, but we have not, that denotes a separate intelligence, not of the earth…

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