Perfect Blue

Perfect Blue by Kamerad Brian

I am blue, perfect transparent blue. I lie on a mortuary slab awaiting my escape to the only home I’ve ever known – Asgard. There is a young girl, maybe fifteen or sixteen, who lies on the metallic slab next to me. Her colour is perfect Venusian green. She is one of us, but not quite ready to move on. I vigorously try to shake her awake several times, but she’s sleeping the sleep. Several times her ocean blue eyes open, and shine like sunlight on pure water. She tells me there is something she must do before she can leave for Valhalla. Unlike the bloated black and blue creature that lies lifeless and soulless on the third slab, slowly awaiting his time to return to the demiurgic hamster wheel that the “Normal” folk call “Life”. I feel a gentle hand grip me, and I look to the side to see the green girl now glows blue like me. “I’m ready” she whispers in a voice so cold it could freeze icicles. We stand, or rather float and disappear through Zion’s hospital wall, leaving behind only our demiurgic shells for the “Family” to burn, or bury, putting there own rat minds at rest. On the journey onwards and upwards, I gently ask her what task she had to complete before departure. She whispered to me that there are more of us waiting to be awakened for final conflict and that she was tasked with imparting a little Aryanism to the potential Ehreans. Now I understand that my mission has been simple in comparison to this Ehrean princess. I thought I was the only one, but knowing that this young girl activated the Ehrean soul in so many filled me with pride and honour, which is also called Loyalty. This filled me with hope for an eternal Ehrean future, where our people grow, not hide, expand, not shrink. Onwards blessed maiden, onwards to Hyperborea!


7 responses to “Perfect Blue

  • Aspiring to Hitlerism

    Is there no hope for a mixed such as myself (the majority of my ancestry is Aryan and I have no Jewish blood) to transmute into a Vîra? I experience powerful emotions when I read Herr Serrano’s “Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar” and watch Hitler’s speeches. It is painful to know I have Aryan blood in my veins and that I may never be able to use it; being so close and yet so far. Although I might be regarded as your enemy I truly wish to see justice brought to this devastated Demiurgic world.

    • delendaestziobot

      No blood is passed from mother to child, your blood is your own, you are not a product of your ancestors, you are not a product of your parents, if you are Aryan you will understand that. Our view is that Man is an involution not an evolution. Aryan blood can involute and condense into the races of man and even animals, and botanical and mineral. This Spirit which has condensed and transmuted into blood is at various stages of degeneration. Many races find that they have a common enemy in the Jewish anti-race. With a supreme effort one can overcome biological constructs, ultimately what counts is the Spirit….But, the Spirit we refer to is very rare, and generally only resides or incarnates or transmutes into the White Race, vestiges of the Spirit and blood can be found in other races. For example Hitler considered some Italians and Japanese to be spiritual Aryans….Today, also, what is called the “White Race” is made up mostly of Ziobotic golems and traitors.

    • M:G

      Many people erroneously conflate Aryankind and the present “White race”, thinking that these two categories are similar and identical, the present “white race” are condemned to extinction, just as what this world is ultimately destined to be. The Aryan does not belongs to this demiurgic universe, his blood and existence are not of this world. For many years, I am skeptical of evolution “science”, I instinctively and intuitively feel that the present day humanity is an involuted product. Every year, these so called ziobotic scientist humorously present “evidence” of some “skulls” of some distant apelike creatures, delusionally purporting that they are the “ancestors” of present day humanity, it is getting more and more absurd each every year.

  • aufihrhelden

    Heil Sylvia Stolz ! Heil Savitri Devi !

  • M:G

    Also do not forget Eva Braun, Magda Goebbels, Leni Riefenstahl and Irma Grese the martyr.

  • Jason Thompkins

    Beautiful vision in the depths of death. Trobar Clus. Eternal Loyalty to the Spirit of the Avatar. Beyond these monkey suites which we must either discranate from or use. Use to fight the Eternal Enemy in an Age of Chaos and Complications.

  • blutsun

    I have met this Ehrean Princess, I have seen the Her.
    But she was only a reflection from the other side,
    a vague representation condensed to the
    level of this demiurguc world. She is the
    other half.

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