Vienna Essay

Extract from “Vienna Essay” by Kamerad Steve

I walk south-west, down to the south of the Hotel Imperial to another beautiful building designed by Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach, another building that was completed by his son. It is the beautiful Karlskirche and, again, the key to understanding the beauty of churches is to differentiate them from what the church represents. It is true that a look back at old paintings can show a marked contrast of the effect of Jewish confetti on this world and a good example of this is a Canaletto painting, Wein, vom Belvedere aus gesehen, from the middle of the 18th Century, showing the view from Schloss Belvedere across to Karlskirche and the Stephensdom – meadows can be seen leading up to the old city walls but there are none now. Judeo-Christianity decrees that the entire surface of the Earth must be given over to increasing the velocity at which their fraudulent paper and electronic digits arrive back in their hands. One can light a candle in the Karlskirche but not for free. European Man must show humbleness and humility towards his Judeo-Christian inferiors and to this end a statue here in the Karlskirche beckons the congressional box where they will, no doubt, be instructed on how not to be healthy, on how not to be strong, to have no character or personality, no spirit and to turn their backs on all things that do not concern them. Does the current Jewish Pope belong to the confessional box for charges of child abuse and child sacrifice? He could take the Talmud in there with him. The congregation are helped with this humbleness however as cushions are provided to kneel on at the pews. I hire an audio guide. In this age of “equality” (‘tactic’ of the Protocols) audio guides often have to have a mixture of male and female voices (speaking the moronic Queen’s English, of course). The guide states that “Roughly 10,000 people died in 1713 when the plague visited Vienna…” and that “The Emperor Charles VI constructed the church in honour of the Patron Saint of the Plague, Charles Borromeo.” The Plague! The Plague! Might the latter day Patron Saint of the Plague and its modern day interpretation recommend “blood letting” as a suitable method of warding off such diseases? The guide recognizes the beauty of the building but equates such beauty to their lies of “Ancient History” – “Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach achieved a brilliant symbiosis of Roman, Greek, and Oriental Classical architecture and ideas from the Baroque.” The guide also mentions Saint Luke as being the “Patron Saint of the Painter’s Guilds” – one then, of course, questions again what kind of freedoms the painters of these guilds would have had in their work, the control of this Painter’s Guild and the influence of the church upon such. Also mentioned by the audio guide is Saint Judas (or Jude) Thaddeus the Apostle “whose help is, even today, invoked by people in difficult and hopeless situations.” Hey church, would any of these ‘difficult and hopeless situations’ be brought about by the implementation of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion? There’s no need to answer that, church, because you know that they are because you are involved in such. Problem, Reaction, Solution, the pathetic ‘tactics’ of the dung beetle. They like to cause all the problems and then pretend to help. Saint Jude the Saviour! Hey Jude, don’t make it bad; take a sad song and make it better. The church has a lift and a inside that have been there a while to aid restoration and are still there and visitors can use them to get a close up view of the cupola and the frescoes which were originally painted by Michael Rottmayr. I ascended to the cupola, admiring the finery, and then there was a further flight of stairs from the main platform up to the lantern which provided somewhat restricted views through the narrow windows and the meshing. One can unfortunately, I believe, see the ‘United Nations City by the Danube’  and the ‘Danube Tower’ from here. On the underside of the first main platform is written the word ‘PALIMPSEST’ that the existence of the entire mechanical Universe, visible matter, would be a poor copy made over the top of a fine canvas original, by a Satanic plagiarist, a palimpsest. – Miguel Serrano, MANU: For The Man To Come. The Church reveals itself…Imagine a city where all the major buildings were designed by Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach, Karl Friedrich Schinkel and Albert Speer.

8 responses to “Vienna Essay

  • delendaestziobot

    Emperor Charles VI (King Karl) King of Germany & Holy Roman Emperor & powerless figurehead of the privately owned Ostend Company, appearing on coins and in paintings. Private trading company….Slave trading, mostly….Still operating in fact, just under a different name, privately…Plagium is where they……

  • Briann Metcalfe

    superb post kamerad steve.

  • Brian Viðarsson

    Forgive me for taking up valuable space on the comments section, but I feel that now is time, more than ever, to lay the screen name ‘Ironage’ to rest for good and all. I will now write under the name ‘Brian Vidarsson’. The age of iron is over, it is but a bad memory of a time past, a time best forgotten, Sure we;re surrounded by the enemy, organic and otherwise of Kali Yuga, but we have successfully transcended this demiurgic cage, and we now have paved the way f0r the onset of the Satya Yuga, which we are over three years into. We pave the way for the spirit of the fuhrer, reanimate as Kalki, merciless without concern for this world off base metals and the demonicised anti kultur. I chose Viðarsson simply because of my affinty to this particular aesir, and the values and and kultur he upholds and embodies, undying loyalty to the father of all, Wotan. Silent vengeance and the slayer of the Fenrir wolf, enemy of both Aesir and Vanir. I hope you understand my identity change; ‘Ironage’ is no more, Brian Viðarsson continues, with purpose, where this lost soul fell broken by the mechanics of Zion. HEIL!SIEG HEIL!l

  • M:G

    Amongst the variants, speciments and varieities of the entire collection of ziobotic creatures, the Judeo-Christian is the most abhorrent, decrepit and despicable of all, much more inferior than the Jew Anti-race. In terms of hierarchy, the Judeo-Christian occupy in the most bottom rung of the ziobot classification pyramid. Judeo-Christians are the diseased putrefied waste of the current degenerative epoch, these so called “christians” are the ultimate slaves of the demiurgic machine and its acolytes, the jew anti-race.

  • oregoncoug

    In truth Vienna is the hometown of Our Father in Valhalla. What matters most here is that He is no doubt well pleased with this essay on His own city, the former Imperial Capital of Holy Europa. Kamerad Steve has done himself proud with this pilgrimage to Vienna because Our Father is much the most difficult of Beings in this Kosmos to please at all, much less to please well. Our Father is never pleased with anything less than great deeds, and in this short essay Kamerad Steve has done something small but great for Him, for Our Father.

    Congratulations on the achievement of this powerful writing, Kamerad Steve. Through me Adolf Hitler sends you His personal greetings. May you keep up the good work.

    Well done.

  • aufihrhelden

    Torch Bearer Franz,

    From a Standard Bearer of Truth and Sacrifice that is High Praise Indeed.


    The work that Torch Bearer Marko has done and is doing on the translations from German to English is not inconsiderable.

    Heil Hitler ! Heil Germania !

  • aufihrhelden

    But, of course, in truth it would be remiss for me to advise anybody to purchase any publication of the above essay or the completed writings from which it is from or, for that matter, any publication from Hermitage Helm Corpus for the following reason : If you require fiat ‘currency’ (fraud) to survive then you are better off keeping the fiat ‘currency’ (fraud) and use it to survive rather than purchasing pages which contain the entire truths of the world because the Moronic Laughing Stock that rule this world decree it to be such. If you are an insider and you know that things will change and you know that to be rid of the fiat ‘currency’ (fraud) in exchange for the truths of the world then, of course, that is different. The Cretins of Zion rule and therefore they decree that the essay above (and the rest) is not worth the paper it is written on – the fake five pound note in the Fälschermuseum is worth more in the real unintellectual sense and that is what is forced on the world, that is the variable that all must live by. That is if you are going to stay alive for a while, if you think that you may not live for much longer, then by all means invest in the works of Hermitage Helm Corpus and read the truths of the world.

  • aufihrhelden

    Adolf Hitler’s Speech, Heldenplatz, The Hofburg, Vienna, 15 March 1938 :

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