Tonal Architecture

3 responses to “Tonal Architecture

  • delendaestziobot

    I have added the new blog of Frater OS to my ‘Connections’ side bar. Frater OS has contributed the last poems to the upcoming ‘Songs Of The Reich’ book, being the youngest of our Order.

    I have some more posts coming up on Torch Bearer Steve’s Pilgrimage essays…And as to the trail of wounded and dead clowns I have left behind, if I come across anymore, it goes without saying that I will not be expecting a fair fight, you know how it goes – no quarter asked, none received. LOL.

  • Jason Thompkins

    Our young ones are the brightest, most noble gentlemen that are on Gerda. The Temple Order are blessed to have such minds, such spirits. Hail Frater OS!

    • delendaestziobot

      I am sworn to protect the young Werewolfen, the adopted Sons of Hitler, The Germanic Diaspora, wherever they may be. Heil the children of the Ruins of the Reich that have returned to fight on Gerda…And woe to us and any who oppose us.

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