The He-brews as supporters of Capitalism

“Sombart advances the question as to whether the Jew possesses a special capacity for capitalism. It appears most extraordinary to us that such a question should ever have been propounded. Capitalism is not an activity, which calls for a special kind of capacity, but a condition, the cultivation or administration of which, calls for certain qualifications.. Even, in the case of the Hebrew, capitalism, for its own sake, is not regarded as the main object, but rather as a means for increasing his own power, and for enslaving those, who are not Jews.”  –   Theodor Fritsch ‘The Riddle of the Jew’s Success’

The word ‘capitalism’ is the name given to the process whereby the tribe of He-brews – Jews, lend finance to each other….Their relationship is thus: which Jew owes which Jew and how much. Gentiles are not a part of this process which is conducted in-tribe, the Gentile is just a slave. ‘Finance’ is a magical metaphorical trick played on Gentiles by their Jewish masters. The He-brews, among other things, control the mechanisms which conduct this magical trick called ‘finance’. The magic trick has been cultivated over many centuries and has been preserved down through the ages, there is no age of man known in which the trick has not been played. One can only assume that the He-brew and his Gentile slave have a symbiotic relationship. The Gentile wishes to preserve his position in slavery as much as the Jew wishes to keep him in slavery. There is no known way to separate the He-brew from his slave, they are inseparable. Both Jew and Gentile have lied to cover this up, as I discuss in ‘Third Reich Pilgrim: The Ruins Of Power’, the He-brew – the Jews, come from the same origin as the Gentile; their homeland is one and the same – European capital cities….

2 responses to “The He-brews as supporters of Capitalism

  • oregoncoug

    This is exactly where the rubber hits the pavement: in our contemptuously rejecting the money magic of counterfeit confetti inside the capitalist sewer of the Big Cities. It is in the rejection of the siren song of the Big Cities that we Hitlerists prove our mettle to the White Pan-European Folk. We prove that by fighting to the death against Judaic usury beneath the Holy Swastika and in plain view.

    In Hoc Signo Vinces!

  • delendaestziobot

    “City walls were first built to keep the humans inside, not to keep out robbers or raiders, this is the answer to the riddle: the beast in captivity becomes effeminate” – Third Reich Pilgrim ‘The Ruins Of Power’ – page 100.

    My own book is the continuation of the fight between the Land and Big City, which was in essence the Hitlerist National Socialist fight, and where the rubber hits the pavement.

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