Twice Born Aryan = Ehrean

“I went down to the edge of the brown still pond where the base of the stones met the water and saw an empty sarcophagus, a small coffin as if made for a girl-child was chiseled out of the solid stone boulder. It is representational of where one dissolves their personality that has been formed artificially by the system of the World that has enslaved them. It is here that Savitri Devi once slept for a night, while Don Miguel Serrano meditated on a rock pillar above like a white eagle. Here at the base of the rock-pillars of Externsteine the initiate of Esoteric Hitlerism can symbolically see the reversal of our time, beginning with death to the outer-self imprisoned in the false system of the World, it is congruent with the ‘Death’s Head’ totenkopf worn by the SS. The material body is voluntarily made a living sacrifice to the Self, and the formed personality is dissolved to allow the body to be hollowed out until it is just an empty vessel, a coffin of matter waiting to be filled by the spirits of the immortal Aryan Dead, because “only the deeds of the dead remain eternal”. The base of the individual; the true Self opens at the substratum that reconnects with the pre-existent. The previous worldly self dissolves into nothingness, leaving only a void, an empty vessel into which the astral blood of the Aryan Dead can be transmuted by the Divine Warriors, this is the way of ‘Mystical Death’ and the re-birth of the Aryan, this is the path of Esoteric Hitlerism, for death is re-birth. …The one who looks into the pool of Stygian alone, looks into the mirror-well and will waste away alone, because the Stygian pool is symbolic of the ancient water-rites of binding oaths between folk, the oath is made to someone else, it cannot be to yourself, only after re-birth can the initiate make the oath, the holy oath of Esoteric Hitlerism is Meine Ehre heisst treue; “My Loyalty is my Honor” and the oath is made to Adolf Hitler, the eternal Avatar of Lucifer and the Spirit of the Fuhrer, in His Name you shall conquer!”   –   Third Reich Pilgrim – The Ruins Of Power, Chapter VIII, The Externsteine in the Teutoburg Forest, by Karl Young



2 responses to “Twice Born Aryan = Ehrean

  • aufihrhelden

    “The wells have all been filled in long ago, the clear natural springs that once poured forth from the inner rocks of Externsteine have all been sealed up and covered over by enemies of the Aryan Race, and enemies of all Forests and salient Springs.” – Third Reich Pilgrim, The Ruins of Power.

    “This cool, clear, Scottish water is sourced from the Eastern edge of the Campsie Fells. For centuries the Campsie fault has guided and filtered the Scottish rains through layers of volcanic rock to create an underground source of purified Scottish water. Caledonian water is bottled from a protected estate owned by one family since 1508.” – written on a bottle of water from the UK supermarket chain, Sainsbury’s.

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