Maya: Reality Is An Illusion

Excerpt from ‘MAYA: Reality Is An Illusion and Other Essays In Esoteric Hitlerism’ – Chapter – ‘The Green Thunderbolt’:

“Nearer to the earthly world, hidden inside mountains or in the Hollow Earth we find Agarthi or Agartha. The Tantric initiation that transforms, transmutes and transfigures matter, the world, is given within them. Its inhabitants are the Siddhas, divine beings who have attained the conquest of death after passing through terrestrial incarnation. From there they project their influence to awaken and assist the heroes. Heroes are the mixed divine viras who fight to regain immortality. From inside the Hollow Earth, from Agartha, the divine ones invoke the blood memory of the descendants of the Aryans so that they awake and fight for freedom from the chains and tyranny of this world. Destiny calls to the heroes and whispers the divine language in their ears…and the hero who hears these ancient words in the secret of his heart, remembers, awakening within him the need, the great thirst of the Pilgrims of Dawn.

As we have explained, when the Golden Age was lost the rotational movement of the earth was broken, sinking Hyperborea. The Second Earth appeared and the Age of Iron and the involution of the Kali Yuga. The world de-constructs, degenerates and chaos reigns everywhere, bringing death, disease and suffering. Through the tragic events and enmeshed in the nets of Maya and her illusory world, the heroes awaken. They begin to sense that they do not belong to this fallen world of misery and death, but that instead their nature links them to another world beyond the stars. Then, having awakened from the demonic illusion of the world in which they have been trapped, guided by their own nature and by destiny, the hero realises that he has to reverse the process unleashed at the beginning of demiurgic time. This is the Leftwards Swastika which guides them on the path back to Hyperborea and to Venus, the Star of Origin of the semi-divine. The hero becomes a troubadour seeking to rediscover what was lost. The path of deification makes the pilgrimage through the outer world coincide fully with the realization within. ‘What is below is above; what is inside is outside.’ It is synchronicity in which two worlds come together to reunite.”


2 responses to “Maya: Reality Is An Illusion

  • NorendaKnight

    Thank You for sharing this great reading.What an inspiring message for us today, that are awaken. A reminder of who we are, and what we are fighting against. May we all battle on in our own way!

  • blutsun

    Thank you. This is what I needed to read in mein kampf, my struggle, right now.

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