Himmler’s Ring

himmler rings

Just following on from a blog post from Volkisch Runes Blog, where it is acknowledged that most of Third Reich Jewellery appears to be made from Silver. There is a very good reason for this and it is not that Gold is inherently evil, it is that Germany was made to pay billions in Gold, that is in weights of Gold, intrinsic value measured by weight! Same as Russia, same as Spain, in fact it is the same for all previous States, the same as it is today. All are made to pay the Jewish International Corporations in Gold, so therefore the Third Reich had no Gold left. I made a few early posts on Silver and the relationship between Gold and Silver but that was a long time ago and nothing has changed, it’s still the same old deal, there is nothing new under the sun although this blog could be considered to be relatively unusual . During the Third Reich economic statistics were often reported but never the alchemy behind the economic statistics and for good reason, because the masses simply cannot understand any meaning or truth, they only understand statistics, quantitative numbers is all they have been taught so that is all they understand. We don’t have any quantitative numbers to report, we don’t have any State to report on, so we can allude to alchemy in a philosophical sense, understanding that it will be esoterically understood be a mere few. The SS produced craft in Silver and also porcelain and other natural materials, materials that were originally produced in Germany, later this was transliterated to India and China, the East, anachronistically, in other words the production originally begun in Germany was later literally transcribed to other States making them appear to be crafting material before Germany. This is easily done by publishing Corporations by backdating, a common practice in publishing. Backdating is done by publishing an earlier date. All publishers do this in one way or another. Anachronism is a subject I delve into in ‘Third Reich Pilgrim: Part I’. Yes, it is true that Silver was the precious material of the Third Reich and the SS. Alberich, the Nibelung dwarf, steals the Rhine Gold, steals the Gold of Germany from the Rhine maidens, then Wotan awakes. It is very important to remember that Alberich must renounce love to steal the Gold, in order to make the powerful Ring of Gold love must be renounced and so it has been. If we arrive at the ‘Golden Apples’ that is another story. Alberich enslaves the rest of the dwarfs through the power gained from the Golden Ring. In an Anglo Saxon sense this same story is reproduced in ‘Lord Of The Rings’, fortunately not anachronistically but fictionally, there was an element of honesty in this on the part of Tolkien. When Alberich transforms himself into a toad this is another very important event. But where does the Silver come into this, well it comes afterwards and it comes esoterically, but that is the matter that we are revealing, simply because we have the ability to do so. In Wagner one can see all the auspices of the Third Reich and that is what we Esoteric Hitlerists are elucidating. Himmler, as a student of His-story, would have understood this very well, he could only confirm it with is his actions, he was forced to understand it and deal with it as an economic natural fact, as we are forced to deal with it.


4 responses to “Himmler’s Ring

  • aufihrhelden

    Nothing happens, of course, because, essentially, there is no such thing as a financial system in the world today. The system today is so pathetic and childish and devoid of the intellect that a retarded child could run it – in fact it is force through weight of numbers that rules the world in the name of Zion.

    No changes will come to the so-called financial system unless the Cretins of Zion will it so, through force (ie ram through the chip), or unless the Heroes of Neuschwabenland destroy the Zionist Masses.

    It is the Zionist Masses (ie predominantly the ‘people’ of Britain, America and France) who have renounced love. The Zionist Masses.

    I could bring down the entire financial system myself but I would (and have been) stopped by the force through weight of numbers by these fiends.

  • aufihrhelden

    … people talk of the derivatives and physical silver and so on but they lack omniscience (ie multiple thought patterns). For example, in understanding the ways of the world today, one can go a long way if one imagines to oneself what a moron would do in this situation – they would start wars and kill people.

  • aufihrhelden

    A way of expressing the fraud :

    If you walked into the Bank of England with a five pound note and demanded that weight in silver then you would be lawfully demanding 72.9165 ounces of silver (one pound equals 14.5833 troy ounces). At the current ‘exchange rate’, £5 is approximately $7.60 yet the current ‘price’ (even with limitless naked shorting !) for one ounce is $14.14 so the price for 72.9165 ounces is $1031.04 ! So, even working within their own pathetic Zionist system, you could make a fortune by just lawfully demanding your physical silver from the bank and then just selling into their own corrupt so-called ‘market’ !! You would be making 136 times your fiat vouchers !! Repeat and repeat and repeat ! You could even afford to stay in a London hotel !!

    They’ve printed so much fiat fraud from thin air but their lies would dictate that it is still worth as much as it ever was and therefore still backed as it were, therefore they are stating that $7.60 can buy 72.9165 ounces of silver therefore their ‘own’ market price of silver is 10 cents !!

    Put another way, $14.14 / 136 = 10 cents.

    Hey Zion, why not naked short the silver ‘price’ to 10 cents an ounce ?!?!

    But you’re not supposed to do that, Zion doesn’t like it so they just resort to their usual methods of force and more force and more force through mere basic weight of numbers.

    Effectively, the above is a similar principle to somebody (with enough fiat vouchers) buying up all the silver at the current ‘price’ and cornering the market but Zion doesn’t like that either so they start wars because they cannot compete. Germany was invaded …

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