Racial Sin

“Miscegenation is almost always “racial sin”. Nothing good comes of it in the long run or short term. This has been simultaneous with the involution of the Earth, with the becoming of the Darkest Age, which the Hindus called Kali-Yuga, Age, Age of the Goddess Kali, the Destroyer herself, and which the Greeks called the Age of Iron and of Dionysus (Shiva). The ancient Germans called it the Age of the Wolf, devourer of Wotan. When Hitler attempted to return the world to the Golden Age, the Satya-Yuga, or Kryta-Yuga, to the resurrection of the Gods, Wotan, Polar Hyperborea, it is right that as a parallel he attempted the regeneration of the Nordic Race as the necessary vehicle able to receive and express the resurrected God. It was an ideal that was dreamt about, because the Germanic Race was also not pure. That is why one spoke about the “Aryan Race”, ancient Sanskrit term that means “twice born” or “reborn”. Which is to say, the “initiated”, those born again after initiatic “mystic death”. This leads us to believe that Esoteric Hitlerism could think that the superior race is not absolutely physical, like the one today, since neither was that of Hyperborea.” – Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar

“Most of the world is now lost in an animality with no return. And the truth is this is no longer preoccupies the Avatar. The number of heroes that were with Him has almost been fulfilled by Destiny. They are already no longer here, they have gone away. Only the few prisoners who can still free themselves matter. And they have to overcome the cultural miscegenation, with a supreme effort aided by the greatest purity of their luminous blood and their spiritual race: That of the re-born, the twice born. Because Will depends on the spiritual race and blood, not on the biological blood and biological race. In the most critical moment of the Initiatic Drama of Return, what counts is the spirit….The non-esoteric Hitlerism and political National Socialism of the thirties, until 1945, had to encourage, as we said, the birth and physical procreation of the Aryan race, as a means of providing terrestrial bodies for this race, avoiding the possibility of a mental procreation, for which almost no-one was yet prepared. They thereby intended to combat miscegenation and the coloured peoples of the Demiurge in the extended “vital space” of the Aryan race, towards the East. Attempting, by this equivocal means, a method of shaping for the Aesir. For their entry into this land. But this changed after 1945.”  –  MANU: “For The Man To Come”

The position of Esoteric Hitlerism regards miscegenation is that it is “racial sin”, going back to the first “racial sin” when the White Hyperborean Gods mixed with the daughters of man and thus became lost due to a catastrophic error. Hitler and the Third Reich attempted to reverse this tragic involution and degeneration. They had the power to do so, and they attempted to do so. To what level they achieved their racial purification is not known. What is known is that with the terrestrial destruction of Germany and the Third Reich, humanity fell further and further into involution and degeneration through an ever increasing miscegenation and mullatoism…It is too late to reverse the involution now, too late for humanity, the individual man can however be salvaged through the Etherealization of his blood – a spiritual and inward process, reversing the flawed propagation of the sinful flesh…Man can become pregnant with his own “Son of Death”, with death Itself overcoming the gross error of life. The pure Hyperborean Race was always pure through Divinity, being above this world, the Devil drives the ferment of miscegenation and racial sin, thus opposing the work of the Divine Ones. The possibility of regaining lost divinity is worth Total Kampf against the World, the propagation of the flesh is now rendered meaningless in our Greater Quest of Transmigration of the Spirit.


Heil Hitler!

7 responses to “Racial Sin

  • M:G

    “The Jewish doctrine of Marxism rejects the aristocratic principle of Nature and replaces the eternal privilege of power and strength with the mass of numbers and their dead weight. Thus it denies personal worth, contests the significance of folk and race, and thereby withdraws from mankind premise for its existence and culture. As a foundation of the universe, it would lead to the end of any order intellectually conceivable to man. … If, with the help of his Marxist creed, the Jew is victorious over the peoples of the world, his crown will be the funeral wreath of mankind and this planet will—as it once did for millions of years—move through the ether devoid of men.”

    Beautiful and sacred words from our Fuhrer indeed ! The jewish doctrine of marxism has already triumped on this earth and it happened on 1945. Humanity has cross the rubicon since 1945, there is nothing more to be saved and restored, the downward motion and velocity of degeneration have increased at a frightening rate in the last few decades( It will be much more so in the next few decades to come). At that’s left will be a mish mash of billions and billions of two legged miscegenated bio-trash, civilization as we know it will be cast into the fire of judgement. But above all, the end of this “humanity” will be a just and righteous thing, it will be a the dawn of a new golden Ehrean age and appropriate ending( and beginning).

    • delendaestziobot

      Yes, humanity is a resource in decline, its future is undoubtedly that of “bio-trash”, bio-trash man is the future, and that is the way the world has been going for millions of years. Mein Kampf is the first Great Work on the Science of Individuation – “The Strong are Strongest When Alone”….”My Struggle”, that is a personal pronoun…If Nature and Her masses cannot live up to the power inherent in the Individual than She is destroyed, or worse….

  • Oiyehue-Yepun

    Our beautiful South America knows much about Racial Sin. As Don Serrano would say South America is the daughter of masonic and catholic ideas. Our beautiful Huitramannaland, land full of mysteries, has been systematically destroyed, bastardization propagated and coloured peoples taken as great men and women. Now the whole human world watches the “glories” of miscegenation and bastardization. Only a few prisoners can overcome the threats of jewish-mullato world. Only the Son of the Widower can fulfil the path of A-Mor.

  • Ironage

    Utter physical destruction of the hu-man race at this point would be a welcome remedy to the extreme genetic vandalism and spiritual violence that has been commited against the ‘Races’ by the eternal enemy of UR-riginal purity. The target is, and always was, the Ehrean bloodlines; The unseen blue life force that flows through our astral capillaries, bonding and uniting us beyond the physical confines of the enemy’s most virulent weapon: Society.

    • delendaestziobot

      Just as a matter of semantics; “genes” don’t exist, and there are no “bloodlines”. In human propagation there is no blood passed from parent to embryo. Genes are imagined units, just like atoms are imagined units, “ghostly particles that are invisible”, but magically appear in University Laboratories under special conditions, we call this “smoke and mirrors” in other words. “Genes”, imagined by scientists sponsored by Jonas Salk and friends, are based on the imagined “Gemmules” of Charles Darwin, one could say “Elves” in other words, because it is mere fantasy. Gemmules are the imagined invisible particles which are assumed to control hereditary traits, this is given an anachronistic basis in research with the “rediscovery” of Gregor Mendel in 1900, which means there was no Gregor Mendel until he was “rediscovered”. The abstract “Gemmules” or invisible Elves, are said to be carried in the blood, hence “bloodlines” determine physical hereditary characterises, the fact is that humans have no idea as to how hereditary traits are passed on in human propagation, but that does not stop them from pretending that they do know. With this the entire concept of physical human “Races” falls apart, and also the entire history of humankind, obliterated, LOL…..

      Ehrean Bloodline is indeed Astral, our Blood is our own, bequeathed to us by ourselves alone, it has no biological relationship to our parents, or to a “Race”, or a “Family” or a “Society” or a “Nation” or a “people” or a “tribe or a “clan”, or fucking whatever!

  • Jason Thompkins

    AKA – Let the meek inherit this world for the bounty of Heaven belong to the Proud.

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