Paris Attacks?

There were no attacks on Paris, nobody died, there were no terrorists. There were shots fired and some explosions by gun and ammunition corporations and this was shown on television and written about in newspapers and on the internet, and now I am writing about it, which suits their cause also. “The world is a stage”….Most of the images shown today on television have been recorded before, months ago, years ago, they show them now as “proof”, they are just some images from thousands of images pre-recorded, images waiting to be shown to the masses. The problem is that I am not from the masses, that is the problem, that has always been the problem, the masses are the masses and that is constant and unchanging, they accept whatever they are shown, I do not. The fact that I am in the masses and yet I do not accept what I am shown is my problem, it is not the problem of the masses. The masses are unchanging, I change, that is the difference. We wrote in our latest book that we are transformers, that we change, that is because we are conscious, the masses are not conscious, they are robots. The robots are programmed to accept and project an illusion, they all contribute to this illusion that we the conscious see, the illusion is not real to us because reality is an illusion. This is nothing new but has been happening for thousands of years. As our consciousness increases so do the illusions. Very few will understand this…In fact I have an actual number for how many will understand this and it is very few. The illusions are not produced for my sake they are produced for the masses, there is no comprehension that I could exist in the masses. It is an impossibility.  There is no consciousness of the images, the images are manufactured by a Super Computer – see “Third Reich Pilgrim”. The Super Computer – “The Digital Messiah”, see Serrano, is now producing the images. The Super Computer has been programmed to produce that which is known to it; a cycle, but ever diluting, of cyclic images reducing. Eventually, given enough time, the images will end, but they increase in number because their potency reduces. Tigers decrease in number but cane-toads increase. Energy dissipates, it reduces, but multiplicity is the way in which nature achieves it’s end of dilution. Nature dilutes and dissipates. So the Digital Messiah increases its false images, multiplying them with less and less effect, falsity and therefore ugliness increase exponentially in this false world and this cannot be stopped. Explosion will increase as implosion decreases. Our way is of implosion, in opposition the world’s explosion. However the world does not want to explode, it wants to conserve what it has, therefore it feigns explosion, pretending to itself while it explodes, because it wants nothing other than to be what it is. While we want nothing other than to be what it is not. We do not want to conserve, but we want to implode into that which is not of this world. Everything we endure is towards this end of implosion into another world. I have been around a time or two and I know the way this ends, pain does not decrease the feeling of Eternity which contrasts so dramatically with life, death is the Eternity designed by us to overcome life, it is our trump card, our ace we throw down in the hole, we got them beat, I got the shadow overcoming, I got Green Lightning beating in my veins, I got a blood unseen, I got blood unknown, but to a few, only a Hyperborean Ehrean knows the feeling, invincible, a winning hand of ultimate destruction, courtship with the dead, skeleton song until the end , ceremony with the dead Nazi’s who came before me, kissing the dead in a cold sea, lost to this world, missing the ones who came before me, the smoke of my fire unseen, a warning sign to those who have never been….

5 responses to “Paris Attacks?

  • aufihrhelden

    I’ll ‘coin a phrase’ as it were – ‘The Zionist Masses’ : so when someone points out, for example, ‘Why is the top of that newspaper that I can see from the pictures of this false flag attack dated nearly eighteen months ago ?’, nothing happens. Zion doesn’t realise that the masses are, well, Zionist ! As if they could get anywhere without the masses. The whole world is a school playground where the stupid bully remains. Zion believes that it forms part of some exclusive club but, in reality, the spiteful, hateful masses lead Zion by the hand. ‘Look, the little fat lad’s got his hand in the biscuit barrel again, let’s humour him, let’s pretend we don’t realise, he’ll grow up like us anyway.’

    Hence :

    • M:G

      That’s the same worn out strategies of information control, illusion, fabrication and falsification impose on the robotic masses by agents of zion. The paris attacks is a diversion, a nebulous smokescreen, the spiritually dead ziobotic herd take everything they seen on jewtube and newspapers as truth, all we need is the divine and transmuting light of the ehrean, that will burn away every lies, that will banish zion and their hordes of ziobotic zombies forever and eternally.

  • oregoncoug

    The Matrix of Zion is collapsing into itself. The Official Narrative becomes absurd beyond belief. So the mercenaries of Zion are attacking Zion so that the wage slaves of Zion currently being genocided by Zion must war against the opponents of Zion in order to protect genocidal Zion against genocide by its own mercenary puppets? Whatever.

    Meanwhile back on Gerda we contemporary National Socialists, the Ehrean Esoteric Hitlerists, are free to make our own future. As is said, let the Ziobot dead bury their own dead. The Matrix is consuming itself, the Juden are eating their own offal. May they continue to do so.

    There is something different this time, something to cheer the Warriors of National Socialist Hitlerism. What is radically different this time around the Eternal Return is that Our Father in Valhalla, Adolf Hitler, has gutted the Judaic Anglo-Zionist Matrix. (The seemingly inexplicable events at Dunkirk were decisive in making this happen.) The undead Matrix is finally dead, in complete putrifaction. We should laugh the fake Matrix to scorn and give it what it needs most: Silver bullets in its dead corpse heart and head.

    A new day dawns and the Dawnlight of Lucifer shines ever more brightly for us. Therefore let this dark Judaised world rot in its own Judaic sewage. Good riddance to them.

  • Oiyehue-Yepun

    The Second Law of Thermodynamics shows us how stupid and ugly the Jewish media is. Yesterday there was a broadcast comparing “Paris attacks” to German occupation in WWII, using videos of German soldiers marching. They even try to sell the most honoured army as terrorists! The noble German man! This could only be work of Jewish lies, uncreative and untrue. I imagine how the masses loved the comparison, in a herd-like behaviour. Illusion is not only their will, but their need. Humans do not need any wars, they just want to believe in images, opinions and global media. Human work is incapable to create and to implode, thus The Digital Messiah will soon end up motionless. Let the Jews and the White Traitors consume their bastardized anti-blood.

  • delendaestziobot

    Yes, the question we must ask ourselves, in regard to these theatrical events is: who benefits most by conducting these theatrical media events, these media driven false flags, these illusions that are manufactured, who benefits, cui bono? “Cui bono”, is who ever benefits most from the crime is most likely to be the perpetrator. First look at the terminology and its associations; beginning with – “gunfire”, “explosions”, “bombs”, “deadly attacks”, ending with – gunfire, explosions, bombs, deadly attacks, there is one thing in common it is – gunfire, explosions, bombs = deadly attack….There were bombs, and response is more bombs….”dem bombing us, we bomb ’em back now with more bigger bombs, more good.”
    Now that is the logic, and it leads to gun and munitions companies, the companies that supply military hardware, that is who benefits. Oh and Insurance companies, and media companies and, well all companies, real AAA double plus good companies. The Judaic Zionist Anglo Matrix with its primitive explosive technology now has a computer that writes the fictional narratives that endorse its primitive explosive technology…The humans are only props now, its about all they can do now if they don’t work for the military or in insurance; get a job as a crises actor, get a job as an extra in a “terrorist media hoax”, that’s like a good career start these days for a Ziobot puppet with an expensive University degree! Compare this with 9/11, no comparison, a totally different event, not organised by humans or computers. The computer generated narratives that emerge on and after 9/11 (fake planes, computer generated graphics, photo-shopping) are so poor in design and execution, there was a media cover-up on 9/11, but it was not a media designed event, not a designed hoax, when two of the largest buildings in the world disappear in the middle of New York, that’s no hoax….And 9/11 does not show the marks of the familiar suspects, there is a extra-human, extra-terrestrial mark to 9/11 that is intriguing…

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