Poetry break

I am a wreck,

I am unprotected,

I am parted from you,

I am departed from the star I once knew,

I can’t replace you,

I only see something black and blue.

Oh my baby, I can’t replace you,

Oh baby, my eyes are closed,

My bones are broken and muscles torn,

Remembering when we were two.

This Vimana won’t fly

My Vimana won’t ever fly without you.

Been around and around again,

Over mountains, across seas,

To Gerda once again.

This Vimana won’t fly

My Vimana won’t ever fly without you

This knowledge is without change,

I can’t change without you,

Baby I once knew you,

Before I was born we were two,

You don’t remember but I do,

When we were two.

Been to extremes, broke bars,

I smashed stars, crashed cars,

And now I am all scars, my baby.

Baby remember my Vimana

My Vimana won’t fly

My Vimana won’t ever fly without you.

Lying low, secluded, alone again,

These amores tear at my heart,

When we are together, when we are apart,

Can’t replace what I have stolen,

With ghosts from a dream kingdom,

These amores, these statues, these words,

Dead to me, without you,

My Vimana won’t fly

My Vimana won’t ever fly again without you.

6 responses to “Poetry break

  • Ironage

    Powerful words kamerad. Great work!

    In Loyalty. 88

  • Jason Thompkins

    Great pain makes the most beautiful longing and nostalgia. Good work!

  • oregoncoug


    Archaic, wild and savage forces of nature associated with the primal urge to power embodied in the Wrathful Deities, especially in Vidar, the God of Vengeance. The primoridal infant self, the beginnings of the urge to power, in both its creative and destructive forms. The powers of the Infinite, the Shining Ones, the Destroyers of Death, the limitless destroyers of the limits fatally imposed on everything by the One.


  • delendaestziobot

    This is a lyrical poem, a song, archaic and most wild, it was sung in my head and I just wrote it down, I’m not a musician so I cant’ write down the music to it, but it had music that accompanied it….It was like a pop song, archaic and savage in other words, or rather pop songs are like this. The words in this song are thus more expressed as articulation and meter for the musical composition, which of note, in musical composition, there is an original eternal form, which is endlessly repeating in various reduced forms – the better the song composition the closer it is the original primal source of all musical forms, whom is a God, a God divided. The inspiration of this song is Wagnerian Ehrean Esoteric Hitlerism

  • laudorosa

    “You don’t remember but I do” Amazing, I almost cried when reading this. Amor is cold, so very cold. So cold that only pure ever-rising Aryan fury can conquer it.

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