Delenda contra Nietzsche. Part I

“My formula for greatness in man is amor fati: the fact that a man wishes nothing to be different, either in front of him or behind him, for all eternity. Not only must the necessary be borne, and on no account concealed, – all idealism is falsehood in the face of necessity, – but it must also be loved.” – Nietzsche, Ecce Homo.

This is of course mere copying of the Latin phrase amor fati – “love of fate”. There is nothing original in Nietzsche’s writing, like Houstan Stewart Chamberlain pointed out, Nietzsche never had one original idea of his own, he borrowed and stole everything, which is why his god is Dionysus.

What does the Wagnerian, Adolf Hitler, write about idealism: “Were it not for idealism, all faculties of the intellect, even the most brilliant, would be nothing but intellect itself, a mere external phenomenon without inner value, and never a creative force….Without being conscious of it, the purest idealism is always associated with the most profound knowledge.”  –  Mein Kampf. In every instant Hitler can be contrasted with Nietzsche, one is Aryan and one is Jewish. The Aryan is discerned by his idealism, but the Jew is discerned by his distinct lack of idealism. Serrano would say that the Jew has a purely rational intellect, and that the Jew is simply devoid of all self-sacrificing sentiments. And Hitler would say that it is only with Aryan self-sacrifice that the world receives a creative force. Again Nietzsche has no creative force, he borrows from what he finds, like Dionysus was originally a thief, and Dionysus, the bibulous cynic, is Nietzsche’s god. This constant adoration of the mythological deity of Dionysus is a total dissimulation because Nietzsche is an atheist, how typically Jewish.

Hitler describes the Jew as having a “tenacious will-to-survive”. I would say the same, the Jew has a remarkable will to self-preservation, to the conservation of its self. Nietzsche would call this “will to power”, not his own idea, it is just the natural Jewish instinct, one can see it everywhere in action.

“I cannot remember ever having exerted myself, I can point to no trace of struggle (kampf) in my life; I am the reverse of a heroic nature.”  –  Nietzsche, Ecce Homo

Sometimes the Jew with his rational intellect can be very accurate in self analysis, like Nietzsche is here, very frank, blunt. I would contrast this, Nietzsche’s disclosure in Ecce Homo, with all of Hitler’s Mein Kampf! And what more can I add? Hitler and Nietzsche, even when Nietzsche is being candid, are opposed on everything!

Nietzsche has no concept of the “after-life”, no concept of the “Beyond”, no concept of the “soul”, no concept of “truth”, no concept of “eternal life”. He scoffs at the like, referring to such values as nonsense, Nietzsche condemns such values. “All those things which mankind has valued with such earnestness heretofore are not even real; they are mere creations of fancy, or, more strictly speaking, lies born of evil instincts of diseased and, in the deepest sense noxious natures – all concepts, “God, “soul”, “virtue”, “sin”, “Beyond”, “truth, “eternal life”…But the greatness of human nature, its “divinity”, was sought for in them.”  –   Nietzsche, Ecce Homo.

I am quoting Ecce Homo (Behold the Man), because Nietzsche is revealing himself in autobiographical form. Ecce Homo, the title, is of course borrowed from the Latin Bible! Ecce Homo is the Christ, Sacrificed! Nietzsche does not believe in the self sacrifice of divinity, but he has no qualms about using the terms ascribed to it for his own contradictory cause, which is the very definition of dissimulation, which is the very nature of the Jew. But Hitler wrote that self sacrifice, and belief in divinity, belief in an afterlife, belief in the immortality of the Aryan soul, are fundamental beliefs of the Aryan. In contrast to the Jew who believes all such things to be nonsense. The Jew does not believe in a Judgement either, and therefore believes that morals are nonsense. Nietzsche writes: “I obey my Dionysian nature, which knows not how to separate the negative deed from the saying of yea. I am the first immoralist, and in this sense I am essentially the annihilator.” –  Ecce Homo. He is not the first immoralist though, that’s just boasting, chutzpah, Nietzsche, thoroughly immoral, is not the first immoralist. For Nietzsche the spirit of Negation and annihilation are inseparable from “yea-saying life”, which is of course a contradiction. But Nietzsche is always consistently contradictory, which makes challenging him very difficult, and its the reason why he has got away with what he has for so long….This is why Nietzsche can say “we Argonauts of the ideal”, or “we free spirits” without any consciousness that this is in total contradiction to his entire so called “philosophy”.

“The Germans have not the faintest idea of how vulgar they are – but this in itself is the acme of vulgarity, they are not even ashamed of being merely Germans. They will have their say in everything, they regard themselves as fit to decide all questions; I fear that they have decided about me. My whole life is essentially a proof of this remark. In vain have I sought among them for a sign of tact and delicacy towards myself. Among the Jews I did indeed find it, but not among the Germans.” –  Nietzsche, Ecce Homo

Nietzsche seeks company amongst Jews, rightly so, they are of his same nature, and he states it in no uncertain terms.

And with that I will end Part I of my polemic against Nietzsche.

4 responses to “Delenda contra Nietzsche. Part I

  • aufihrhelden

    The Wagnerian Adolf Hitler … Ah Yes … The Two Greatest Men That Ever Lived.

  • oregoncoug

    At last the Great Anti-Wagner is bashed and the honour of Wagner defended. Nietzsche the half-Jew pygmy and Wagner the Nordic Giant. Men are indeed not born equal.

    Nietzsche received inspirations from Wagner he neither wanted nor was able to survive. Seeing the superiority of Wagner through years of close intimacy and his own glaring inferiority to Wagner reflected everywhere around him eventually drove Nietzsche into a madhouse to the end of his life. And something very like this is going to be the history of the 21st Century. The miserable human race can not escape intimate familiiarity with the Esoteric Hitlerists, is receiving inspirations from us that they neither want nor can survive and are soon to be driven into the outer darkness forever blinded by the glorious glare of Adolf Hitler and His Sons reflected inescapably everywhere around them no matter where they turn.

    The human race is entering into its own terminal Nietzschean madness, fleeing with all their might from the Hitlerist Hounds of Heaven, the Werewolfen, whose mere presence on earth must drive the humans to tear themselves to pieces with the all-consuming hatred and envy they feel for Our Father and His Sons.

    Therefore the human race must decrease into dim shadows while the Hitlerist Nazis must increase into the everlasting power and glory of immortal Sons of the Ehrean God. Much like we must recognise the smallness of Nietzsche to see clearly the inconceivable immensity that is Richard Wagner.

  • blutsun

    “I hate wise men because they are lazy, cowardly, and prudent. To the philosophers’ equanimity, which makes them indifferent to both pleasure and pain, I prefer devouring passions. The sage knows neither the tragedy of passion, nor the fear of death, nor risk and enthusiasm, nor barbaric, grotesque, or sublime hero- ism. He talks in proverbs and gives advice. He does not live, feel, desire, wait for anything. He levels down all the incongruities of life and then suffers the consequences. So much more complex is the man who suffers from limitless anxiety. The wise man’s life is empty and sterile, for it is free from contradiction and despair. An existence full of irreconcilable contradictions is so much richer and creative. The wise man’s resignation springs from inner void, not inner fire. I would rather die of fire than of void.” — Emil Cioran


  • Jason Thompkins

    Heil! To go beyond God, beyond all Gods. To stand proudly in the brightest midday, during the hottest Summer Solstice, and have nothing, not no thing, to hide. To be an Immortal Ehrean. Glimmering in the stars of a Universe created from his own galloping fruition into Absolute Man. We only know One Way. Forward and Upward. May it Be!

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