The Forsaken Few

By Kamerad Dan

I belong to a small cadre of initiates. Some still belong to this world, most do not. Admittedly, the stuff I write here is not popular, it has very little meaning outside a small circle of people. It is, as I have said in the past, the forgotten wisdom of the forsaken few. Those who understand its importance don’t intellectually grasp it, they intuitively feel it. The human intellect sees only a very tiny portion of reality, its basest part.

A few years ago, when writing publically was an obsession of mine, I did not like or appreciate criticism of any kind. These days I simply don’t care about my ideas being criticized or even if they are accepted by the roughly 100-200 people a day that read them. Out of these I suspect only 2 or 3 have any real use for them. I am not complaining about it, I am simply making an observation. The old perceptions of existence that were put into tidy cosmological boxes mean nothing to me now. Truth is conveyed far better by analogies and even myths, that’s how it has always been. This is why myths last for ages.

While many writers on these topis feign esoteric knowledge, 99% of them have never been truly initiated. Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, and OTO don’t count. Most of these perpetrators read books they buy from Amazon, they spew out what they have read or seen on Youtube, and suddenly they are professors at Hogwarts. I don’t buy any of it and neither should you. I have read such terrible advice given by esoteric internet scholars over the years that I am shocked that more poor souls haven’t killed themselves. I am still trying to figure out if this “internet” thing is a blessing or a curse. I lean toward the latter.

I believe that I am strange, even awkward when it comes to how my personality functions and develops in this domain. I have always been strange in this manner. When I was young I was overly-sensitive to things going on around me. This often caused me to be very violent when someone got in my way. At one point I was looking at very serious prison time for a violent encounter that occurred when I became a legal adult. This made me seek out people and ideas that were different, and even somewhat extreme.

Even now I am an admirer of what people would think strange. I admire Miguel Serrano and believe his work represents a powerful initiatic current of extreme importance. I was friends with Bruce Carroll Pierce who I considered my personal mentor shortly before his death in 2010. On a stranger note still, I believe that there is a race of Aryans living outside of space and time who have completed the journey of divine individuation and are immortal emissaries who are greater than the capricious gods of the past. These Aryans (sometimes called Nordics) are in many cases piloting UFO’s and will communicate with certain people. To boot, I see in ancient paganism as well as in Christianity, the story of dying to mundane human life, overcoming it, and resurrection into godhead. This is also the story of Mithraism and the meaning behind its symbolism. This is the very crux of all initiation. I still believe that the only valid path is necessarily an extreme one. All else is just pretend. An old friend once told me that if you are not a wild-eyed zealot for what you believe in then what’s the sense in believing in anything?

These sorts of things do not fly today in modern society because people believe what the social currents tell them to believe. I challenge you to ask a person what initiation is and watch the blank stare these dead people give you. All that was great has been largely forgotten by dying humanity. Evil is now good and good is now evil. It no longer amazes me that an inversion of truth has taken place. I do not nor have I ever belonged to this world or the currents that course through it. For this reason it always felt natural for me to be contrary to everything that was “modern” and common. Even hipster religions like discordianism, neognosticism and synchro-mysticism represent “this world” currents. They are as worthless as any religion out there.

recently I was engaged in a conversation with a small group of people. A friend of mine brought up flat earth research. Inside this small group was a Christian man who one could rightly say is a “fundamentalist”. As the conversation went on I could see him growing agitated. When I asked him if he was ok, he began to visibly shake and get upset at the very thought that people could be lied to on such a massive scale. I simply added that the Bible teaches flat earth and a firmament upon which are the “waters above”. It was simply too much for him to handle. Human beings are fundamentally trapped in this world whether they believe or not. Most of them are going to die here and never escape because their ideas bind them so securely to the earth. They cannot entertain the possibility that Adolf Hitler was possibly the “good guy” or that NASA has lied to us, or even that there is much more to the human individual than blood and marrow.

It is easy for a person to claim they are free when they have never actually experienced freedom. Today people are quite careless with words, especially in America which is filled to the brim with arrogant, narcissistic know-it-alls. If you are uninitiated and have been born in the last 90 years, you don’t know freedom. Now when I use terms like “Aryan God” I do not mean this in any anthropomorphic way. The Aryan God of Infinity is that ultimate living freedom, a freedom we cannot know until we learn to break out of the intellectual traps that have been set for the modern mind. These traps don’t just kill you once, they murder you twice. First they take your body, then your soul.

Jacob Boehme, Carl Jung, and particularly Miguel Serrano are essentially giving us the same initiatic teaching. God is the great going forth of a terrible infinite freedom that no words can express. No vain intellectualizing of profane men can hold onto him or understand. We are charged by this freedom to endure a phase of extreme flux, which tries us in the fires of life. From there we learn to reconcile these opposing forces in ourselves and become not only individuals, but crystallized reflections of this freedom. We become the Divine Anthropos (Kristos, Wotan). If we fail to become whole, our individuality face dissolution into the elements. If we succeed, we become individuated Gods. We also become a terrible going forth of infinite and primordial freedom – albeit in a more fractal form. This freedom is not to be an amoral pig or Crowley-esque shit-eater, there are far greater vistas out there than sex and social mores. We are going to have life more abundantly, life with even greater meaning.

One might argue that I am also putting a cosmology in a box. On the surface it does appear so. However, my written words are not gospel. I do understand the diabolical deception of human language and use it only as a necessary evil for those who will one day take this much further. A man of wisdom is not always a kind and compassionate being. It is very important to not confuse sentimentality with truth. Wisdom can often be very detached from this world. It can be incredibly harsh as Bodhidharma, that blue-eyed devil, revealed to those brave souls courageous enough to follow him. The currents of modernity have created a soft-intellectual knowledge of things and not a hard-earned wisdom. In all of this, the most important thing to remember is that if you have not suffered for your wisdom, it is not real.

2 responses to “The Forsaken Few

  • Ironage

    Another excellent article Kamerad Dan, many thanks for your vanguard work.

    In Loyalty. HH.

  • Jason Thompkins

    Brilliance. I relate this post in many ways. For those few Initiates who have tasted the Supra-human or can see it on the horizon, it is a blessing to be able to see another “Immortal” by route of the enemies tool. This is why I also use Faceberg as a place to defiantly make posts directed to those who can hear. I shall use the tool of the enemy and strangle him with it. I can’t stand those “all too important” people who think they are “beyond Faceberg.” Facebook is a tool we should be using to defiantly blast our Word, among words, to the pre-destined.

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