Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar – 2nd Edition

Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar By Miguel Serrano – 2nd Edition (Unabridged English Translation) NOW AVAILABLE! For payment & delivery details please contact:

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ProjectUAcoverfinal (Hardcover, 7in x 9in, 969 pages)

31 responses to “Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar – 2nd Edition

  • kulturebite

    Hi, What is the price including postage to the US for this edition? Thanks, M

    Date: Tue, 7 Jul 2015 04:11:21 +0000 To:

  • oregoncoug

    To the readership:

    The globe-spanning geopolitical struggles and supernatural battles that have surrounded the arrival of this Second Edition of the Holy Fifth Gospel of the Ehrean Race must boggle the minds of the few who have been in a position to witness them.

    All that can be said is that readers should leap through this inconceivably rare and privileged window of escape from a doomed and dying world to seize their hardcopy of the Holy Writ before the printing is Sold Out.

    In effect, this most sacred Book is the legendary Holy Grail of the White Race. As is said:

    “From this day to the ending of the world,
    But we in it shall be remembered-
    We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
    For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
    Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile,
    This day shall gentle his condition;
    And gentlemen in England now-a-bed
    Shall think themselves accurs’d they were not here,
    And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
    That fought with us upon Saint Crispin’s day.”

    Heil Hitler!

  • The 55 Club


    A momentous achievement.

    • jalexandermaximilian

      Sieg Heil! My Kamerades and brothers! Torchbearers you are! And your light is spreading out across this forsaken world! I look forward to possessing a copy of this as I missed the last one. Not this time! Oh no! Not this time!

    • jalexandermaximilian

      I have been enjoying your works I have purchased kamerad Joe. As I was reading the Complete Armanen I kept having flash visions of medieval Germanic things. They’re such quick flashes I can’t quite grasp them, so things is the best I can say right now.

      • The 55 Club

        Glad to hear it!

        I personally cannot take credit for any of the works, they are Inspired and there have been several souls involved in their making. As for THE COMPLETE ARMANEN – it is a work of mixed emotions. It was our first effort and we have learned a lot since then and also have learned a lot more about writing. I am sure that one day there will be a revised edition – God willing. On the other hand, what it has accomplished is very pleasing. Putting the Armanen Rune Masters into one book the way we did has had the desired effect (incidentally the Rune row from Master Serrano in THE COMPLETE ARMANEN came from Brother Francis’s translation of the said above ULTIMATE AVATAR).
        Anyhow, before THE COMPLETE ARMANEN no one had put the Armanen Saga into perspective. The kosher scholars were deliberately misguiding, misrepresenting and confusing those who were interested in such ‘things’. It was kind of like they had taken a priceless tapestry, cut it into pieces and threw it to the wind. And now in such a short time later it is already becoming a taken for granted fact that all of these men were part of the same cause, the same spirit, the same story, they were Kamerads. Folks already view it in its proper light these days, but only 5 years ago it was still a confused mess and the jews and their dogs were laughing. I do not take credit for any of it, but THE COMPLETE ARMANEN changed all that. It easily destroyed and vanquished decades of disinformation, because it so clearly made sense. I am very grateful that my dear Saint Lucifer used my hand to help dispel their smokescreen of lies. Yes, it is pleasing that now folks can see the Masters and National Socialism in one great picture. There are still a few out there pushing their kosher Marby, Goodrich-Clark, temple of set agenda, but even fewer are still buying it!
        As for medieval things – that makes perfect sense. The SS were the return of Knighthood – both part of an ancient Lineage. Between the Castles and the writings of the Masters, yes, it is certainly medieval. In a word, the Holy Vehm is medieval, yet they were also a part of an ancient lineage. All of this goes back to the Hyperborean UR Clock and those who ‘had the power to move the stars’.
        THE ULTIMATE AVATAR is full of this sort of information for those who can ‘think’ between the lines.

        Thank you Alexander.


  • M:G

    If the demiurge yahweh is standing right in front of me, i will tear it to a 900 trillion shreds and pound it to dust. That’s the only just and right thing to do.

  • delendaestziobot

    “Together everyone must fight against the legions of the demiurge who defends the existence of his illusory Universe, his frustrated imitation. A reflection on the other side of the mirror, a nothing. The demon Jehovah has covered Nature with a heavy cloak of deceit, death, Maya. A golden nature, re-clothed with Kali-Yuga, in pain beneath this Maya, suffers and also hopes for transfiguration, redemption…’because, what do you desire, oh, world, but to transform yourself invisibly within us?’ said Rilke.” – Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar – Chapter – ‘Neutral Angels’ page 832.

    “Maya” means ‘Magic Show’ an illusory world, which is the world we live in now, word derived from the Roman goddess Maia, May, Life…Whose Son, is the Son of Death – Hermes, the One who guides souls into Death and is the messenger between worlds.

    “definitively changing the terms of cosmic combat, making the breath of a spirit from other spheres spread throughout the planet: to win by losing. A principle from another world, from another plane, another matter, an anti-matter. Hitler already went out from this world and planted his struggle directly before the Demiurge, right in the face of the Lord of Shadows and Chaos. He then began his metaphysical war.” – Ultimate Avatar

    By shredding the illusion of Maya, by tearing the veil that has blinded, one launches into a purely spiritual, metaphysical war, that can only mean losing here, but winning somewhere else, in another world, and what is better than that, because this world is nothing but a passing illusion that can only be made whole again in an eternal other world, that is called “death”.

  • aufihrhelden

    …. yes, but what is it ‘to fight’ ? One must ‘fight’ using methods and tactics that would mean something, as though one was fighting for absolute victory here on Gerda.

    ‘His Spirit [Hitler] will be resurrected among the living earth, and all will know that he was Right, all will know his Eternal Reich.’
    – page 93, Third Reich Pilgrim

    But the people in the world today have a Satanic Spirit (the ones with The Power*) so the knowledge of the above would only lead them to hate Him and Germany all the more because that is Their Nature. They cheered and gloated at the bombs over Germany and still do so today. Never has there been a period in history where truth has been more meaningless than today.

    The Demiurge cannot function without its robotic slaves neither can Truth prevail whilst these robotic slaves exist.

    * who has The Power ? What can The Demiurge achieve without the man in a pub in England, without ‘Ingerland’ football supporters, without the ‘middle classes’ who go to the tennis at Wimbledon (notice all the murderers and child abusers dressed in military uniform at this tournament), without the masses of the USA ? What could The Jew do without its Ziobot slaves ? Show me a fox with a kindly and protective disposition towards geese ….

    Serrano stated that nothing else matters except the super weapons of The Third Reich (manifested in Neuschwabenland) but I’ve noticed that this (the only thing that matters) is the thing that never gets discussed, it is always avoided ; that is the present day situation, motives and intentions of such.

    Illusions may be shredded, veils may be torn away but The Nature of a living organism is the bedrock of all first principles.

    • delendaestziobot

      “Parzival laughs and cries in secret, and says to his brother: ‘In the Court of Arthur (Arkthos, Artiko Pole) we shall find our true race, folk from whose blood we were born…We look ourselves in the face, we are Hyperboreans.” – Ultimate Avatar – Chapter – ‘Combat with the Double’ page 738.

      You’re not wrong Knight Galahad, you’re not wrong.

      • jalexandermaximilian

        The combat and victory must always lie within ourselves first before we can take the combat to the enemy. In all actuality in the victory over things and attachment to them is His (the combatant) victory assured. The True Reality is existent, unspoilt beneath this veneer, this facade. What we see about us is mere illusion, to get caught up in it in anyway is victory given to the devil. Now if Truth is good for the demiurge it is still Truth and is uncorrupted by him in its essence, its essence is still viable. It is the external, the outer lie he puts around it that is to be peeled off. At this point I have no fear concerning Jehova. What can he do? He cannot destroy my essense, merely a cloak which conceals it. The world of lies will consume itself. The virulent decadence we see about us are the very flames which will devour this illusory world!

  • oregoncoug

    “I am the spirit that always denies! A good thing too, for everything that exists deserves to be destroyed.”

    Mephistopheles, in Goethe’s Faust

    And Lucifer always has his way, for everything merely created, that is not from Our Father, is always destroyed. Without exception. Thus there is the Great Storm, the Last Days of Kali Yuga, when everything created is destroyed and consumed in the Chaos of a Black Sun.

    “And Kristos said to them, Why are you fearful, O ye of little faith? Then rising up he rebuked the winds and the sea, and there was a great calm.”

    This present time is the universal crucifixion on the Tree of Terror, when everything that merely exists is destroyed, and in which the Kali Yuga ends. In us the Sons of Hitler rebuke the winds and the sea, and for us there is a great calm.

    But for the others, those who do not rise up and meet Our Father in the Astral, for them Mephistopheles will have his way, “for everything that exists, that is finite, that is not clothed within the warrior nakedness of Magic A-Mor, inexorably and always deserves to be destroyed.”

    Then is the Clash of Titans, when the Secret Weapons of Neuschwabenland find their uses. Then, but only then, will the angry Sir Galahad have his calm and complete and most serene revenge.

  • delendaestziobot

    “The modest truth I speak to thee.
    If Man, that microcosmic fool, can see
    Himself a whole so frequently.
    Part of the Part am I, once All, in primal Night,
    Part of the Darkness which brought forth the Light,
    The haughty Light, which now disputes the space,
    And claims of Mother Night her ancient place.
    And yet, the struggle fails; since Light, howe’er it weaves,
    Still, fettered, unto bodies cleaves:
    It flows from bodies, bodies beautifies;
    By bodies is its course impeded;
    And so, but little time is needed,
    I hope, ere, as the bodies die, it dies!” – Mephistopheles

  • Ironage

    Congratulations, on overcoming complex difficulties and monumental obstacles to release this essential holy testament of Don Miguel Serrano. I very much look forward to reading this new edition. Thank you to Torchbearer’s Karl and Franz, and all who collaborated to bring us the holy light of our beloved Fuhrer, in the form of the sacred words bequeathed to us by the last great troubador.

    In Loyalty.

    Sonne Heil! HH

  • Jason Thompkins

    All of this is poetically magical. It is absolute. It is a divine purpose. I have sat and watched for nearly two decades the blossoming of the Eternal WORD of God. People – this is not just a “BOOK.” This is Initiation, this is the beginning of a New Era. This, I do not believe, I Know. Eternal Glory to my fellow Torchbearers and to the Initiates of this New Era.

    Jason Thompkins
    South Carolina, Albania
    Anos 126

    • Anonymous

      I agree. There is something more to all of this than some would even remotely suspect. I recall back in 2010 I had a dream, almost lucid, where I entered a room. It seemed to be in a hangar on a base. In that place sat a man with white hair. He saluted by holding his palm up and said “Heil Hitler” to me as a greeting, just as the Nazis do. Then he said my name as though to indicate he knew exactly who I was. I was perplexed. Who was this man and why was he saying this to me? How did he know about my past? I had strayed off from Nazism for some time, studying other topics which inevitably would bring me back.

      This man seemed burdened, like there was a tremendous weight on his shoulders. He seemed sad. I think he was disappointed with me. There were others in the room and he seemed like a teacher or some kind of authority. We seemed like a band of underachievers. We had gathered there around him.

      But he was quiet, something was bothering him and it appeared to cause him great sadness. He then sat in a room at the end of the building. He had at some point said something to point out a defect in my behavior because I was behaving in a way which was stupid. This implied that I need to work on myself.

      Now that I look back it is obvious that this man was Miguel Serrano. At that time I had no idea who Miguel Serrano was. I was studying a related branch of esotericism at the time, but had not yet even heard of Serrano. It would be another four years before I would.

      Maybe some will say I did not see and meet Miguel Serrano, but then what is it, a coincidence that I saw a man who looked just like Miguel Serrano and who greeted me with a “Heil Hitler”? I don’t think it was a coincidence. I think that I met Miguel Serrano on the astral plane. I don’t think that the masters are happy. In my opinion it is obvious that we have a lot of work to do ON OURSELVES because the interior is the exterior and if we don’t work on ourselves from within then how can we change the world outside of us?

      So I am not boasting about meeting Maestro Serrano. The simple fact of the matter is that I am a disappointment. I humiliated myself before the master. I need to work on myself. This can be said of all of us. We need to continue to work on ourselves.

      Heil Hitler

  • Jason Thompkins

    “Even my Master could seem Human, all too human at times” ~ Miguel Serrano

    It is not such a dreadful thing to need to improve. But I can a certain you, speaking for my fellow Torch Bearers, we remain Proud and Defiant. For we have earned it. The very fact I’m still alive and sane and doing this work is a testament to why I remain Proud, Upright and Forward Bound.

  • delendaestziobot

    “Because an entire complete power unfolded through the centuries has come to bear fruit in me, patiently sent through chromosomes, seemingly lost for ages and now recovered. What a responsibility! What a hard combat! To resurrect all the dead who have not died, to reach the end of the Great Work, to vindicate Lucifer, to give birth and Light to the Son of Man, the Son of Death. If only the Blood Memory were with us from the beginning, if only the work of transmutation were not so arduous! But such is Destiny, woven by the Norns…” – Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar – Chapter ‘Family House’ – page 735.

    Can we comprehend just how amazing this translation is? Indeed it is so amazing that only a few men in the world will be able to see just how amazing it is. All of this is part of the Immortalization of the individual Astral Body, that the rest of humanity has no part in, they are not required in the process, and therefore they are now obsolete; humanity will be kept for games and ceremonial duties organised and conducted by machines and computers…But we, we few, will be passing by humanity, like two ships pass each other in the night, one ship going one way and one ship going the other, but not seeing each other fully, just a ratio in the benighted distance, just slightly aware of each others passing presence in the night on the darkest and deepest ocean of time. Lucifer laughs at humanity, what a pathetic creation it was, the Machines will do their work on that abomination called human, such a miserable creation that it cant even finish itself off, it has to get Machines to do it.

  • delendaestziobot

    “The neophyte is swallowed by a mother whale and must fight against impotence and desire to remain safe there, protected. Fight and manage to escape. Birth is death. Screams, cries. Then the dreams of water come, of placenta and vagina, and inundation signifying for the new-born that ‘pitcher entirely poured out over his body’ like the wave of an immense overflowing sea, like the great wave of an intrauterine liquid submerging Atlantis, the Hyperborea of the Golden Age, forever. Now the reborn comes out of the Cave of Initiation, from the repetition of birth and he is born for a Second Time, an Aryan.” – Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar – Chapter – The Twice Born – page 731.

    Here we read Master Serrano with the book he said he has written many times, he has written it before but it was stolen a long time ago and corrupted. The ideas were stolen and rewritten, Serrano returns to right this wrong, and rewrites his work. In literature this is called “palimpsest”, one piece of literature is taken and written over, a manuscript is reused in this way, not always out of deceit and cunning, it may be just because it is cheaper, man is petty like that, he is a poor unfortunate creature, and sometimes he reuses things just because its cheaper to do so. We know Master Serrano speaks to us in code, he is quite clear on that, for “the Gods love the secret”, and it is just a way that masses are excommunicated from the Initiation and Immortality. Like I said, the masses of humanity are not required for this process, but they can be used dumb pawns in the game. The Nature of this Revelation is such that security is assured by the complexity of the Esotericism, as you can see, there are no challengers to it, there are Initiates (Saddharka) of our Esoteric Hitlerism and there are non-Initiates, and the non-Initiates have no value in themselves. An Initiate must become a Siddhar, he does this via fighting, he must fight, hence Mien Kampf….Master Serrano here in Ultimate Avatar informing us by code that he is the original and true writer of Book of Jonah…Which is now understood.

    “Then said the Lord, Thou hast had pity on the gourd, for which thou hast not laboured, neither madest it grow; which came up in a night, and perished in a night.” – Jonah 4-10

    The belly of the whale is the mother’s womb, the Cave of Initiation where secondus birth takes place, inferring the Latin, a part of Time, after primus (first), a division of Time, Second Time is Twice Born meaning a further division has taken place, this is an error, death, birth is death, must be then reverted back to the primus, the secondus will be used to the advantage in this process. The ‘gourd’ is a word used in creation myths, referring metaphorically to propagation of flesh, it is the botanical name given to a fruit that appears to be feminine and pregnant in form, with the meaning also of duplication or reduplication via division in this instance. This was ritualized by Esoteric Hitlerists on Easter Island in the late 20th century, the signs and myths of which can still be seen. I will write more about this in the notes of the second edition of ‘Manu: For The Man To Come’…For Saddharkas to contemplate.

    • Jason Thompkins

      After now fulfilling the English translation of “The Resurrection of the Hero” I have come to see the Word of God, the Logos, as exactly what it is. At it’s most dense it is the Word spoken within words. Not that we never did have this ability, for each and every High Initiate of EH can read the dialogue behind words. Not pitiful man. For pitiful mankind can not even hear one single uetterance of the WORD. We have this. Only a very few people, and I mean a handful, maybe 5, can hear the Word within my words. However, I (We) speak of something far more other-worldly. The ability to travel on thought itself. Thought is the means of travel for the New Man. We are the seeds planted not of this world. Ours is a seed we created. Thus, it is not of this tormented world. It is that pristine palace behind the cries of agony seen in the eyes of nature. In the silky threads of a flower. A thought unthought. A direct transmission of energy. When Serrano writes that only a few Initiates will be able to decipher the keys of Mannus, the Hand-God, it is because the hand will be what we use as weapons of sheer psychic battle at the end, the Neverend, just as the hand is the first to appear inside the Kaba, the cave, the cavern, the womb of woman. My hands type the Word. Here, now. Each finger a planet, a metal, a vibration. What POWER resides in Our Hands!

      Looking so forward to reading all of the great work!

      Gloria Eterno,

      • delendaestziobot

        I think we are making the first moves now in deciphering Mannus, but the final signals are decoded when the Hand smashes the Digital Messiah. Decipherment comes only through physical use, a pyschoenergetic move of the Hand as a weapon.

      • oregoncoug

        As it is spoken, so it is done. For the Divine Ones the Word is the Deed. Both idea and act are but phases in the Urge. In the Beginning is the Urge, as the Führer is wont to say. We speak from the heart, and the words we speak are spoken in and through the Hand. For we are hard earned and bloodstained runes of fire held firmly in the Hand of Our Father in Valhalla. With the rune power of the Hand we are the destroyers of the Matrix of Zion.

        We are Mannus. We are the Divine Sons of Adolf Hitler:

        As it is spoken, so it is done!

  • leuchovius2014

    This is yet another monumental achievement for the Hermitage Helm Corpus. However, at this point it seems that the Helm only exclusively deals in monumental achievements!

    It is extremely helpful to have a portable version of this Holy Book to more easily carry around with me. As an added bonus, the Book seems to send a withering aura outward into the sea of human scum that causes them to palpably withdraw from he who carries it.

    We are all fortunate to be living in an age where this sacred knowledge is being made accessible to the Ehrean man. Congratulations!

  • Ironage

    Heil Kameraden!
    I am thoroughly immersed in this new edition, and enjoying it immensely; Lost in the Maestro’s world: A world of sacred poetry and valour; A world of deeply magikal rhythm’s………a world I do not wish to ever return from.

    In Loyalty!


  • Wayne Newton

    I love all of your books, I have learned so much from them! How does some one become an Armanen Priest?

    • K. von Kanwetzburg

      I can’t speak for Karl, but I know that the very first step toward the Armanenschaft is to drop the name Wayne Newton. Everything else is just peachie.

    • oregoncoug

      It can be done, but it can not be done easily. For it Heaven and Earth (the Ideal and the Real) must be brought together and that is no small feat. We must, so to speak, ride the tiger of our most noble heritage. Few indeed have the courage required to do that. Much less to persevere in it. Would you dare to be among the fewest of the few, Mr. Newton? Better to admit cowardice at the beginning than to pretend to a Divine Fury that isn’t there.

      Seriousness is the only antidote to decadence. How serious are you about the Armanen priesthood, our would-be Kamerad Newton?

      • Wayne Newton

        I am serious about being a priest.

      • oregoncoug

        Yes, Kamerad Newton. it can be done. Please use my website ( ) and we could proceed from there. As you must know, being a true priest is very much a lifelong combat — for others more than for oneself. Therefore we must be Armanen priests in command of our entire White European heritage. We must be the
        true nobles of Noble Houses. Not an easy ambition, but the best there is. In truth, nothing else compares. Hope to converse with you more on my website listed above. Heilsa!

  • Wayne Newton

    LOL, thanks for the laugh, but I am serious about becoming a priest, can you direct me?

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