The White Gods

Extracts from The White Gods – Part III: THE OTHER POLE, from the unabridged English translation of Miguel Serrano’s ADOLF HITLER: The Ultimate Avatar.

“Since the days of Hyperborea, the Nordic Viras reactivated their chakras, their runic centres, from above to below, the reverse of the Yoga of Patanjali that goes from below to above. They searched for the way out through the other Pole, thus availing themselves of SHE-HE, the feminine element, so to speak, of Maga-Priestess, Valkyrie, Woewre, at the South Pole.

In some way this repeats the extra-cosmic Drama and involution of the Yugas. The Foreign, Exiled, entering into the material Universe of the Demiurge through some hole, window or fold; by Sunya, the Black Sun, Window of Venus. His mantra is HAMSA. The Stranger is made prisoner of the Eternal Return and the involution of Demiurgic Yugas. He now repeats the process of reactivation of his chakras, in search of the Way Out that will free him. From above to below, from the Golden Age to the shadows of the Age of Iron. Thus one might think of a certain coincidence between Yugas and chakras. The Satya-Yuga or Golden Age coincides with the Sahasrara chakra whose mantra is SAHAM and plane the spiritual Other Sky; the Treta-Yuga or Silver Age with the Ajna chakra whose mantra is OM and plane or heaven the realm of mind; the Dwapara-Yuga or Bronze Age with the Visuda chakra whose mantra is HAM and plane or heaven the aether; the Kali-Yuga or Iron Age with the Anahata chakra whose mantra is YAM and plane or heaven the air. The last chakra coincides with the cardiac plexus. And we have thereby the truth that all this Dark Age has been ruled by the Judaic counter-initiation of the “Heart of Jesus the Jew”.

The circuit is completed when the exit, Sunya, Void of the Black Sun, with its mantra HAMSA, actually comes down here below, on the Other Pole, polus antarcticus, wedding the opposites. The Vira has become round. He is a Divya.

In Nordic Hyperborean Yoga the Rune Chakras are more numerous, and thereby able to coincide with the Sandhya and Sandhyansa, as well as with several sub-Yugas. The Manipura Chakra coincides with this interlude where, after the end of a Yuga, the “Expiration” and Will to Power finds its balance, goes through its Rechnung (See my book Nietzsche and the Dance of Shiva) contemplating itself: the Sandhya and Sandhyansa. The Manipura Chakra is like a Sangham, or rather a point of reunion of the rivers of the soul, in the solar plexus. Its mantra is RAM, its plane or heaven fire. And it is water and fire that put an end to a Yuga, to an Age. In the language of the Runes this centre is called Bebe-Brucke, “Rune Bridge”, “Quaking of the Runes”.

In the Runic Book of the Zohar fundamental importance is given to the Goten, or Goths. This word comes from Guie, “good” comes from God; Gut comes from Gott. The origin of the Goten is unknown to us (like the derivation of the Vanir and Aesir). We only know that around the year 800 BC they descended from the regions of south Sweden, from Jutland in Schleswig-Holstein and headed towards the eastern regions of Germany. History goes back to the island of Gotland (Land of God, of the Goten). But the Goths came from submerged Hyperborea, the true fatherland of God, of the Gods. They belonged to the most sacred tribe or community of the German Aryans. Their Twin-Kings conquered all of Europe and settled for centuries in Spain, coming now from the East, divided in two branches: Ostro-goten (Ostrogoths), Bright Gods, relucent like the South Pole, and Weisgoten (Visigoths), Wise Gods, like a God.

Between the years 150 and 484 of our Era the Goths conqueared and colonized the regions of Russia, southern Turkey, Austria, France and Italy with their Twin-King, Alarich. And finally in Spain. Languedoc was Visigoth land. Their Twin King, Geiserich, crossed Spain and went towards Africa where he founded a kingdom that succumbed with King Gelirrier, led the Wandalen, or Vandals.

The Goths, Weisgoten, carried a Treasure with them, a mysterious Stone on which was engraved the Law and Wisdom of the ancestors, a Luminous Tablet, a strange Power: the Gral. This Treasure was always taken safely through their battles and their defeats. Yet it never fell into the hands of the enemy. It was the Treasure of Hyperborea. Together with its secret guardians, it was never found. Until the SS recovered it in the caves of Sabarthe, near Montsegur, placing it into safekeeping on the Gralsburg of Berchtesgaden, where they were able to decrypt it. But that Treasure was only a part of the Gral. The most secret wisdom was transported, in so remote centuries, to the Other Pole. Now found again in the possession of the Esoteric Hitlerists, the present-day Weisgoten….

…America, Huitramannaland, Albania, their most ancient names, has always been the traditional home of the defeated, Luciferians, Hyperboreans, crushed by great cosmic catastrophes, or by the enmity of animal-men. She was their true Ark of the Flood, with the destruction of Lemuria, Gondwana, Atlantis, Hyperborea. Some White Gods followed in the footsteps of others, always suspecting their forbears had discovered there impregnable refuges, perhaps the entrances into the Hollow Earth among the Oases of Antarctica. First came the survivors of the destruction of the visible remnants of Hyperborea (those islands submerged in the Arctic according to professor Wirth), then Blond Libyans, Trojans, Vikings, Templars and recently the Esoteric Hitlerists. Survivors of the ultimate Great War. Their predecessors received those who arrived last. But only the initiated Guides could reach the secret shelters. Only the immortals would be received by the immortals. The remainder would have to remain on the surface, disintegrating in the slow and excruciating agony of inevitable miscegenation, what professor De Mahieu has entitled The Agony of the Sun God. His first book was called The Great Journey of the Sun God.

The work of this extraordinary French researcher, based in Argentina, has been echoed in Germany, certainly, but has had no deep resonance in our America, or in the countries said to be Latin. In Spain his work is unknown, as in Chile also unknown. This is no accident, of course, obedience to a conspiracy directed to ignore every honest investigation, since his work endangers hundreds of years of systematic destruction of the traces of Hyperboreans in America and the invention of autochthonous indigenous cultures that I call “clutter from the slaves of Atlantis”. In addition to this drivel about the cosmic race of Vasconcelos, or the racial armpit of an Antenor Orrego, professor De Mahieu, an anthropologist, gives us indisputable evidence to support his claims, I identify with his struggle because since I was very young I have also been driven to find the traces of the White Gods, in open war against the oppressive atmosphere that surrounds us in this Brown America, as it is called by the apologists of the miscegenation and Mulattoism, the believers in the existence of  “indigenous cultures” and in the greatness of a civilization of hodgepodge, born from the detritus left behind by the slaves of Atlantis…

…This noble man and warrior, faithful guardian of the symbols of the Hyperborean Gods of yesteryear, and guided by them in Atlantis and then in Vinland, Huitramannaland, has been annihilated by the Great Conspiracy, robbed by that Conspiracy of their sacred land, destroying their spiritual cosmos as C.G. Jung also discovered, massacring them physically and morally with the Jewish Bible in one hand and a gun in the other.

The Eagle on the front cover of this book is Aztec, a symbol of the Black Sun, Polar, also engraved on the furniture of the Chancellery of the Third Reich. Hitler had designed it there, knowing the symbol will be the Fourth Reich, which will come on an Other Earth regenerated by Wakan-Tanka, the Thunderbird, after the victory over the powers of evil and darkness, when the power Wakan-Wotan has imposed order and justice in a spiritual extra-cosmic sense. And the Ultimate Avatar of the Fuhrer returns mounted on the Eagle of an Other Light, the Bird of Thunder…

…Think of those Germans who arrived in Chile, a little more than one hundred years ago, to colonize the south on the frontier with the Mapuche Indians. Even without mixing with the natives, their race has disintegrated. Because blood, that mysterious fluid, absorbs the chlorophyll of plants in a given region of living beings that is the Earth, the radiation of its minerals, the animal energy. That powerful and demonic potency, that acts on the Land of the demiurge, ends up defeating the purest Aryan blood if this has not been twice-born, passing through Mystic Death, becoming a true Aryan, a White God, in Paititi. Thus the Vira will be devoured by the “climate of the soul” of the world of American colour. The liver, Leber, in German (life = Leben; love = Lieben) transforms the energies of the nutrients in the blood: Blut, in German. Here is the origin of “type” and “race”. Racial continuity becomes possible, imprinting its seal, its “I”. But Blumen is also flower. Blood is the Flower of Race. An Ultimate Flower, delicate, easy to destroy. from its foliage, its leaves, its petals, the soul is fed, the “memory” of Initiate Hyperborean Race. Thus the “I” is incarnated, that “end of a golden string: only wind it into a ball and it will lead you in at Heaven’s gate” as Blake would say, and that will accompany the semi-divine man in his terrestrial exile. The mystery of the will also originates in the Hyperborean, Aryan Blood. The Hitlerists build a new world on Blood and Soil, if the soil changes, then little by little the blood will change, the blood memory. The Divine Hyperboreans, immigrants to the Other Pole, could only preserve the Flower of their Divine Blood, their inheritance of the Green Thunderbolt, within the Secret Cities of the Immortals, within the Andes, or within the Antarctic Oasis. Only there too could Hitler and his own keep the Sang-Real (the Royal Blood); they will preserve Grail until the return of the Wildes Heer.”




16 responses to “The White Gods

  • Antartikos

    I found it impressive, Torchbearer Delendae. I read these words at the beginning of the week. Now they came again, full of significance and desiring to be remembered. Books indeed reach us at the right moment. The words of the last Visigoth could not come at a better time.

  • delendaestziobot

    This post is in the lead up to the soon coming release of ‘Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar’, second edition….

    It would be good if we could get a French translator for Jacques De Mahieu, as well as a Romanian translator for Cioran’s ‘Transfiguration of Romania’…Oh what am I talking about, they only come round once in a million years….Imagine in the 21st Century a French or Romanian Esoteric Hitlerist? Its almost impossible….And then imagine a French or Romanian Esoteric Hitlerist doing a translation, some actual work, like real work! That’s too much, by the time that happens, if ever, the Ziobots will have 1000 books and translations on Mahieu and Cioran and everybody else. The only way that it could happen is if I somehow learned both French and Romanian and did the translations myself. But I simply would not have enough time to do so, so it wont happen.

    I especially like how Serrano comes to the conclusion that there were no “indigenous cultures”. That is true there were no indigenous cultures, they were all invented in the last couple of hundred years to cover up what was the ancient cultures of the White Gods, the remains of which have all been systematically destroyed. So the ruins we see now in various places are recent erections “restorations” as they call them….but actually it is just much cheaper to place a few old rocks on the ground and say: “here was once a mighty ancient indigenous culture that flourished for thousands of years, living in harmony with nature, until White man came and destroyed it all.” One does not even have to reconstruct much, just scatter a few old rock about the place and the humans will believe any old shit you make up about them….Just say; “Oh they are very ancient, that is why they are all gone and there is just a few stones left in pile over there, we have some university students conducting a dig in the area now, and with our carbon dating we can confirm that the rocks are very ancient and the work of a highly sophisticated native populace who were far more advanced than Europeans were at that time. If you don’t believe me we have several university professors who are writing books on the subject now, and the site has been declared “world heritage” and of “national significance” and we will all receive millions of zibux for all research and receive national prizes and go to expensive dinners and appear on television and be written about in the newspapers by journalists who are paid by the same people who pay us, whom we have never seen.”

    Imagine if I built house, and it just fell down in a heap of rubble, and then I sold it for 20 times more than it was worth because I said: “Oh it fell down into a pile of rubble 3000 years ago, it is very old, that is why you see a pile of rubble, because it is so very, very old. So therefore, because it is so old you must give me 20 times what it is worth, because my pile of rubble is 3000 years older than your house!”

    LOL…That’s what indigenous people do, Greeks and Italians do it too, in fact they all do it, if they could, if they could get away with it they would all do it. because they are all pathetic lying sacks of human shit, their tongues flapping round in that hole beneath their nose.

    Not only that, imagine if I charged humans to come and look at my pile of rubble: “Step right up dear Ziobotic customer, here we have the great and mysterious 3000 year old pile of rubble!” Imagine if humans came on planes from the other side of the world in their millions to see my pile of rubble, that was just my house that fell down because I couldn’t build anything properly. Imagine that. Stupid isn’t it, well that is the world in which we live…

  • ironguardian

    I should have an English translation of Cioran’s ‘Transfiguration of Romania’ within a few months.

    • delendaestziobot

      I would suppose we need a new translation, ziobotic Bloomsbury Publishing has produced the recent translation. Do you mean you will have the Bloomsbury publication or a new translation you have made?

      • ironguardian

        I wasn’t aware of the Bloomsbury translation, so I was gonna do it myself. I see now that there’s an August release for an English translation on, while the US edition doesn’t have a price or release date. I guess I’ll wait for the official release now and see if it’s any good.

  • delendaestziobot

    I am sure you will wait for the “official release” from Bloomsbury Inc. like everyone else. If I wanted anything different I would have to do it myself.

  • NorendaKnight

    Incredible! I cannot wait for the 2nd edition to come out to purchase. All the translation and publishing work that is being done is very appreciated. You who are working so hard to get these writings out are the Speeresdolch of our race.

  • delendaestziobot

    I can hardly believe it myself! This is certainly, after Murphy’s translation of Mein Kampf, the greatest Book release in the English language….Ever…Period….It is a publishing Blitzkrieg, in fact I guess the 1st edition was the publishing Blitzkrieg, now we are just backing the tank up and running over the opposition, which is the entire publishing and literary world, again! I , like everyone else did not even believe that what we did with the first edition of Ultimate Avatar could be repeated, I thought it would be a one off, too hard to repeat, but we have done it again! True there will never be anything like that 1st edition which we released on the 125th Birthday of the Fuhrer, Fuhrertag, how can you repeat that, you cant! And it was so big, A4 size, weighing 3.5kg, you could bash a ziobot’s brains out with it! This 2nd edition is still huge, but it is smaller than the 1st edition, I kind of had to make it a little smaller, just out of respect for the 1st edition, which is certainly, being only 50 copies in total, the rarest and most amazing book ever….in the history of the world…..And that is not a boast, its just a simple fact…

    • leuchovius2014

      Yes! I cannot wait for unveiling of this second edition.

      The first edition is indeed one of the great books of all time, in any language. It has its own unique aura and its own gravitational field that surrounds it. Other “books” on one’s bookshelf will wither and decay in its presence. This holy tome, THE ULTIMATE AVATAR, will destroy other books that are carelessly placed in too close of a proximity to it !

  • Hosner

    “There Wotan is sacrificed, crucified on the four material kingdoms to discover rune signs as the only Light of revelation to heroes, his warriors in the descent and involution, helping them on the Road of Return, also known as IRING’S WAY. The WAY OUT through Venus.” (The Complete Armanen, page 230)

    If we are, or aspire to be, Armen, even as the Armanen Futhorkh row is shown in Don Miguel Serrano’s seminal work Adolf Hitler : The Ultimate Avatar – then how understand the fact that the illustrations adorning said book contain Runes from the Elder Futhark?

    On page 303, the Runes Ing and Wunjo are so obviously made part of the Rune-Man.
    On page 793, the Rune Dagaz is seen, aligned with the Throat chakra, while the Rune Ehwaz is situated just below the Genital one.
    But the illustration on page 793 is entitled the AWAKENED Vira. Is this the clue?
    That the Runic rows merge after the Awakening?That there is no formal division into the four rows anymore?

    Third Reich Pilgrim is also a Runic Work, but there, to make things even more “improbable” the Runes from the Anglo-Saxon, or Frisio-Saxon, Futhorc row are marshalled forth – to illustrate the iconic photographs holding some of the Keys of the sacred journey.

    Throw this dog a bone, anyone? He is trying to re-learn to sing with the wolves.

    “Runes are symbols, extremely ancient mudras and mantras. Their origin is unknown. So Runes are older than the written word, corresponding to an inaudible Orphic of magic cosmic signs.” (Ibid.)

    • The 55 Club

      Dear Kamerad Hosner, this may save you 24 dollars. Here is the beginning of Philipp Stauff’s 2nd chapter from RUNENHAUSER. Herr Stauff was the protege of Meister List and the leader of the GermanOrden, the same GermanenOrden that Don Serrano insinuates as the “secret directors”:

      On the Question of the Runes

      As for the viewpoint that the Runes were developed from the Latin alphabet, we are certainly happy that is not true, but it is true that quite a few Rune characters have only letter-value and did not appear until later (only in the first Christian decades). This will be precisely distinguished. It is known that Runes were thrown in ancient times at consecrated events to read and explore fate; it is quite natural that the signs were not of letter value, since without an actual meaning in the sign it would have been pointless. Therefore, entirely omitted in advance are all the characters that represent only letters, which by themselves came from a later period of development and belong to or are taken over by other languages. But if a list of Runes (the Heil Runes), in which, let’s say the signs of w, p, c, ch, d and so on are still presented in their primal Ur Runic meaning, then it is to reason that they still behave and work in the same manner as they were once taught and worked. The old Germandom does not know the c, the p only after the first sound shift, so in a very historical time, d is the same as th (Thor-thorn), w is u before another vowel and what one can still easily hear even today from the Low German and the English: uater, uir, uenden, uind etc., the ch is created from two hh, when one is at the end and the other the initial sound of two related syllables (ah-ha, ache; Rah-ha, revenge); the ck likewise from g twice; the fact that one can consider even j as an old Rune is ridiculous when it is simply i immediately before another vowel (jot, Jul, Jubel, Juchzer, Jodler, Jade).
      The fact that such Runes had no beneficial importance towards Salvation and were therefore not used as symbol characters, is self-evident. Contrary to this, the simplest minds say that the old Runes were, first and foremost, the five vowels in the forms of ar, eh, is, os, ur. And furthermore, the Nordic Futhark, which is named after the beginning of the row, is instructive to the fact. One critic has even reproached me that one could not seek for the Nordic Runes in the special beams of German houses.
      This is to say: the Runes are of such little significance that they are only to be found in the far North, never mind the whole God’s legend around the Asen residing in the Taunus and Siebengebirge (Seven Hill) mountains, thus on German soil, and only with the withdrawing Armanen (they went North because of the murdering “Charles the Great”) were brought first to Norway, and as the last refuge continued to Iceland. Where the last of the Skalds, such as Snorri Sturlason, could see that the oral tradition was coming to an end and wrote them down, thanks to those circumstances we now have the Eddas, which are largely our own home goods.
      That the Edda holds an explanation of the 17 most original Runes, no one had seen, even though the Havamal has now become known in a whole number of translations. It took the mighty inner vision of Guido v. List for this recognition, and then only after the assistance of a temporary external blindness. Thus he offered us the gift in his Secret of the Runes. Sure, what he reads out from the individual Runes and their names, as he interprets the words of Wotan, is not academically proven, but now he has offered from the underground what he still could not give at the time of his interpretation of the Runes. In the immense “Ursprache der ArioGermanen” he unlocks the whole system right before us, and now we have the immediate meaning of the first sounds, which reveal the names of the old Runes, as they are in the ancestral-tradition, collected by List and as the basis for everything in the progression of the law of becoming.

      • Hosner

        How incredibly kind of you, I am much obliged! I’ve already purchased the book, however, it being a true masterpiece, just like all of your Germanen Orden translations.And The 55 Club design of the text in question is superior work due to its sheer simplicity. The white background told me immediately: “here the Mythos speaks.” Heilsa!

  • The 55 Club

    “That the Runic rows merge after the Awakening?That there is no formal division into the four rows anymore?”

    That is certainly one way to look at it, especially if that is what works best in your mind, Kamerad. You need to try stepping back and forget everything that you have learned from kosher stamped sources. Stop trying to compartmentalize everything and look at it as a whole. Anytime we start separating things rather than looking at them as parts of the whole, we are in error. The semite loves to teach in this manner and for obvious reasons of confusion. There has never been an Armanen who thought that the 18 Runes were the only Runes. Quite to the contrary. The Arman intuitively embraces the 18 Row for several reasons, such as their numerical value and the fact that they are from the Song of the High One – credited to Wotan himself. But also because they are purer, as in the HEIL (Salvation, Health, Healing…) Runes. The more Runes there are, the more they are diluted from the original HEIL Runes. The HEIL Runes are Divine symbols full of Might and meaning – not just letters. The letters came later. The Arman is a friend to, and makes use of all Runen, but he recognizes the UR Runes of Salvation as the root of all Runes and signs and symbols. They are very special and dear to him – a part of him. Here is another way of looking at it – the Younger Futhork is older than the Elder Futhork. Until one realizes that – they are just fishing with kosher nets. You should read RUNENHAUSER. Stauff, Wiligut and Serrano are very similar in their views in many ways. Best of Luck. 88

  • K. von Kanwetzburg

    The Runes have a life all their own. When we politicize them, we fail. Why? Because the Runes are in us, the Runes *ARE* us. They breathe just as much as we ourselves breathe. To condemn one man-made “set” of Runes against another is folly. Meaning, “Elder Futhark vs. Armanen,” etc., is folly. We cannot think this way. To be a purist is good. But not when it comes to the Unknown. And believe me when I tell you: NOT A ONE OF US TRULY UNDERSTANDS THE POWER OF THE RUNES!!! So beware!88!

  • Jason baker

    I received Maya while in one of the darkest dungeons in this country. The SMU program at Lewisburg USP. An amazing French girl, Melissa, got it for me. Now I am out and my challenges extraordinary. The info in this pub is sacred. Let me stand beside you, do not give in. You continue the work of the Masters so that the folk soul may continue to burn and our folk may live. Hail kamerad,and continue the good struggle

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