Sermons from Mein Kampf

“During those months I felt for the first time that Fate was dealing adversely with me in keeping me on the fighting front and in a position where any chance bullet from some nigger or other might finish me, whereas I could have done the Fatherland a real service in another sphere. For I was then presumptuous enough to believe that I would have been successful in managing the propaganda business… But I was a being without a name, one in eight millions. Hence it was better for me to keep my mouth shut and do my duty as well as I could in the position to which I had been assigned.”  –  Chapter VII – The Revolution, Mein Kampf.

Think about what He is writing here. He is writing that He was one in an army of Eight Million! Eight Million of the best equipped, most advanced in all aspects, healthiest, best educated, best armed, loyal, most highly organized fighting force on planet earth at that time! He was but one member of the greatest army ever formed at that time! The greatest class of men, with the greatest tradition, the greatest nobility, the highest loyalty, and so on. He was part of the PRUSSIAN MILITARY! I can’t imagine what that was like, well maybe I can imagine, I can only imagine, none us today can really know, we can only imagine with what remains of our memories of the blood, so faint and distant as they are. The greatest Nation on earth, with an army of men Eight Million strong! United, willing to die and follow all commands to the death! I can only imagine, we can only imagine, we don’t have an army, we don’t have a nation, how can we know what it meant to be part of such a thing? We can’t. We can only imagine. He writes that for the first time that Fate, he felt the hand of Fate, was dealing with Him adversely – “during those months”. Months, a matter of months, Fate dealt Him the first hard blow. We have been dealt the hard blows of Fate since the first moment we were pulled from our Mother’s wombs. Fate was waiting for us with the cruellest weapons she could devise the moment we crawled out upon this miserable earth! And she has been ever since, all our lives, not just a few months, all our lives we have been dealt with adversely. And we don’t have no Eight Million armed men to protect us, the enemy aint on the other side of the walled border, oh no, the enemy was in our own homes, the enemy was our friends, the enemy was our own family, we were brought up by the enemy, we went to the schools of the enemy, we slaved for the enemy, the enemy was all that we knew! Fate was cruel with us from the beginning. It wasn’t just some stray bullet from a nigger we had to worry about, we have had niggers clutching at our throats our whole lives, wanting to do us in! And “Fatherland”, we don’t have no Fatherland, we don’t even have Fathers, our own fathers abandoned us, our own mothers knew us not, our brothers betrayed us, not even our own sisters loved us! We were hated and despised by everyone. And it is a God damn miracle if any of us a still alive! We should be dead, we often dreamed we’d be better dead; went to our beds at night, strangers to the world and ourselves, dreamed of our own funerals, envied the dead, we woke up alone, strangers to ourselves and the world again, and again, and again, and again, night after night, month after month, year after year, decade after decade…..

He said that when the Great War was over that the democratic and liberal nations would receive the Germans as colleagues in the League for World Peace. And that this “would be done the moment Prussian Militarism had been finally destroyed.”  Well, Prussian Militarism has been destroyed a long time ago, and the Germans are colleagues in the “League for World Peace” which we know very well to be a Orwellian double speak. So that was it, Prussian Military collapsed, Germans now belong to the United Nations, and they are all colleagues in “World Peace” as they call it…..And not only do we not have an army, let alone the Eight Million strong, mighty Prussian Military, we also don’t have any “propaganda business”…I am writing here now because there are only a few men in the world who can comprehend what I am writing! Men of Individual genius are hard to combat. Inward limitlessness is difficult to comprehend with outward limitations. It is difficult to place outward limitation on inward limitlessness. Even if they controlled all physical limitations, that would correspond to controlling no inward limitlessness. Infinite potential cannot be confined by finite means. God too was once confined, God too was once without a name, God too once did His duty in silence, God was once a Man! Well look at Him nailed on the Cross, is not that an image of Limitation? Is He not limited? Outwardly? Whether He wanted to be a carpenter by trade, or an architect, or go into the propaganda business, he was limited, for this is a World of Limitations, and God is Limitless. The Fatherland, and the Son, and the Spirit of the Reich! Oh Father, why have you abandoned us? We who remained Faithful through all.

Sieg Heil Astral Reich of the Dead! Armanen-Rig

6 responses to “Sermons from Mein Kampf

  • linemann

    Best post ever.

  • kalki

    Well done post. When is the new edition of the ultimate avatar going to be available?

    • delendaestziobot

      Kalki, I think it will be available sooner than anyone can imagine. I have delivered this book to men on their death beds, before! I have carried this book to Mount Doom and back again, I carry it now to the ends of the earth, who dares stand in its way? I was born in Mordor, I know the ways of Mordor, I know the way to Mount Doom, and I will deliver what I have promised…By the very means of my enslavement it will be done. Such is my duty which I undertake in silence…

  • leuchovius2014

    Born into an open-air prison are we! Our glory found only in the grave. The circle of the astral Reich gathers us in death and through its embrace we are freed from this ghastly realm. Heavy wings unfold to carry us to the Fatherland. Sieg Heil !

  • delendaestziobot

    Never have Goethe’s words been so meaningful as now; “Die and Become”…Death appears so beautiful, because it is not life, Death is our Bride, Death ends Life therefore Death is Beautiful….Death triumphs over life every time. The whole world has become the Theatre of the Absurd, and one wants to tear it all apart, but one lacks the means to do so, no means by which to fight, and yet fight it one must, and the more one fights it, the more absurd it becomes. I guess Mordor is a poor analogy, so is Theatre of the Absurd, writers cant find enough absurdity in words to possibly compare to just how absurd the world really is. To sit around thinking up words to try and mentally form an analogy of what is Absurd, is Absurd! But there is no other means by which to fight the Absurdity in life. Death is the only effective means by which to end the Absurdity of life. Life is contrary to reason, it is ridiculous. The victor in life is the one who is the most unreasonable, disharmonious, and able to sit and wait through absurdity the longest, being one who is himself absurd and therefore better suited to life. A scientist once said that in science like in life there are no discoveries there are just scientists waiting for other scientists to die, therefore their own or the other scientist’s discoveries obtain victory in life…Life is spiteful as well as absurd, life is crooked and cannot be made straight, and so as the Preacher said, because everything just goes round and round, one gets back to the Preacher who said “I have seen all the works that are done under the sun; and, behold, all is vanity and vexation of the spirit.”

  • jalexandermaximilian

    My God that was beautiful! We are Thee Astral Korps! The Holy Swastik emblazoned in our breasts! Burning with a green fire, an emerald light that attracts all that is unholy toward us like the eye of Sauron sees through the ring, like moths to a flame. However, all that is Holy comes through us into this world. All that is Holy comes through us, fallen and bruised.

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