Wagner’s Ring

The prophet of Adolf Hitler and German National Socialism was Richard Wagner, and we commemorate this day as his birthday.

The Ring of the Nibelung

Siegfried, Act 1, Scene 3:

Mime –

“Once my brother forged

a bright shining ring,

and in it he worked

a powerful spell.

That shining gold

will belong to me,

soon I will control it.

I’m master now!

Alberich too,

who made me slave,

will bend his knee

and beg for my grace;

as Nibelung prince

all will obey me;

That Niblung band

will bow to me!

And the dwarf they despised

they will treat as king!

All the heroes and gods

will respect my gold;

the world will cower

when I command;

they’ll beg my favour

fearing my frown!

I’ll work no longer;

Mime will rule.

For me they’ll labour

to make me rich.

Mime the conqueror,

Mime is king now,

Prince of the Niblungs,

lord of the world!

Hi! Mime, you fortunate smith!

Oh who could believe such luck!”


Siegfried –

“Notung! Notung!

Sword of my need!

You are fixed again firm in the hilt.

Snapped into two,

once more you are whole;

no stroke again shall ever smash you.

You broke when my father

was doomed to death;

his living son

forged you again:

for me now you laugh and shine,

and your gleaming edge will be keen.

Notung! Notung!

Sword of my need!

To life once more I have waked you,

You lay there

so cold and dead,

but shine now defiant and fair.

Let every traitor

quail at your gleam!

Strike the false one,

strike at the rogue!

See, Mime, you smith:

So strong is Siegfried’s sword!”



16 responses to “Wagner’s Ring

  • The 55 Club

    O Siegfried, so strong and so true,
    Thy sword has now been made anew,
    Strike thy sword where thou may,
    Wotan calls at the end of the day,

    Blessed be the name of Richard Wagner and Blessed be all that you and the Hermitage Helm Corpus accomplish. 88

  • aufihrhelden

    All Heil The Almighty Wagnerian Fuhrer !

  • aufihrhelden

    His Initiation :

  • jalexandermaximilian

    Sieg Heil! To the Eternal Minnesanger Wagner! His music is our inheritance!

  • Ironage

    Many heil’s to the eternal prophet of the Sonnenmensch! Heil Victory!


  • Jason Thompkins

    The absolute Faith he has in his “Brother” is something that resonates in my very blood. I do not mean siblings either. As long as I can remember I have only called certain men “Brother”. When I do such as that one can be absolutely sure it is a deep sign of the utmost respect from me. That word: “BROTHER” is to be guarded, protected, revered and never to become “plastic” like the vermin who are of this tormented world. When the soldiers of the Third Reich were dying in the snows of the enemy, I can still hear them “whispering” unto their BROTHERS: “Sieg Heil! Keep Fighting! Tell my wife and children I Love Them Eternally! Fight, my Brothers! Fight! For Loyalty and Honour! Heil Hitler!” – Ones very BLOOD must begin to boil when such things are Eternally Remembered.


  • jorge glenis

    i don’t know about nordic legends, but the story of Hitler is in complete accordande with biblical revelation, and i believe he was the real lamb of god that broke the seals and brought redemption to humankind,

    • delendaestziobot

      In Nordic Myth, which precedes the Biblical texts of the Middle Ages, which were when the Biblical texts were first written in Germany, Adolf Hitler would be Baldur, whom is the Germanic Kristos. In Wagnerian Myth He is Siegfried.

      “Wotan, breaking silence, calls to Hermod, Messanger of the Gods, and tells him: “Hermod, rise up onto my horse Sleipnir and ride to the Kingdom of Muspelheim. There you will now find Baldur. Ask the he be returned to us…..Weep, weep all for the absence of beautiful Baldur! Pray for his return among us.”

      Although, in truth, there is no redemption for humanity in general, for that is the great lie of the false doctrines inserted into Sacred Writ by redactors, the lie that redemption is universal and that all men are the same and that all men are from God. Resurrection can only be obtained by the Divine and that is only for a few men and woman who are already Gods.

      • oregoncoug

        You are both right. There s a universal redemption for humankind, in so far as humans actually have the spirit in them that qualifies as something that can be called a soul. Most humans only have souls in a borrowed sense, as infintesimile insignificant reflections of the good and evil within the real souls of the noble few, the Gods among them. In garbage, out garbage.

        And this is the established historic Christian, or better, Kristian view. Those with souls are judged, but most humans are never judged but simply slink away after death into to the miserable shadows of parasitic decay they were, are and eventually mercifully cease to be. Hence we need Resurrection and Death is not an easy or pleasant topic.

        Even most of those with enough spirit in them to qualify as souls end up as maddened opportunists forever chasing after their unreachable mirages. Dante, our greatest poet, saw them as the most despicable of humans — the majority unworthy even of eternal damnation he saw as simply beneath contempt. Such was the charitable view of our greatest Poet of Love. The satirist Baudelaire’s less charitable view won’t be repeated here.

        Most people are soulless and are universally offered redemption but have nothing in them to receive it. Hence the hard truth of Predestination: Few are chosen. Only the perfect become more perfect when subjected to the test of great trials. Hence Salvation is hard won with violence by those noble enough to be crucified on the Holy Swastika.

        Nevertheless, the Infinite Ehrean God is also kind and generous. Because He is good and noble. Because His universal compassion balances His universal truthfulness in Eternal A-Mor. Therefore the noble few usually bring many followers along with them, both on earth and in Valhalla. Salvation can also be reflected among little souls.

        The noble few who lead and their more numerous followers are inseparable. Neither exists without the other. Every true White European man and woman has both superiors and inferiors.

        We are an Everlasting Folk.

  • Jason Thompkins

    I absolutely agree with fellow Torch Bearers Karl and Franz. Only Gods can resurrect. I also feel quite honoured to share the same birthday as Wagner. May 22. One of the most diabolical tricks the jew and the demiurge did to Aryan Civilization was to introduce a foreign dogma which teaches that ALL are EQUAL at the end of all things. The retard is the same as the great poets and masters of Beauty. This, by definition, is what it means to be JEWISH. It is so utterly disgusting. I am still fighting, at the age of 40, with all I have accomplished, the blood-lies of jewish spiritual involution that has completely circumsized the world.. My own blood family do not understand a word that comes out of my mouth and in all honesty all I do is speak the Divine Truth. In utter Defiance. There is NO intelligence left in modern man. Only a very few of us will achieve authentic Resurrection. A life-long battle with ALL Gods. To literally IMPLODE into a concise perfection. Where the RU rune meets the Ur rune. Only the Divine could possibly even understand what I am even speaking of. It is absolutely agonizing and yet amazing to witness the transition of the eras.

    The authentic True, divinely gifted Ehrean soul is so far and few that the very fact we, somehow, were ‘brought together’ in this ultimate diaspora is beyond a miracle. It IS of Divine Revelation. No more shall I wander alone, all one, in the nights like I used to wondering where the other Truth-sayers, Light-Bearers, Absolute Man, Warriors of the Mind, of the Psychic Age. The Aqu-Arian, Aquarian, Age is fulfilled and NOW is the time to grab Destiny!

    Eternal Glory to God,

  • delendaestziobot

    Torch Bearer Jason,

    Your own “blood family” do not understand because you and them are not of the same blood, I explain this in “Aryan Angel Blood”. The Aryan does not have the same blood as his/her parents. No blood is passed from Mother to child, therefore blood is either cloned, or it is, as we know, delivered from an Eternal source, in our case from our Father, Adolf Hitler, or rather we receive our blood from the same source as Him. The revelation of this comes after 1945. My own family do not have the same blood as me, but as Torch Bearer Franz indicates, I do not feel contempt for them, but sympathy, for they do not understand me, I sympathise with that. They must fulfil their destiny and I must fulfil mine, their destiny is mortal and mine is forever immortal, they do not want my destiny and I do not want theirs, I cannot help them in achieving Resurrection but they can help me in achieving, or rather, realizing my Resurrection, which is inevitable, but they can help provide an image or a face to my own Resurrection, and other humans can help as well, that is their purpose, their reason for being. If I have defied them it is because I am not pleased with their efforts. They must try to understand Divine Truth before they slip away into the miserable shadows of decay, they will slip away into the miserable shadows of decay, and they can only accept this, their joy comes from accepting this, pain comes from not accepting this. The East knows this, therefore they will inherit the Earth, the Western Jew, and the White Traitors, however, not knowing this, will suffer a terrible fate; they have been sold a faulty bill of goods, and now is the time that they must reap the results of that. On realising this, via Individual Etherealizaion, the Aryan become Ehrean, and the machines serve us in this, although they too must be also destroyed. Because the machines are an extension of us that are replacing the human clones that are no longer required. And this is Ultimate Violence of an Ehrean hand, of Manu, the Hand God who comes, Mannus rather we now say, because we are many.

    Heil Eternal Hitler!

  • Jason Thompkins

    Yes. Well put. I also do not cast any anger to my family. In fact this has been going on all my life just as I imagine it has with the rest of you gentleman. It just never fails to shock me at how difficult it seems for the most basic formulae for the 98%: “DO RIGHT AND FEAR NO ONE OR NO THING” (thus, the way Forward and Upward with a clean conscience is the most simple thing to the Ehrean), But the world has put so much chaos in the air with frequencies and has literally turned plastic into Gold. The Jews, during the Iron Age, are the only evil that could literally turn iron into Gold by the usury and profit the railway system brought them. The authentic beginning of the “world wide web, “which eventually brought the whole earth to it’s knees. Now, sheer “Plastic” has taken over. Only a Jew could turn plastic into Gold for material wealth.

    Once again I made the mistake of venturing through Myrtle Beach yesterday. It gets worse and worse. These rodents do not cease to amaze me with the sheer lengths they’ll go to Yankee-Doodle-Dandy a buck off the back of ol’ Dixie.

  • delendaestziobot

    “The Spirit Of Truth whom the World cannot receive.” The Spirit of the Fuhrer Is Adolf Hitler, Truth whom the World cannot receive, greater is He who is in you than is in the World. For the Reich is within you, for the truth is within you as the Reich, and the World cannot accept this. The Holy Spirit is with the Siddhars, and it is with their initiates – the Saddharkas.

  • aufihrhelden

    From ‘Mark Twain’s’ ‘A Tramp Abroad :

    ‘Three or four hours. That is a long time to sit in one place, whether one be conspicuous or not, yet some of Wagner’s operas bang along for six whole hours on a stretch! But the people sit there and enjoy it all, and wish it would last longer. A German lady in Munich told me that a person could not like Wagner’s music at first, but must go through the deliberate process of learning to like it—then he would have his sure reward; for when he had learned to like it he would hunger for it and never be able to get enough of it. She said that six hours of Wagner was by no means too much. She said that this composer had made a complete revolution in music and was burying the old masters one by one. And she said that Wagner’s operas differed from all others in one notable respect, and that was that they were not merely spotted with music here and there, but were all music, from the first strain to the last. This surprised me. I said I had attended one of his insurrections, and found hardly any music in it except the Wedding Chorus. She said “Lohengrin” was noisier than Wagner’s other operas, but that if I would keep on going to see it I would find by and by that it was all music, and therefore would then enjoy it. I could have said, “But would you advise a person to deliberately practice having a toothache in the pit of his stomach for a couple of years in order that he might then come to enjoy it?” But I reserved that remark.’

    Note the attempted pathetic patronising tone attempted by ‘Mark Twain’, a popular trait amongst English speakers who try to patronise what they do not understand – for how can you patronise what you do not understand ? Exactly !

    This German Lady clearly understands far more than ‘Twain’, that is revealed in just this one sentence : ‘She said that this composer had made a complete revolution in music and was burying the old masters one by one.’

    ‘ … and was burying the old masters one by one’. And with that one comment this German Lady is also burying ‘Twain’.

    Hail Wagner !

  • aufihrhelden

    A tribute to The Master from King Ludwig II of Bavaria :

  • delendaestziobot

    I am drawn like a moth to a flame.

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