Breakdown Of Symbols, The Black Sun, and The Eschaton

Breakdown Of Symbols, The Black Sun, And The Eschaton.

By Kamerad Dan

As many readers are aware, I have spent a great number of years researching near-death experiences. My interest followed an NDE that I experienced when I was 14 years old after nearly drowning. My interest in this area was further secured when at 23, while reading I found that the physical universe was unfolding within my mind. I saw that my own life was a seeming mirage that was being viewed by a part of me that was much more vast. My life in that moment felt as though it was a very small piece of a much more intense being that existed posterior to my own humanity.

This experience left me utterly shattered for the better part of four years. It went against the grain of everything I thought myself and the physical universe to be. There was one aspect of that experience that I was unable to account for. Toward the middle of this event, I found that I was floating in space at the point I was completely disconnected from the physical body. All around me were pinpoints of light that were very much alive. These were undoubtedly stars. For many years I had attempted to make sense of this particular part of the event. I never quite knew what to make of it. At one point in this six-hour long ordeal, not brought on by drugs or alcohol, I reached a boundary where I was told that going further meant that I would have to surrender my human life. At that point I began to experience fear and then slowly came back to my sense and back to my persona, which again was only one very tiny part of what I really was.

NDE literature is rife with accounts of floating through a void or through space. It is also full of accounts of people floating above the earth. We have decades of accounts detailing these things. However, if we take what the scientific establishment tells us is the structure of the universe, dead souls floating around in space simply makes no sense. However, if we understand outer space to be what it actually is, the lower heavenly realm our ancestors understood it to be, we understand that the stars are nothing more than a higher symbolic form of the Pleroma that exists slightly above the broad plane of the earth. Allow me to explain this further.

The quintessential wisdom of this world, the opening to the great mystery, is that the earth, man, the stars and everything manifested is a symbolic representation of something much greater, archetypal realities. The sun, moon, and stars are also symbols of a more powerful and vast reality that remains unseen because we cannot comprehend it with human faculties. In the same vein, the body is only a representation of a much more profound and immortal archetype. Ritual in the ancient world was of extreme importance for just this reason. Ritual represented the union or communion of symbol with archetype. To close the loop with NDE’s, death is a ritual in its own right. It is only natural that the experiences of the dying are rich in symbolism.

A good question now is what exactly do the sun, moon, and stars represent? Let me begin by saying that unlike most human robots meandering through their existence, I do not believe the sun is visible as a thing in itself. It only reveals its light to us when it hits the atmosphere above the earth. If one were to escape the vertical bounds of the earth, they would find a much greater mystery, that of the Black Sun, which is to say the archetype upon which the terrestrial sun is an image of. I will add more on this later.

In previous posts, I have explained that the moon is now broadcasting strange inexplicable anomalies that cannot be accounted for. Many others seem to be taking notice of this as well. As early as 2010 I was explaining that the moon had a great deal of influence over the mind, especially the dreaming mind. A great deal of people have commented over the years that the moon has influenced their dreams. It goes without saying that during the full moon phases the collective mind is affected. there is more crime, accidents, etc. It is a time of “luna-tics”. We must now enter strange waters.

The moon has always represented the sub-lunar energies of death and decay. This is true even in our modern pop-culture. A mind that is trapped in causality is therefore bound to these energies in the worst possible way. When the body dies, the soul is still firmly under the influence of the moon, which keeps it held in the terrestrial world in a state unseen. Because ones sense of nostalgia wasn’t enough to breakthrough the grasp of the chthonic energies, these souls are recycled once again into the cosmic/archontic machine where they will once again be placed in human bodies, but not before a potentially long stay in the imaginal/subtle domain, which is still very much a part of the physical. The light of the moon is the light of many post-mortem souls reflecting back to earth. The dreaming mind is influenced the greatest during the time of the full moon because these chthonic energies are at their peak and have a great influence when minds are at their most vulnerable.

Keep in mind I am not referring to the structures themselves, but also to the archetypes these structures represent. Without entering into a deep culture critique against an age in turmoil, I will simply add that all evidence is beginning to point to a systematic breakdown of control mechanisms and the inevitable collapse of the world system. Make no mistake, the dissolution of the present order of things is a blessing. We ought to welcome it. A great evil is enthroned in this world that steals the vital energy of innocents. The prince of this world, its economy, its culture, and its role-models are vampiric in every aspect of their existence. Their heads must be removed.

Over time symbols can lose their meaning. Pay attention because that is a great mystery of its own. We can envision this breakdown of symbols much in the way we see language breaking down. When the language dies, it can no longer convey or express meaning. The sincerely held beliefs of organizations like NASA and the scientific community in general are dying, and so too are their symbols. When all hope is lost in the cosmic machine, the law of the Pleroma, which is freedom and infinity become manifest. For some that is a great blessing and for others the greatest terror known.


2 responses to “Breakdown Of Symbols, The Black Sun, and The Eschaton

  • Claire

    I experience and NDE in the Winter of 2012. What took place during those moments allowed me a look deep into my inner self, and I too began to realize as the experienced progressed that all that we experience, that we inhabit, exist in is, as Kamerad Dan eloquently stated, is a “reality” created containing archetypal symbols that correspond to our being. I was frankly surprised after reading this post – I have never read or heard anyone else capture in a few paragraphs the core of what I learned during my NDE and what I have tried to tell others. I also became aware that if I crossed a certain threshold within the experience that I would die in the physical realm. I was not ready and was able to pull myself back somehow… We are of a great Being and we also create our reality, that is I realized that my life and all of my experiences in it unfolding in the past and present were blooming from a timeless “I” which was immortal, but that the symbols that we experience – The sun, the moon, the stars, our mothers, our strife, our dreams are also affected by malevolent vibrations. We exist in a dimensional anomaly, which is the Demiurge, where time exists because separation occurred (an explosion, a breaking apart) thus creating space between what was originally unified, and creating change and decay. Literally, our reality exists inside the belly of this beast… and until we can remember, that is recover (or better, reinvent) what has been lost from us, blown away from us, and recreate it within ourselves we cannot be complete nor can we complete the mission of overtaking the monster, who has swallowed us and is digesting us. From within this hell, we can recombine uniquely to create that which will obliterate the devouring beast finally…

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