Sermons from Mein Kampf

“How devoid of ideals and how ignoble is the whole contemporary system! The fact the Churches join in committing this sin against the image of God even though they continue to emphasize the dignity of that image, is quite in keeping with their present activities. They talk about the Spirit, but they allow man, as the embodiment of the of the Spirit, to degenerate to the proletarian level. They look on in amazement when they realize how small is the influence of the Christian Faith in their own country and how depraved and ungodly is this riff-raff which is physically degenerate and therefore morally degenerate also.”   –   Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Chapter II, The State.

The first thing Hitler writes here is that the present system in which he lives is entirely corrupt! It is a System devoid of all ideals and is ignoble. Hitler condemns the System in which He lives, and therefore He is Revolutionary. The reason He gives for condemning the system in which He lives is that He believes it to be devoid of ideals and ignoble. What does He mean by “ideals”? One must take the prevailing philosophical German view established by Kant: An ideal is transcendental and part of the rational philosophy of Religion. The individual is led by pure reasoning to the idea of a Supreme Being, God. Coming to the concept of God is the product of man’s reasoning. But once that ideal of God becomes objective and is separated from the individual, man commits a dialectical illusion. God cannot be experienced objectively but is wholly transcendental…Not abstract in the sense of existing independently outside of man for transcendental ideals which belong to God transcend physical experience. All empirical knowledge begins with sense experience, when there is an intuition of Something beyond empirical experience then it is knowledge of God, it is Pure because it is not corrupted with anything empirical. Hitler equates the lack of transcendental ideals with being ignoble.

Hitler proceeds to condemn the Churches, but He does not equate the Churches with the Christian Faith, He writes that the Christian Faith is very small in the Churches own backyard, in their country. The Churches, a very powerful ubiquitous organization in Hitler’s time, are guilty of committing sin against the image of God, according to Hitler. Now, Man is the image of God, and that is what Hitler means here, He is writing that the Churches are committing sin against Man whom is the image of God, and He goes on to state that man is the embodiment of the Spirit. The Spirit of God is within man. While professing their concern for the image of God, the Churches hypocritically allow man to physically degenerate. To degenerate to the proletarian level! And what does He mean by that? He means a class of proletarian ‘wage earners’….The masses of wage earners are degenerate, and it is the Churches who have allowed this degeneration to happen. Hitler also writes that the lot of the slave worker in the Capitalist System is to be gradually, inch by inch worn down and degraded, for in a system where his labour is his only capital, and his labour is out-competed by machines, then his only capital is reduced in value. If this system prevailed in Hitler’s time then it is a million times worse today, turn on the television, that image of the wage-earner, for confirmation of this. It is a mess of depraved degeneracy! The Churches look on satisfied in themselves as man degenerates into a mass of depraved, ungodly, motley, brutalized mongrels! They allow all that is sick and unhealthy to breed and increase while, while the best and most noble are eliminated, drowned in a sea of genetic sludge dug up from the lowest wastelands of earth. Not only have they just sat back and allowed it to happen they have spent millennia in the greatest human efforts to make sure that this is the only outcome, it is the mission of Humanity to achieve this end through all their industry and endeavour. And the resulting mish-mash, this mixture of unrelated things into a disgusting conglomerate of biological filth has banished all ideals from the world. And so the entire world is devoid of ideals and is ignoble. Hitler goes on to write that if the German State fails, if the Folk-State ideal of Hitler is not established then  humanity will have no higher end, there will be no higher civilization. For no civilization can be produced from this mixture, from the mish-mash, nothing higher can be produced, only a slow decline into further corruption and degeneracy. And this is the Age in which we live! The Spirit of God can no longer be said to reside in the body of man. Humanity is no longer the image of God. If the State is the vessel of race, then no States exist in this world, The vessel can only have meaning if it preserves and protects the contents…Otherwise it is worthless:

“Hence the supreme purpose of the ethnical State is to guard and preserve those racial elements which, through their work in the cultural field, create beauty and dignity which are characteristic of a higher mankind. As Aryans, we can consider the State only as a living organism of a people, an organism which does not merely maintain existence of a people, but functions in such a way as to lead its people to a position of supreme liberty by the progressive development of the intellectual and cultural facilities. What they want to impose upon us as a State today is in most cases nothing but a monstrosity, the product of a profound human aberration which brings untold suffering in its train.”  –  Adolf Hitler Mein Kampf, Chapter II, The State.

This statement is so foreign to the world today that it is utterly alien! The world today is exactly a profound human aberration, it is a monstrosity bringing only misery, and it is the world we only know, empirically, through our senses we perceive it, which means this is Pure Reason relating to Ideals that are not gathered by the senses, because through our sense we have only gathered the opposite of what Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf. The Monstrosity has been imposed entirely. So that which is remaining contrary to this world system is that which relates to God, that which is ideal.

Heil Hitler!

5 responses to “Sermons from Mein Kampf

  • totenkopf1933

    Great essay! No matter how many times one reads “Mein Kampf” you can always go back to it and learn more and more. It is a book that keeps on giving^^

  • oregoncoug

    Humanity is not only no longer the image of God. Humanity has become the mockery of God’s image, a blasphemy against the image of God. This is what apostasy leads to, because apostasy is the malicious and mindless hatred of God. Apostasy is Judeo-Christianity, or Judaism at its most loathsome and despicable. Contemporary Christians (or the Judaised anti-Christian apostates) are images of Jewishness, which is to say images of the Judaic Demiurge Jehovah, aka Satan.

    The lunatic Marxist mania to destroy the White Race (and every race) is a consequence of spiritual treason, or apostasy. Jewishness has always been a treasonous revolt against the Ehrean God and this apostasy results in the poisoning and diabolical degradation of racially pure blood. Especially of the White Race, but also of every race.

    The resurrection of the Churches can only come from the deeds and wisdom of the Führer and from nowhere else. What is dead can only be revived by Ehrean Kristianity, whether the dead be the nations, the Churches, individuals or the human race. In truth religion must be resurrected first; then the resurrection of individuals, nations and humanity will follow. First the Sons of Adolf Hitler must become Titans; then a Golden Age of Ehrean Justice and Freedom better than the best dreams of the utopians will bless this world for a thousand years.

    Thus does the Kingdom of the Ehrean God descend down into this dark and fallen world of men.

  • jalexandermaximilian

    I was contemplating this all day yesterday. What seems like a flash in the pan to most is known by us to have been in the works for millennia. Most think Kaliyuga began in the rennaisance, not realizing the dark era has cast its shadow over humanity for a very long time. Bad bread, molded and destroyed can never be made good again. One needs to make a new bread if one wishes to eat. Thusly must a new man be created to break the yoke of servitude.

  • leuchovius2014

    For mankind as a whole, the bridge to the divine has collapsed at the end of WWII. The Ehrean man must now seek it out by direct communion with the Holy Avatar and by a total rejection of the false, charlatan world that surrounds him.

  • aufihrhelden

    Triumph of the Will :

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