Germania Ahnenerbe sign

New Germania Ahnenerbe sign. The new Germania Ahnenerbe group will be working exclusively in association with Hermitage Helm Corpus and Siddharreich. A Kamerad or a Torch Bearer or member of Hermitage Helm and The Brahmanic Order of Kristos-Lucifer-Wotan is also a member of Germania Ahnenerbe: ‘Investigations into the Astral Origins of Germania’. If one is a member and working with us then one may like to do what I have done and get a tattoo of the new sign on them as a dedication, although that is an individual choice. The new Germania Ahnenerbe group will begin by organising books and research papers to be formally published by Hermitage Helm. An example of this is the current project of the translation of ‘Atlantis, Edda und Bibel’ by Hermann Weiland, translated by Kamerad Klanderud. Germania Ahnenerbe was resurrected by the Third Reich Pilgrim in 2011 in Germany, it is now operational.Ahnen w shade

16 responses to “Germania Ahnenerbe sign

  • blutsun

    Dear Germania Ahnenerbe,

    You may recall my user-name from a comment thread from some months ago. I have been quietly studying this blog, and internalizing and reflecting on the blogs of the other Nobles associated with it, and reflecting on this great gnosis. It seems ripe an opportunity that I share that I have been collecting papers, books, articles by the thousands for the express purpose of Ehrean Study, which means that as of now I have collected over 5000 PDFs, of these 5000, over 1700 are original German books, magazines, newspapers and articles from the era when God and Avatar Adolf Hitler incarnated on this Earth. This is my offering to the resurrected Germania Ahnenerbe.

  • delendaestziobot

    I had forgotten all about you blutsun. I had to check the comments history to remind me.
    How are your translation skills, from German to English? Can you translate a sample selection of works you have and send them to me?

    • blutsun

      The German part of this collection has been aggregated by me not because I know German but because I consider these works as essentially of the purest literary expression of the Wotanic spirit inspired through Adolf Hitler, secondly because of the need to organize these disparate remains in one place, thirdly to ensure that they exist in a way that is not reliant on the existence of the internet where links eventually rot and information is confiscated. My linguistic background in Danish allows me to understand some German, but the two languages are not mutually intelligible and my translation potential is poor. Learning German is a future undertaking for me.

      By access to this library of German documents the German speaking and writing capable of Germania Ahnenerbe have an extensive source of original material to translate, and so a base from which to conduct further research.

  • leuchovius2014

    Yes! A most magnificent and glorious heraldry !

    Hail to the old and to the new Ahnenerbe! To the once and to the always … The search for the Grail continues. Hail to the Ancient and to the Eternal! To the revelation of the hidden cosmic knowledge, to the re-emergence of a sacred destiny!

    We hold the Grail skywards in supplication, to accept the wisdom of the long-forgotten yet youthful blood of the stars… For our path leads nowhere but directly to the stars! We are reborn in a Blood-soaked Glory! The ancient wisdoms that will soon be revealed will shake the foundations of a sickened modern world to its pathetic core.

    Heil Hitler!

  • delendaestziobot

    Special thanks to Kamerad Greg for the autoCAD design.

  • jalexandermaximilian

    I have set an appt. with my artist in one month.

  • jalexandermaximilian

    I have a new official government tracking device referred to as a ” smart phone”, so now I may be able to be more active here and in my blogging as well. I look forward to assisting in any way possible in this great endeavor and consider it a great honor to be in the company of others who truly Know. Not just pretend, but undoubtedly Know.

    • delendaestziobot

      Thankyou for your input Kamerad Jake. Kamerad blutsun will be creating a website for the new Germania Ahnenerbe, it will have a literary archive where submissions can be made and a section for the identification and featuring of Germanic sacred sites. When the website is ready I will link to here on Siddharreich. Getting the Germania Ahnenerbe tattoo also shows the origin of tattooing to be German, which it is, tattooing was spread around the world to all cultures by German sailors. Tattooing on skin follows ink illumination on vellum. The culture of tattoo art and design begins with Friedrich Barbarossa and later Prussian sailors of the Hanseatic League. That would be an investigation; the Dutch and British naval blockades of the Prussian Baltic naval fleets, which were outlawed as “pirates”…Thus tattoos became associated with rebellion…Tattooing was introduced into the Americas by German immigrants and sailors, the Germanic totenkopf as the skull and cross bones.

      • leuchovius2014

        In my translation of AEUB, there is a suggestion that those holiest of Aryans who were allowed into the Holy Mountain of Atlantis POSSIBLY had Swastikas tattooed on their foreheads. I’m doing further research on this.

        Btw, I had downloaded a LOT of NS books and documents from before they folded. I will send you a list of what I have soon. Let me know if you need any of them.


      • Curt

        Is there a link to the Germania Ahnenerbe website?

  • delendaestziobot

    Kamerad Klanderud, everything about ‘Atlantis, Edda und Bibel’ is most interesting and it will be the first book published in association with Germania Ahnenerbe. Keep what documents you have now until Kamerad Blutsun sets up the new website and then submit them to him for the online archive.



    Heil Kemerad Karl and Franz. I would like first apologize for my long disappearance from email correspondence and presence in general. I’ve been focusing on my spiritual practices as of late and needed to take a break to collect myself to be able to take an active role in our collective mission. I’d very much like to resume our correspondence if you still would wish to.

  • delendaestziobot

    There was no Germania Ahnenerbe website created. If I recall, Kamerad Blutsun was going to create one but only did the front page and then gave up…

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