The Rendering (NEED)

Rit from THE GREAT YEARNING by the 55 Club:

This Moon of Hornung, Valfather WOTAN has Come to rule in The Realm of Walaskialf, The Hall of The Slain, Valhalla…WOTAN now gathers to Himself the half of the slain which belongs to Him as the souls who have lost their bodies in Walhalla in order to conduct them towards rebirth, or up out of The Primordial State, into the World of Men…It is just these souls, separated from their bodies who are His Army, His Heer, which He leads victoriously against the forces of death, the Rime and Frost Giants… And by means of which He overcomes death in that He awakens the dead to new life through renewal and rebirth… This Moon, Men celebrate the festival of candlemass by Illuminating the Balsen or the exits caves with Torches in order to show the way back to the upper world, to the souls returning to Mitgart out of the Urstat… Gods and Men also celebrate Fasnacht, the fasting Night of Lent, when The Ship Nehalenia departs to spread its blessings… We too must be illuminating as well…. Showing the lost souls of Mitgart the True Path towards God’s Grace.

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