Response to Abby

Response to Abby:

“Please cite the (Aryan) traditions of which you speak?” – Abby

“Schopenhauer reproached Germans for the exaltation of the eternal feminine and the respect they have always given women. This is true, since the Nordic races, the Germans, who even though patriarchal, carry in the ‘blood memory’ the memory of the sacred priestesses of Hyperborea and the cult of Magic Love that through the millennia and centuries led to the secret initiations of A-Mor among the Minnesanger, the troubadours of Languedoc and the Fedele d’Amore of Northern Italy as well as some among the enlightened of Spain. In India the Hyperborean tradition included Tantric yoga, related metaphysically to the dualistic school of Samkhya philosophy. In the Occident the Golden Band of Polar tradition is clothed with the formulas of Alchemy where women also play a fundamental role as the soror misticae, or mystic sister of the alchemist. etc.”  Miguel Serrano – MANU: ‘For The Man To Come’. Chapter – ‘Love’.

The answers are already indicated as to Aryan traditions in the books published by Hermitage Helm Corpus, Siddharreich is a blog acting under Hermitage Helm Corpus. Would it be a feminine trait to not understand this? Would it be a feminine trait to assume something without knowing first all the relevant details? Does it not take the virile male discipline to wait and learn and acquire all relevant things before venturing a conclusion? We have made a most excellent note on the Chapter “Love” in the second edition of MANU, for those Ehrean warriors out there, be they male or female, I would advise you to diligently acquire of the second edition of MANU when it comes available.

“Are you speaking of an age in which our race was not on the brink of extinction?” – Abby

See MANU “For The Man To Come”. I would add that all earthly races are already extinct; the miscegenated  homologous sewer of humanity is as uniform as an algae bloom, the exception is the Jewish race which is an anti-Race. The New Man, Ehrean Man is not of this world, the transfiguration of the Aryan Man could be already prefigured in 1st Corinthians 15 – The Resurrection.

“It is important to remember the wisdom of our ancestors but we must also never forget the time we are in.” – Abby

Again, such a female trait to assume we share the same ancestors. See ‘Third Reich Pilgrim’ for an understanding of the “wisdom of our ancestors”…..We were sold down the fucking river!

“Why would we be here on this material plane if there were no lessons to be learned, no purpose to our existence.” – Abby

Is that a question? I am supposed to learn a lesson out of this!

“The balance of masculine (ethereal) and feminine (material) must be honed, which takes work. Through countless generations of true Aryan culture and household traditions we are able to differentiate our innately divine genes from the sea. Pursuing only spiritual growth is lopsided in thought and in truth is spiritual de-evolution.” – Abby 

You say it is a balance, but I say it is a Division. “Thus the ‘Astral Body’ of the Stars, according to Paracelsus, has been shaped in earthly matter, become hardened. That aetheric body, made of aether, has crystalized, involuted until acquiring demiurgic organs and differentiated human senses that on the most subtle planes of shaping are assembled into a single beam of representation, but without cognitive expression, something only possible on earth through differentiation and specialization, product of incarnation. etc.” – MANU: “For The Man To Come” – (Chapter) ‘The Initiation of A-Mor’.

“And the Gods never die (because the Archetype is one and indivisible), but are reborn and reincarnated, they will return to create new religions from the depths of the Collective Unconsciousness. And nothing else has occurred with Kristianity other than this, as we have tried to explain. What is it the Gods want? They make their attempts so that man, the fallen Divya, the Vira separated from his divinity, can recover it, thus returning to the lost homeland, and they show him the way, etc, etc.” – Miguel Serrano – Son Of The Widower

7 responses to “Response to Abby

  • delendaestziobot

    All comments on the Contact and Disclaimer by Abby or relating to her comments have been deleted. Abby is free to make her comments on this blog post. I find it rather amusing to make a personal post to Abby right after my blog post; ‘On Operation Barbarossa’. So after I have revolutionized military theory and modern history and religion all in just a single blog post, I stop to a have a personal dialogue with an anonymous little pleb, in the very next post! This blog post is for you Abby, right after Operation Barbarossa! Which is why I am quoting the new Book of Acts – MANU: For The Man To Come. Complete with the actual “Road to Damascus” experience on the frozen steppes of Antarctica! And then making it available to the ignoble plebs! Amazing grace! Angelic, Don Miguel Serrano was truly the Last Nobleman, the Last Romantic of a doomed shipwrecked generation.

  • delendaestziobot

    Yes, well Serrano said that he thought women would understand his works better than men, with the activation of a sympathetic plexus, a brain center that can provide better reception to the Superconsciousness rather than the collective consciousness. So far this has not been the case. Especially in the Occident. Not even a little flower on the lapel for the Shock Troops of World Ruin, for no mother will comprehend these children of ghostly storm divisions! As I have said there is no understanding of National Socialism without understanding of Esoteric Hitlerism after 1945. For no Blood shall pass from mother to child! Blut und Ehre has become Individualized under the Hagal and Thorisaz runes combined. I don’t think Abby the householder fits in anywhere here, but I will just use her anyway.

  • Abby

    May I, the little householder ask, why the grand keyboard warriors couldn’t even show my original post in its entirety?

    • oregoncoug

      Dear Little Householder,

      Please read my translations of Miguel Serrano with great care and then your potentially superior feminine intellect can understand how you can also be the true equal of noble men and make the feminine contributions of the “little householders” to our civilisation that no man born of woman can or ever will achieve.

      Learn to be and act like a noble woman and then our entire Ehrean civilisation is in your hands. Please learn how the holy vanity and holy wisdom of noble women are very great Ehrean virtues.

  • delendaestziobot

    You can write your original post here, in the comments section of this blog post, you wrote it last time in the Contact and Disclaimer page, a page that is not designed as a platform for dialogues with matronly but feisty guest ‘Abby’….I made you your own post, directly after Operation Barbarossa….A tough act to follow, maybe you think what you have to say is bigger then Operation Barbarossa, so you can say it here, but I retain the right to edit you as I feel. I am not only now the English publisher for Don Miguel Serrano, but I am also the publisher of ‘Abby’! Now nobody can say I am elitist publisher!

    • leuchovius2014

      Haha… Good one! Yes, most blog commenters do not understand this… the blog is the author’s “book” and the comments therein are not a part of the book, they are merely the scribbling in the margins of those who have loaned out the book from the library. That is, the scribbled comments do not become a part of the book ! If they add or contribute significantly to the text they may become an “addendum” but still they are subject to the author’s inclusion or exclusion!

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