Sermons from Mein Kampf

A new segment for SIDDHARREICH – Sermons from Mein Kampf, I will probably write one every month as a pedagogical lesson; for guidance and personal spiritual development. I will be quoting from the James Murphy English Translation of Mein Kampf. Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler has the sub-title: ‘An historic document describing the aims and development of the National Socialist Movement.’ Something extremely rare this is; an actual historic document! There is no precedent for Mein Kampf, because previously to its printing there had never been an attempt made by a single man to produce a truthful account of historic events. No man had ever done such a thing, perhaps only the unadulterated parts of the letters of Saint Paul could be a comparison. To do such a thing is in keeping with the very meaning of the word; to produce public literature is to make “vulgar”, which means to make known to the common people, vulgatus – is to make known to the common people, to publish. In truth, so not as the published dictionaries state, Vulgus is spelt Volgus in its original alphabetic form, and is derived from the German word – Volk! Find me a published dictionary that states such a thing? You see all English is derived from German, and that is what published dictionaries are attempting to hide, and they are hiding it because they do not want it to be publically known to the common people or the Volk! So as you see, and could once hear, it is a very rare thing to produce a truthful account of history for the public. Hermitage Helm Corpus has begun work on a new translation of Mein Kampf. James Murphy’s translation, although quite good for the time in which it was produced, is no longer sufficient as a translation of the original German, and we believe we have the right men in place in order to produce a better English Translation than the one that currently serves us, and so we have begun to organize the framework that will encompass the almighty Herculean and sacred task of translating Mein Kampf anew! For now let me quote from Aryan Writ in the best translation we currently have:

“Finally a new and triumphant idea should burst every chain which tends to paralyse its efforts to push forward. National Socialism must claim the right to impose its principles on the whole German nation, without regard to what were hitherto the confines of federal States. And we must educate the German nation in our ideas and principles. As the Churches do not feel themselves bound or limited by political confines, so the National Socialist Idea cannot feel itself limited to the territories of the individual federal States that belong to our Fatherland….The National Socialist doctrine is not handmaid to the political interests of single federal States. One day it must become teacher to the whole German nation. It must determine the life of the whole people and shape that life anew. For this reason we must imperatively demand the right to overstep boundaries that have been traced by a political development which we repudiate. The more completely our ideas triumph, the more liberty can we concede in particular affairs to our citizens at home.”  –  Chapter X – The Mask of Federalism, Mein Kampf.

So much meaning here, it will just go right over most people’s heads today. As most people accuse us of being “political”, when National Socialism was founded as an anti-political movement! The NSDAP were a political party designed to destroy the foundations of all political parties! Now that is in keeping with all our philosophical concepts, and the very nature that we find ourselves in; taking on the corruption of this flesh and material and nature in order to destroy it from the inside out. Such was the nature of National Socialism, and yet the first thing the enemies of National Socialism then, and the enemies of us now as Hitlerists, accuse us of being is – “political”, in the sense of anti-folkish, a derogatory term. But our doctrine stated here in Mein Kampf tells us that we repudiate the political developments that have made boundaries. And not only that but that political boundaries must be overstepped. So what then is the mission here in this sacred doctrine; it is the shaping of life anew! Not confined by politically set-up boundaries, which have falsely outlined federal States, entities which are falsely constructed and wear a mask of nationalism and a mask of federalism! The right to claim Territory! Now we come to the heart of the oak: “State borders are established by men and may be changed by men.” Or rather Hitlerism states that all borders politically constructed by men are not to be heeded but to be broken. One of the chains that imprisoned the German Nation, and the German Nation is the Volk, or Folk in English, which is a daughter language of German, although not a very loving daughter it would seem, yes the German Nation is the Volk which was imprisoned by the confines of a State which wore a false mask, it was phoney, and Hitler set out to free His People from the bars and chains of an enslaving phoney State, not all would follow their Leader to Freedom, in the end only the most faithful, only a few, and many of course died along the way, or gave their lives for the ideal of the return the true Fatherland, something magical and eternal, because the Fatherland has always been a otherwordly concept, to die for the Fatherland is to be set free from this world, set free from the chains of this world.

“May the walls of this prison fall

In the most sacred of storms,

And more noble and free will my spirit

Transpire to another unknown land.”  –  Holderlin

The Triumph of Immortality is the core of our faith, not the political party, not politrickery, not the confines of phoney boundaries neither the setting up of them, no, it is the sacred mission of the Heroes returning to Valhalla, in this Mystery of divine Victory of Eternity over Mortality! Triumph of the Will, release of the earthbound Spirit! Breaking of the Adamantine fetters of Death and Life and Division of the clone-golems of Planet Zion, delivered in pain via procreation by division. In this passage I have quoted from the Old Testament of Mein Kampf, it states in no uncertain terms that the National Socialist Idea is more like the Churches, not being bound to politically set-up borders, and the National Socialist Idea is more like the calling to be an apostle separated unto the gospel of God, a Divine calling of the red wild blood that beats out a rhythm in our veins. And what do they do to the apostles of God? Or as Saint Paul says about the vain Gentiles of the white race: “Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were they thankful, but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.” Have not the “wise” become fools? Why should we listen to the ravings of fools? When they call us “Political”, they are fools, who know not what they say, and they are guilty before God, they who changed the truth of God into a lie. After 1945, after the Apocalypse, National Socialism developed into Hitlerism, it always was Hitlerism in actual fact, a Divinely inspired Hitlerism: “Who sees in National Socialism only a political movement has understood nothing. National Socialism is more than a religion, she is the will to create the Superman.” – Adolf Hitler

Something beyond man is the aim, and it is even more than a religion, much more than a mere Church, and so the foundations of all the world’s religions have been shaken to their foundations by the emergence of a New Faith and  New Man, a New Race of men has begun, and their faith is Hitlerism which is the true faith of the Ehrean Kosmos. In Kampf Heil the Cross of Kristos, Lucifer the Bright Morning Star and Wotan the Wanderer!

27 responses to “Sermons from Mein Kampf

  • oregoncoug

    Well said, Torch Bearer Delenda. The Nations and Churches are dead and nothing can resurrect them except Hitlerism, except the Immortal Truth of Ehrean Kristianity. Without this the nations and churches of Europe, the Americas, Southern Africa and Australia can never revive or return to the land of the living.

    Hence Hitlerism must be something greater than a religion or extinct nation-states. Every Kristian Pagan should know instinctively that Truth exists only in the form of immortal flesh-and-blood, in the form of God-men, a radically New Race that is also the inconceivably Oldest Race, in the form of the Superman. This is the nature of true immortality. Who does not die is always the most radically new and the most inconceivably old: We are immortal!

    “And I saw a New Heaven and a New Earth; for the old heaven and the old earth have passed away, and the sea of multi-racial chaos is no more.”

    Revelation 21:1

  • leuchovius2014

    Yes! Truth that sears the page! That they wish and try to falsely project the “political” upon National Socialism is the key to the enemy’s methods. They can infiltrate, deceive and misdirect any movement that is political… But they cannot infiltrate a movement of the Spirit and the Soul! There is a wall of flames that surrounds such a movement and they will never breach such a fortress!
    That is why sad movements such as “White Nationalism” are doomed to fail. They are playing by the rules that the enemy has written.
    To go beyond mere “Man” and to cast out into the Eternal, the Infinite and the Immortal is to grasp the Torch that has already been placed within our reach… For the Torch is already awaiting us… It is in the outstretched hand of our great Cosmic Ehrean ancestors .

  • John

    Lol. In the previous post we had ‘Aryan Kabbalah’. Now we have a comparison between Mein Kampf and the letters of Saint Paul. Prediction for next post: Aryan Moses?

  • John

    So you believe all of this stuff is a fabrication, but that the writings of Paul are ‘real history’? If you cannot recognise that Paul is a con-man there is no hope for you.

    • delendaestziobot

      “hope”, abandon all hope, there is no hope left for Man. Paul is most likely to be, at this stage as far as one can see, Ulrich von Hutten, or possibly just Erasmus continued on with his writings. Much of the letters of Paul have been tampered with by Jewish redactors. I think you are brave John, but also stupid, not that being stupid is such a bad thing these days, stupidity is almost essential for longevity in this world, make oneself senseless. Stupidity and bravery some of the traits that make up the character of a munchkin from munchkin land.

  • oregoncoug


    Paul was an aristocrat of the tribe of Benjamin. Therefore he was racially a white man, not an ultra-hideous Jew/Saudi Arab dark hook-nosed type. His main motive for turning against the Pharisee/Herodian Establishment was his realisation that the Ehrean Christ is the champion of the White Race, his own race. He came to understand the Pharisees/Jews are the worst enemy of his own White Indo-European Race. This racial dynamic is the same as the racial and spiritual conflict that rages throughout Greater Syria (including the accursed Israhell) at present. White Indo-European aristocrats rule in Damascus and Beirut whereas hideous swarthy Semites rule is Jerusalem and Riyadh. Hence wars rage between the two races. An excellent example showing that no matter how much things may seem to change they often reman very much the same.

    The actual Judaic poison is not far to seek: Marcion of Sinope was an extremely wealthy dark hook-nosed Juden who simply made some minor cosmetic changes in standard Judaic mysticism and presented it as Christianity. His lies quickly took the low-class mixed-race mud people of the Mediterranean world by storm. The popular Christianity of the ignoble Juden-loving rabble has remained much the same ever since. But that poisonous soap-opera has been infiltrated among the White Europeans not by white aristocrats like Paul, but by rich Judaic merchants and rabble-rousers (i.e., ignoble capitalist pigs) like Mani and Marcion of Sinope.

    Of course the existing popular image of Paul is a Judaic forgery, like everything involving existing Christianity. But much the same can be said against existing Paganism or any other contemporary religion. The Juden have poisoned this world totally and that is why the Esoteric Hitlerists are going to totally destroy this world in the coming years and decades.

    As is said, the Ehrean Kristian Hitlerists will not leave one stone of this contemporary world standing on another. We intend to destroy this existing world totally and there is no longer anyone or anything to stop us.

  • delendaestziobot

    Seeming the Lion has falsely replaced the Wolf on the heraldry of Germany, then Hesse would most likely, considering the Ulrich von Hutten hypothesis, The State of Hesse would have been Benjamin, The Wolf…..Of course the leitmotif here is “Sermons from Mein Kampf”, and such proving the adulterated, mutilated, plagiarized form of the Bible with the purity and concise form of Mein Kampf…so the importance here is the superiority of the text of Mein Kampf over the Bible, or Bibulous, to be more precise, as the Bibulous contains many of the old Brewers Guild advertising campaigns…..”Perhaps the unadulterated parts of the letters of Saint Paul could be a comparison”…In the sense to “make vulgar”, that is the comparison, according to my post. My post is well above your head John, but you are not alone. So I agree with you, you should not waste your time here on my blog, but go back down to where you came from.

  • M:G

    There are great crucial differences between Aryan esoteric kristianity and judaic christianity, it is like comparing a healthy, robust and beautiful living organism to a cancerous necrotic rot/growth.

    • delendaestziobot

      Yes, right you are. There is a great gulf that lies between our Aryan Esoteric Kristianity and the travesty of false Judaic Christianity, which is very much a cancerous or bacillus growth, like the earth is covered in a cancerous or bacillus growth also. Mein Kampf is the written revelation of a God-Man, Adolf Hitler, the prophesised Saviour, the Prince of Peace whom was rejected, Deutschland the Father, the Volk the Holy Spirit….What is the fabricated story of your literary Christian hero for the masses of human ziobots, in comparison? A syncretism, a palimpsest of many personalities and events that are mixed up and adulterated into a tapestry of mutilation! Which just reflects the nature of the human race; a mixed up bastardized conglomerate, a syncretism….Nothing pure and good and truthful can come from this mixed up bastardized conglomerate, you just end up with something like John, as we see here in the comments.

      “As is said, the Ehrean Kristian Hitlerists will not leave one stone of this contemporary world standing on another. We intend to destroy this existing world totally and there is no longer anyone or anything to stop us.” – Oregoncoug

  • AlexanderDay

    Unfortunately Delenda, your posts and comments are infinitely over the head of those firmly rooted in the belief of the “history” of our enemies. Even I struggle at times with my limited fund of knowledge to grasp the fullest meaning of your words. But it should not be attributed to nonsense but the fact that my knowlege is not to such a developed level. That being said ,even the “history” that has made its way to us now shows Paul to be in aggressive opposition to the apostle james and his followers in jerusalem who are historically known as the judaizers.

  • unicornis947

    People today are very confused and do not understand these truths, many of them are embraced to the beliefs that the enemy wants to make them accept. Unfortunally some of them are also of, those who call themselves “National Socialist” who see in this movement as just political and perhaps, will always maintain this perspective. And with the brief quote of Adolf Hitler clarifies immediately “Who sees in National Socialism only a political movement has understood nothing. National Socialism is more than a religion, she is the will to create the Superman.”. Probably because what they only have seen and understood is the Hollywood offered-up image, which is a pile of lies that the enemy uses to confuse them, and they adopt a position useful for their discredit purposes acting just as they want, like if they were gangs fighting in streets against other gangs. They have achieved to make them believe that the enemy is in the streets like in the movies, perhaps it is, but in the most primitive level, but the real responsibles are in the high spheres, and this happens because they are absolutely ignorant about the Esoteric Hitlerism. And they are also the main responsibles to damage the real essence of these teachings. It is difficult to make them comprehend that they are brainwashed, and also many of them feels offended if you tell them some truths. And it also truth, that most of ignorant people are more capable to accept these teaching, for the same reason that they are less brainwashed with the culturally traps. Most of them are more spiritual and wise, although ignorant, unfortunatelly culture is an enemy arm, and in our days it is necessary to adapt ourselves to not end victims of it. Hitler had always praised these types of men, once he said that were not the intellectuals who gave him the courage to guide his nation, that they were really the work-people, he eulogized them as brave man of actions, and many times felt angry with the thinkers who were just “thinking”, he saw in them the fighting spirit that was necessary to cultivate to raise. I think that many of these people can be oriented effectively under right leaders with the right strategy to guide them.

    • delendaestziobot

      Yes, you are both right there.

      Again we can turn to Mein Kampf: the masses are stupid, that is what Hitler said. The masses don’t like Truth, they have no interest in it, they are only interested in being the masses, what directs them away from being the stupid blind masses they will turn on and try to devour….I was born beneath the masses, and lived among them, and they will try to devour and destroy anything that is not like them, much like an ant-heap in a jungle, little colonies of soldier-ants in the amazon, the masses of humans have a similar nature….In fact ants are just men who have degenerated and divided over a long period of time. Our times now are very different to pre-1945 Germany, there once was a Volk, the Holy Spirit of God, but that Spirit is gone and those People of God are gone, they departed or were fire-bombed to death by the All Lies, or they were imprisoned and tortured to death after the war in the concentration camps…The point is that the great Volk has left, and now nothing remains except the human masses and Judgment for the crimes committed against the Holy Spirit, against the Volk…..Do those cretins really think that they will not pay for what they have done to the German Volk, do they really think that it will be forgotten and forgiven, do they really think that a new innocent Aryan people will just magically appear and reconstruct everything again just so the Judaic fucking ziobots can blow it all up again, just for their own stupid pleasure, do they really think that is going to happen again? No, it is not going to happen again….The only thing I have to say to the masses is something like this: “You’re FUCKED!”

      • AlexanderDay

        Well said Delenda. Mein Kampf has been such a guide for me as it is truth in book form. Even the idea of the book has a transcendental energy that is difficult to explain. I look forward to the upcoming Sermons series. When it comes to the masses it is true that they care not for truth and are actually conditioned to hate truth that spoils their illusions. It is significant to note the widening distance between myself and the masses as I strive to understand the teachings of Serrano and Devi and those of our number including you. The more the true world takes shape before me the less attachment I have for the masses and the kali yuga “civilization” they adore. I will not forget nor forgive.

      • oregoncoug

        Hence the Juden and their shameless Ziobot slaves are the Eternal Enemy. They can never learn and if they could learn they would never be what they are. Indeed they are very like ants, except incomparably lower than any ants.

        White worker wage-slaves should want to join our ranks because then they don’t have to belong to the masses and “be f….ed”. Otherwise they just get the worst of everything, as Our Father teaches us in Mein Kampf.

        White men should be eager to do anything at all rather than be just another dead soul among the walking dead Ziobot masses. Better to be brave Sons of Adolf Hitler and fight to the death as free men than to be Ziobot slaves and be done to death as cowards.

      • The 55 Club

        ‘and they will try to devour and destroy anything that is not like them’

        Well said as usual. A bit disappointed by an emotionally rash and lacking depth crude review of our newest work – I visit your site and find the Helm steering their way through the same kind of short sighted storm. It does seem that there are those who espouse ‘National Socialism’ and yet absolutely refuse to pull their heads out of their asses. The shame is that they mislead others when they have a following. I have no doubt that the True Sons of Wotan will see through them.

        Anyways, Brother Francis could you please go into more detail about Marcion? I had been under the impression that his ideas of a tribal jewish god of the old testament and a superior God of Light of the New Testament was a True step in the right direction. Could you please tell me what I am missing? I am very interested.

        Long Live HHH



  • AlexanderDay

    Despair not “the 55 club”. I recently purchased and recieved Nos Book of the Resurrection. Your efforts are appreciated. Never let up!

  • delendaestziobot

    I just picked up ‘The Great Yearning’ from the post office! So I am just another loser who has your book Kamerad Joe. But I am just another loser, like Serrano and Devi, Prince and Princess of Losers…But if they lost, I am going to lose even worse. OK, we are losers, but we win somewhere else! But what have I lost compared to Him? Oh my God, it is nothing, look, look shall we, look what Hitler lost! I am happy to lose what I have, because of what He lost, all is lost to ashes, a pile of ashes dancing in the breath of unknown and blinded God.

    Heil the God-Man Hitler!

  • oregoncoug

    Torch Bearer Joe:

    Basically we have an all-encompassing historic White European aristocracy or military class, with related clergy and peasantry, that has always been Nordic or Germano-Roman. (We should understand that the Celtic nobility on the continent have been increasingly Germanic or Germanised for millennia.) In first place this noble society included the mainstream White European religious heritage that has for the past three thousand years been centred among the Nordic nobility of Northern and Central Italy, from whence have come the Runes, the Latin alphabet and historic Nordic Roman Paganism and Catholicism. Within this Pan-European religious tradition the Ehrean (or Aryan) God is Infinity rather than the Oneness of the Semite Demiurge. Trinity is used to express Infinity because triads and their multiplications are endlessly dynamic and never decline into mutually negated dualities that then decay into the nihilism of Jehovah, the all-devouring One.

    The main thrust of the Semites to undermine the historic European religion of the Infinite has been a radical Unitarianism within which lurks the general chaos and nihilism that currently afflicts us. Marcion of Sinope was the rich Jew who was the first to successfully infiltrate this deadly Unitarianism into the mainstream of historic Christianity and careful investigation will reveal that the Gnostic content of Marcion and Mani just happens to be identical with the standard form of historic Jewish mysticism found in the teachings of Isaac Luria, the preeminent theologian and sorcerer of Judaism. Marcion slyly uses the stratagem of Docetism to deny Kristos while appearing to honour Him, ignores the obvious fiercely Anti-Semite message of the Old Testament by reducing it to inane mystical soap opera (as the Talmud does as well) and turns Paul against Peter and Nordic Rome while covering up the true Judaisers in the early Church concentrated in that Heart of Darkness we know as the Old Jerusalem.

    The key poison within this Judaic apostasy is the aforementioned sterile Unitarianism that negates the multi-faceted infinity of the Triune Living God of our Ehrean White Race. Marcion’s Docetism reduces the Ehrean Germano-Roman Kristos to a fantasy soap opera character without any historical or material substance and thereby turns Christianity against Nature herself. It should also be self-evident that the Infinite God of the Ehrean Kristians favours Nature and Nature’s laws whereas the nihilist abstract One God of the Juden is irredeemably against both Nature and Reason. Marcion, the rich Jew, designed his abstract Unitarianism as the standard Judaic poison wrapped up in a pretty package to entice and flatter the Gentiles.

    The masses loved Marcion and his heresy but the noble warriors wisely annihilated the Judaic heretics with fire and sword. As always, the White European warriors knew best. Our Father in Mein Kampf teaches us how to conquer in their glorious footsteps.

    Heil Hitler!

    • The 55 Club

      I did not know that Marcion promoted Docetism, which is an abomination and yes, I have secretly been aware of the falseness of Dualism……

      Thank you for taking the time to reply to my query. 88

  • aufihrhelden

    Anybody of truth needs to understand that a person’s ‘belief system’ is merely something used as a cover for their despicable natures which will never ever change. All and any kind of ‘beliefs’ can be invented to justify people’s hatred of Germany and The Holy God Men of Berchtesgaden and Bayreuth.

    Thus, any publication whatsoever, expounding the real truths, whether electronic or in book form is meaningless regarding the fight on the surface of this earth.

    The only thing that matters regarding the fight on the surface of this earth is whether Neuschwabenland can essentially destroy the Helpers of World Jewry on this earth (primarily the English speaking peoples of the earth) before the earth is destroyed by The Juden Itself.

    ‘White worker wage slaves’ enjoy being such, the only thing that drives them more than the pleasure they receive from being such is their hatred of Ehrean Germany under Adolf Hitler and any remnants from such.

  • aufihrhelden

    The Holy God Men of Berchtesgaden and Bayreuth never ‘believed’ in anything because they were Holy Men who understood and acted upon truth.

    Inferior men ‘believe’ because it suits their purposes but, in the end, neither truth nor belief means a damn thing …….

    • The 55 Club

      “Inferior men ‘believe’ because it suits their purposes but, in the end, neither truth nor belief means a damn thing”

      Well said – it is the actions of He who has God in His Heart that have True meaning.

      I love this site. 88

      • oregoncoug

        Torch Bearers aufihrhelden and Joe:

        We are on to something extremely profound here. Men are either within the predestination of the Ehrean Kristos or they are not. This has immense implications! When we are predestined, then a noble warrior’s religion must be poetic and imaginative rather than theological and intellectual. Hence the historic practice of the Nordic Roman Church to sternly discourage lay men and warriors from wasting their time on the subtle complexities of theology and too much reading of the Bible. Those activities can be relevant for the necessary unity of the clergy, but they always end up only confusing lay men for no good reason.

        For example,, there is a good dualism and a bad dualism and rather than get bogged down in their subtle difference better simply to affirm the dynamic Triune Ehrean God, study the divine poetry of Wagner, Mein Kampf, Don Miguel Serrano and their associates and leave theological intellectualism (and the harsh Old Testament) to the professional clergy who devote their lives to such complex studies.

        The New Testament (accurately translated) can be a source of great and enduring joy for us and therefore Christmas should be one of the most joyful days of the Ehrean Kristian year. On Christmas Day every Ehrean warrior should feel like a boisterous boy at heart: It’s the Day of our Ehrean Predestination!!!

        Merry Christmas, Mein Kameraden.

  • aufihrhelden

    … and the only actions that mean anything (that is, actions carried out on this earth) are those that lead directly to assuring a paradise here on earth and because (and for a very long time) the people on this earth have already chosen their side, anything that promotes truth, whether it be the written word, music, speech, whatever is meaningless because people’s natures are now set in stone and cannot be changed and therefore anything that promotes the lie is invalid for the same reason (the stupid Jew doesn’t realise this so the propaganda continues).

    The following essay talks of the ‘modern man’ in a condescending manner which portrays them accurately enough but then forgets to recommend a suitable course of action. From the essay :

    ‘We endear you to remain as you are in your comfortable pleasure-pods! Yes, please, you should remain there… no, don’t get up!’

    … but whilst ever they remain, whilst ever they ‘persist’, that means they are winning because their nature is to destroy as servants of International Jewry.

    If something that devotes its whole existence to destroying you is allowed to be kept alive then, by definition, you are signing your own death warrant ; and your own existence, whether a paradise or not, will only ever be temporary.

    Any website or publication that does not advocate the absolute annihilation of the Helpers of International Jewry is only ever advocating a temporary paradise, no matter how profound the truths.

    The Stupid Jew, in The Talmud, states that if The Gentiles ever found out what The Jews had in store for them then they would kill them but this is nonsense because the people in the corporations with the ‘clout’ in the world today would not kill them, they would worship them all the more.

    There can be no religion until the laser weapons of Neuschwabenland have wreaked the vengeance of The Furious Horde.

  • aufihrhelden

    Paradise of a Holy God Man, rendered only temporary by a hateful, spiteful world :

  • delendaestziobot

    “He is a Golem, a ‘genetic automaton’, a robot of Jehovah, condemned to total extinction along with the world of terrestrial demiurgic matter, from which he exclusively derives. And he knows it. So he does not believe in any afterlife whatsoever, fighting so frenetically for the exclusive domination of this material world, since there is no other for him than the sick and tortured earth, sickened by the Demiurge, which the Jew also hates excruciatingly and ultimately will destroy.” – Manu ‘For the man To Come’. page 146.

    Well that is the best description of Jewry one will find….The Jew is the annihilation of the world and the Humanity of Jehovah, and of the Demiurge. But not the Ehrean Race, the Jew cannot annihilate what cannot be destroyed, and that which cannot be destroyed is the ULTIMATE DESTROYER! You see, Mein Kampf is like the Old Testament, we can make that analogy, and Manu is like ‘Acts’ of the New Testament…..And certainly Paradise could only ever be temporary in this sickened earth, but what is this earth compared to Eternal Asgard!

    Hence the Third Reich “Ruin Theory”, the leitmotif of Third Reich Pilgrim: “The Ruins of Power”. Which would be the Book of Revelations in our faithful millennia old scriptural Canon. The Third Reich buildings were built to be ruins, because it was known already then that that is what they would be, ruins, that was the prophecy, that had to be fulfilled. Everything we do is under eternal signs….For the Internal Reich of the Spirit, transcending this world. And that is the end of the world, and the Nature of the world has clearly served this end.

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