The Helm: Updates

I am about to write the final notes in for the second edition of the unabridged english translation of Miguel Serrano’s

Manu: “For The Man To Come”

After reading this cryptic, augural and occult tome one truly is a New Man, a soon coming transformed being of bilocation has been born, who is both the Son and Father of Himself, and the new Holy Spirit, the Astralkorper.

The second edition of Manu has been worked on for about a year, and no word has been left unturned, time was not such a restricting factor for the second edition, not like it was in the first edition, produced at break-neck, nose-bleeding speed, racing against time and space in order to beat any foe there possibly could be; a publishing Blitzkrieg designed and executed with traditional Aryan Kabbalah and Magickal numbers, thereby fulfilling all prophecy relating to the Transition of the Ages.

The notes for Manu are complex and extensive, I am now about to start on the notes for the chapter: Mu. I Just finished the chapter: Manutara. Deep mystery, much patience and stoicism required here…I did get side-tracked for a few weeks making an attempt at deciphering the stylized Rongo Rongo tablets. Most of the Indus Valley scripts are late 2oth Century in origin, so it is easy to get confused, and not see the obvious Chilean hands in this metapolitical drama, that again is something rather peculiar to the international occult plays of the late 20th Century, with a few protagonists and many many doppelgängers and plagiarists, and redactors, with UNESCO as the biggest perpertrator of literary and artistic frauds…..UNESCO will one day have to answer for its crimes, sitting next to NASA in the witness-box! They will have to swear on the Book of The Helm!

The notes for Manu have been semantically formed by merging the private dialogues between Brother Francis and I. Same as what we did for the notes of Ultimate Avatar, (no quotation marks, no indication as to which one of us has made the note, could be either one of us.) Accept with a more occult orientation, not mythologizing any further the text, but analyzing more the aspects of the Initiation of Esoteric Hitlerism and the futuristic New Age Science of Individuation. Introducing and elaborating on the actual terminology and rituals and liturgies of our post 1945 Hitlerism, of which Don Miguel was the High Priest.

This book was originally authorized by the Führer, so our burden is heavy, a great weight, the Ring is heavy. But I am confident the notes will be a guiding light for the English-speaking Anglophone elite of the West, the Germanic Diaspora, and I am confident the notes will be right! The second edition of Manu will also have an exhaustive index by Kamerad Steve, same as what he produced for Ultimate Avatar…Without that index I would not have been able to achieve the notes as I now have for Manu, as I had to constantly cross-reference with the study, between Ultimate Avatar, NOS, and Manu, and Son of the Widower also, as well as the recent essays of Brother Francis appearing already on his blog. With this cross-reference I was constantly amazed at the accuracy of the description of the vision of this incredible Cosmogonic Weltanschaung, that was much more than breath-taking, it left me as if I could no longer even breathe the air of the world, it was like my mind had smashed through the outer shell of the universe, passing out right though its exterior into something else, like that old drawing with a man crawling out through the outer spheres of Heaven, poking his head out on the other side. That is how I feel sometimes, like the Universe is no longer big enough to contain these ideas, because they are Immortal. Such is the power of the Grail we hold and guard.

I believe that a release date for the second edition of the english translation of Manu will be set early next year.

27 responses to “The Helm: Updates

  • oregoncoug

    Words of Absolute Truth! These are the rarest words that are directly inspired from when the Ehrean God-man was still among us and had not yet gone away to Valhalla.

    This Holy Writ of the Ehreans speaks the actual Divine Thoughts of the Führer Himself directly and personally communicated to His High Priest Don Miguel Serrano after the Great War in the southernmost and remotest edge of the world. With this Second Edition of Manu: For the Man to Come the Ehrean Holy Ghost of Our Father is with us and His Sons are spiritually weaponised for the Second Coming of Adolf Hitler, this time together with His Sons, now to conquer and destroy the Heart of Darkness in Jerusalem, that Tower of the Dark Lord even now sinking beneath a rising flood of Judenblut in the God-forsaken and unholy land of Israhell.

    Henceforth the ghostly Sons of Adolf Hitler speak and fight on Holy Ground:

    “I, Jesus, have sent Mein Führer to testify these things to you in the Churches, for my Name is…Lucifer, the Bright and Morning Star.”

    (Revelation, 22:16)

  • unicornis947

    The best wishes in that work kamerad, they are really transmuting books, that is absolutelly truth, “one is truly a New Man” after the reading of those books. I hope that people all over the world be able, finally, to open their eyes, at least, and the books reach a hands of the people who is suffering due to the confusion, to recognize the enemy.

  • jalexandermaximilian

    Know Kamerad we are deeply indebted to all involved in this project. My thought are with you as I offer incense to Lucifer every dusk and dawn. Indeed will the day come when these satanic enemies face the truth of their lies!
    Sieg Heil!

  • leuchovius2014

    Congratulations, Kamerads!

    Your Holy works as the Torch-Bearers will be recognized throughout history as the Guide-posts upon which we educate the future generations of the new emerging Ehrean Man !

    Sieg Heil !

  • aufihrhelden

    The guiding light of The Anglophone :

    I feel that there needs to be a specific awakening, for whom it may concern, of the relevance or the futility of tactics used whether pertaining to a specific fight on this earth or the next world.

    • delendaestziobot

      Yes, the empitiness, the vanity, the futility:

      “Let the day perish wherein I was born, and the night in which it was said, There is a man child concieved. Let that day be darkness; let not God regard it from above, neither let the light shine upon it. Let darkness and the shadow of death stain it; let a cloud dwell upon it; let the blackness of the day terrify it….etc.” – Job 3.

      And the vanity of human wisdom…But….Activation is for Kampf, and you are here to fight because you can, not because you can know the ultimate reasons. Victory is in Death, not in Life, Death is the Fullness, Life is a bill of overpriced shoddy goods, its like something a Chinaman would make, its a counterfeit, an inferior copy. I dont see anything meaningful in the corruption called Life, I dont see anything meaningful in a Chinaman’s shoddy goods either! Take the f out of Life, and you have Lie, how appropriate, I guess Life has the meaning I give to it.

      “Guard the center of the world within yourself and you will be Lord of the Universe.” – Hagal Rune

  • oregoncoug

    We are but the fine sharp point of millions among the younger White Pan-European generation. The younger generation of our Race is now living exactly like a loaded gun. One spark, and Yellowstone will be a firefly in comparison. And the spark strikes, now, in the immense world-destroying bloodbath that is flooding out across the earth from the streets and synagogues of Jerusalem. Because we are at the first light of a War of Religions the likes of which the world has not seen. Islam has declared war against Israhell.

    A darkness is descending over humanity the end of which they will never see: Joy for the Ehreans but endless hell for the humans. We are the center of the world. We are the Lords of the Universe.

    Where we lead countless millions of warriors will follow.

    Heil Hitler!

  • delendaestziobot

    “We are warriors from the Holiest of wars, from a mythical, eternal, cosmic war. There is a myth to be defended, for which to fight and die, inside and out. It was brought here to this outer earth with its slow vibrations, in the same manner as the face in the flower in the garden of your childhood appeared to you, as if it had fallen from heaven or had emerged from inside a Great Rose…It truly has fallen from Heaven, from the rose of our Star. It came down to this earth in a sphere of light, along with the White Gods. Humans do not believe in this myth of Eternal Love and resurrection. They did not come from another world, like we did, they are the slaves of Atlantis. There are also those who have come from opposing stars, from different Universes, who are fighting against our myth. All who inhabit the world are not the same. That is why we are fighting, so as to preserve the myth, a legend, that flows through the Blood Memory. Defeat in the battles of this war will not be a defeat if the myth is preserved in its purity. The Archetype will rise like the phoenix from the blood stained ashes. The war will finally be won by a Rider on a white horse who gallops towards the past or who descends in a Sphere of Green Light. The Legend of the Eternal Love is now at the point of dissappearing because of the bastardization of the Blood Memory, just as the youth listen to Negro music, that synchronises with the contamination of their blood…They are desecrated, and they desecrate the Archetype, and all is in Ruins and ashes, just as Plato told us that Atlantis was drowned because of the destruction of the Blood Memory. The Twilight of the Gods has already come, and now only the elegies of the lone horn can be heard echoing sadly in the forests of Hyperborea.” – NOS, Book of the Resurrection

  • aufihrhelden

    The essential nature of the world is to be found in Der Ring des Nibelungen.

    In respect of this nature, the only thing that matters is intellectual capacity geared to brute force. Nothing else matters because you cannot appeal to an evil nature. Truth matters not.

    ‘The anti-gravitational science of orichalcum, of which Plato speaks, has been rediscovered. After this, all else is meaningless.’
    – page 182, Adolf Hitler, The Ultimate Avatar.

    ‘If the goyim knew what we have in store for them, they would kill us …’

    They know, but they do nothing about it. They go to the Jewish matador, where they will be bled to death, to the dregs, with heads lowered, like oxen and the beasts they seem to be, into which they have been converted, to gratefully accept their sacrifice to the Golem-Dracula-Jehovah.’
    Page 282, MANU, First Edition.

    Remember, that it is a war between The Nature of Good and The Nature of Evil ; there are hundreds of millions of The Evil Ones in Britain and America alone. The masses are of an evil nature which is why it is of no use to appeal to them.

    The strongest are the weakest and so it is with the revelations of the truths of the world ; for example, Third Reich Pilgrim is The Greatest Book of The Twenty-First Century, therefore it is vulnerable due to the hatred of the hordes, after reading Chapter III they are probably looking for a reason to blow up The Eagle’s Nest but they are stupid so they think they need to make it look like an accident which they aren’t even capable of anyway but it doesn’t matter but they don’t realise that so .. so… it goes on and the long road is taken ……..

    Qualitative measures of force need to be taken against The Hordes which is why the only thing that matters is the anti-gravitational science of orichalcum.

    Of course, I am an outsider so I know nothing of the specifics of such.

    Heil Hitler !

  • oregoncoug

    The hordes are hateful and they are many but even so we are not especially vulnerable to them. Because they are only hordes and their Judaic and White Traitor leadership in Jerusalem, Rome and London is broken, cut off at the roots. Leaderless hordes are more victims to be hunted by Ehrean Werewolfen than joyous mobs lynching the noble Werewolfen as in times past that were such happy days for the hordes.

    Whereas our leadership in Valhalla is not at all broken but exceedingly virile and well. With the recent Parinirvana of Commander Matt Koehl the required number of fallen heroes is complete. The divine feasting halls and tables are filled to capacity and the epoch of the grand music-drama of jousting battles on earth begins.

    We may not have the numbers (yet) but we already have the leadership. That is worth more than all the hordes that ever were or ever shall be. The spiritual obstacles (Judaic heresies) that have held us back for millennia are all smashed, the enemy leadership is castrated (what are Obamy and Netanyahu but cowardly impotence?), our Ehrean Glory in Valhalla is complete and the younger generation has nothing left to do but rise upwards into the dawn light of an Ehrean Golden Age.

    The hordes are blinded. They are not going to harm the Ehreans, but the Ehreans armed with the anti-gravitational science of orichalcum are going to harm them more than the hordes can begin to imagine. Our bare existence marks their utter annihilation.

    Heil Hitler!

  • delendaestziobot

    I could add the weirdo wax-works figurehead VladCo Putin, old funny face of the Moscovy Company headquarters, Kissinger’s Slav rent- boy…Putin’s face is so plastic it is now highly flammable, light a match and he will melt….

  • aufihrhelden

    ‘but the Ehreans armed with the anti-gravitational science of orichalcum are going to harm them more than the hordes can begin to imagine. Our bare existence marks their utter annihilation.’

    The super weapons were used in The Ardennes for testing and to aid The Heroes who were fighting there but it was decided that they could not, at that time, be used on a full-scale basis to win the war at that time because they would destroy the very thing that The Third Reich was fighting for ; that being the natural well-bring of the earth itself. It would have also destroyed The Refuge, Neuschwabenland.

    Adolf Hitler is a Man Of Nature.

    Are we saying that the weapons have been perfected in such a way that they can be used on specific parts, so to speak, of the surface of the earth without other parts of the earth being destroyed ?

    Has it been decided to use these weapons on, say, London and New York ?

  • oregoncoug

    The anti-gravitation weapon also exists within the chakras of each Ehrean warrior. Anti-gravitation devices are what empowered the Blood Memory of the Ehrean God-Race in the early 1940s. The Ehrean warriors are the greatest German super weapon of Kristos-Lucifer-Wotan. In the sight of our enemies we shall walk on water, we shall goose-step on clouds of Ehrean Glory. Because we should never overrate our enemies: They are our inferiors.

    Therefore we shall face them in battle and we shall destroy them. We shall destroy the last among them and none shall escape the Unveiling of the Wrath of the Sons of Adolf Hitler. When we need them the super weapons of German Super Science will appear. Every weapon we require will position itself into our hands.

    So it is written and, by Lucifer’s Curse, so it is done.

  • aufihrhelden

    They are our inferiors, of course, in the real qualitative sense, I was referring more to the ‘superior Man being the weakest’ in the world of Zion today but, of course, as The Fuhrer saw, the German Super Science represents the qualitative force to overcome this.

    Heil Neuschwabenland !

  • c

    Any comment on the recent lonely Steve Baker “debate” on money creation in UK?

    And a recommendation, Miguel Serrano’s magazine “La Nueva Edad”, was scanned, if any good spirit wants to translate it, or if you read Spanish it’s one of his most forgotten works.

    • delendaestziobot

      A Pound is from Libra, hence the “L”….Libra is the Goddess of the Scales! Money is a Weight determined by Gravity, Gravity is a Force. Gravity is equal for me and you! A Pound of Sterling is 1 Troy Pound of Sterling Silver – 92.5% real pure Silver! Work is uniform motion overcoming the opposing force of gravity. Energy is potential work, stored work, energy is stored, for example a steel rail has the potential to carry a train, therefore the steel rail does work and has energy, a banana has stored energy that can be consumed, it has immediate transferable energy, it stores work, etc, etc….

      It is self-evident for a conscious being, no debate required, no politrickery is necessary, no parliament, no debate about it, no question of inflation or banking regulations….Watching a politician trying to explain the abstract counterfeiting of the Bank of England to nobody, is rather amusing, of course it will just be met with a more powerful action and questions regarding banking, questions leading to the “troubles in Germany” and the “rise of the Nazis”…..Or inflation and debt leads to “radical extremism”, therefore inflation needs to be controlled, by, you guessed it! More banks! More power to the private banks to “regulate monetary policy”, and more government for tighter control of “government fiscal policy”, etc.

      Now, there will never be a “Revolution of the masses”, whether they are told the truth or not, makes not a lick of difference, the masses do not think for themselves, they are simply a biological mass of drones controlled by higher powers, the masses do what the masses do as a biological mass contolled by higher powers, they are puppets or Golems to put it more succinctly….And one cannot compare the Volksdeutsche of the early 20th Century with the Britstain masses or the Amerikwan masses of today….When the highest image of God was destoyed in 1945, when the Volksdeutsche was annihilated by fire bombing in WWII, that was the end of humanity as whole, it is now just a slow decay, a slow inevitable dissolving in the belly of the Demiurge, what is left over, the putrefying remains and ruins of what once was man. Humanity, and one can say White race, or Brown race or whatever, in that putrefication of man is inevitable, his fate is sealed. The details are not so relevant as the conclusion is already reached. And the tragic knowledge of this is the only philosophy left.

      We are here to guard the Myth, to keep pure the Myth, and make sure that humanity never reach out to grasp it again, their demise must be final, complete and everlasting, it is the only Justice….Humanity has been weighed in the scales and found to be a false weight, humanity as a whole is a fraud, and their fates are sealed, as mindless drones constructing their own Hell for a Mortality of nothingness.

      • the55club

        Wow, well said Karl but I do keep Hope for the Islands of National Socialism. It is they who one day can start anew. Your words are like Lightning Bolts. 88

      • leuchovius2014

        Yes ! Upon turning their backs on the True God and the Holy Volk in 1945, there indeed is nothing left for “humanity” than the long slow slide into self-annihilation and self-negation! It is their just reward. What remains on the surface of the Earth is no longer the human race but a species of criminal zombies … If our ancestors return from the stars in their Vimana, they will be coming to pass judgment on the criminal horde now known as “mankind”!

  • delendaestziobot

    The death of Commander Matt Koehl means all places in Valhalla have been filled! As Brother Francis has pointed to. I mean that in terms of pre 1945 births, it is different for post 1945 births, of course exceptions occur, but you should know what I mean. How many years did Commander Koehl hold his line, when those from the Creators and National Alliance did not hold the line?? And that was the line! The fact that very few understood that, that very few understood his sacrifice is typical for this world, but it is recognised in another world! He was the leader of the American Nazi Party! NAZI is an initiation word, our mantra. Heil Commander Koehl!

  • oregoncoug

    Those predestined to join the Führer in Valhalla have now gone away to enjoy their never-ending rewards with Him above among the stars. They are the Most Favoured Ones and Commander Matt Koehl was the last of their sacred number.

    We are the less worthy who have been left behind. But collectively we are also Manu, the Man to Come who, in the Holy Ghost of Our Father Adolf Hitler, are predestined to conquer and rule this Kosmos in His Holy Name. Our Father is in Valhalla where He shows His mercy, but He is also on earth in His Wrath, unveiled in the form of His Sons.

    This is the Truth. This is the world the human race now lives in. They are alone with us. No one should envy them their destiny, because the long-prophesied Age of Titans has begun.

  • aufihrhelden

    No mention of first principles from this Zionist politician, of course. No mention of Daly vs First National Bank of Montgomery, no mention of the real definition and role of money and certainly no mention of the Truth of The Third Reich.

    Perhaps, the stupid Jews think that one day their computers might break down so they feel the need to tell 1% truth as they try and morph away to a new system.

    The so-called ‘revolutionaries’ in Britain will point to something like this and say, ‘Look, something is being done !’, because, in reality, they don’t want anything to be done because they are all in love with Judaism.

  • aufihrhelden

    Specifically, can the weapons of Neuschwabenland be used on Britstain and Amerikwa without other parts of the world being affected ?

  • delendaestziobot

    Well, again if what has already come before is not recognized, for example as you say; Daly vs First National Bank of Montgomery, and the Third Reich, all the way back to Charlemagne, if it is not recognized as a precedent, then the debate, as it is called, is flawed to begin with, which is to be expected, because it is taking place in the Britstain parliament of Politrickery. So any ziobot opening its mouth to expel carbon dioxide in that circus is just a puppet, a golem, to be succinct. And the Britstain parliament of Politrickery has no answer to Siddharreich…And, yes, the super orichalcum weapons have already been used to disintergrate the Twin Towers of Jew York, so of course they can be used again. I remember when they were used, it was an activation for me, as the ziobots looked on in dismay, I knew something wonderous had happened, even though I did not actually see anything, the towers were no longer there, and that was something I came to realize later, through my own mind, because the vision is in my mind, it is not on television. Television is just something that was created so i could see the Fuhrer, other than that the television has no meaning unless it relates back to Him! because He is God! God on earth…I see it in His face…Hitler is God and Germany is the Holy Land.

  • leuchovius2014

    Kamerad, I was wondering if you could comment on this: An associate of mine sent me the following mainstream news story, which talks about how the US Federal Reserve is “holding” the gold of Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland “for them” (how kind of them !). The Germans have made statements that they want to get their gold back but as of yet very little if any has been repatriated. There is even a rumor that the gold is no longer there in the Fed building. The article mentions that the question of why Germany cannot get its gold back is “perhaps the biggest mystery in the financial world today”. So this brings up an interesting possibility, as some have said… perhaps the Allies’ war with Germany NEVER ENDED?

  • delendaestziobot

    Germany is a corporate state owned lock, stock and barrel…Its an occupied territory, like the rest of the world, excluding Neuschwabenland.

  • aufihrhelden

    The Third Reich Silver Standard ensured that the energy expended by a person of The Reich remained with them so Germany was invaded (and for many other reasons).

    Anybody who today advises buying, say, gold and silver coins understands the theoretical situation but, at the same time, understands nothing about the real truths of the world and the use of force by the cretins. They understand the ‘why’ but they don’t understand the ‘how’. They think that the school bully (the idiot) plays by the rules.

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