In dedication to the Blood Witnesses of the Munich Revolution and the NSDAP.

A poem by Savitri Devi

1923 9th November

Then came a day when confidence in Thy increasing might,

In Thy devoted followers and in Thy Destiny,

Thou stoodst in broad daylight against the public powers,

Slaves of Thy people’s foes, challenging them in an unequal fight;

A day when boldly facing the threat of the existing State

And its awesome machinery of oppression – its soldiery without ideas,

A tool in the hands of respectable authorities without souls-

Thy few and fiery faithful ones marched forth to storm for Thee

The citadel of undisputed power.


Their countenances bright with joy,

Their hearts full of that burning love that carries one to the ends of the earth,

And never turneth backwards;

Thy name upon their youthful lips,

As in all times to come,

Already linked inseparably with the holy name of Germany,

On they went without fear…

Sunshine is beautiful, and sweeter still,

Is death for Thee, death for thy great Idea to triumph;

For Thy reign to come.


On they went, and no force upon the earth or in heaven could stop

The impetus of their conquering step;

For theirs was Germany’s eternal soul after a long time wide-awake and free;

Theirs, the message of truth, the spell of resurrection;

And theirs, in spite of all –

After the coming flash of power and of glory,

And following untold years of martyrdom-

The lordship of the future;

Theirs the world, in its new golden age, after the final crash.


On they went. On its topmost wave,

The great unfurling tide of History that none can alter ar arrest,

Carried them to their fated goal:

To glory in unending time, – but first, to death.

The rifles of the wavering State went off,

And the bullets flew; and on the ground, in pools of blood,

Lay sixteen men of those who were the very best of germany’s best,

Thy faithful ones of early days, Thy chosen few,

Men of all trades and of all ranks, men of Aryan blood alone,

Men of all ages too, the oldest over fifty, the youngest just nineteen,

But all young men at heart, all looking to the future,

All men who firmly felt that, to begin anew,

And to build in truth and fervour, trusting one’s fate,

It is never too difficult, never too late.


In brotherly equality, in pools of blood they lay,

The first ones of an endless list of martyrs of the Cause of life in truth,

Under its modern form; the first to win the honor of giving up their lives

For Thee and for new Germany, their resurrected Fatherland –

And Thine – and; beyond that, new Aryandom,

Thy world-wide dream of beauty, – and mine.


There they lay, while the might that Thou were soon to overthrow –

The might of those authorities in the service of foreign wealth –

Gripped a few other of Thy trusted ones,

And Thee Thyself, and led you all into captivity.

On Thee, the heavy fortress doors were shut for several months.


The newspapers mentioned the fact,

Mentioned also the death of the first martyrs.

But outside Germany, few understood how great a happening had taken place;

How great an upheaval, in joyous sacrifice and death was taking place.


Heil the sixteen Blood Witnesses! For they saw if first in death, and now are not dead!



5 responses to “Feldherrnhalle

  • M:G

    Savitri Devi is much more than just a remarkable women, the valkyrie spirt burn fiercely within her very being. Her writings and works leads me to Serrano, national socialism and aryanism. Before that I was ensnared by the mirages, illusion and deception of Zion world order, the words of savitri devi are like lightning bolts of truth, striking and demolishing what every lies conjured by Zion and their Judaic masters, she is in fact an equal to Serrano. She will be in the final battalion lead by Wotan/Kristos/Hitler/Kalki avatar.

  • delendaestziobot

    This poem I transliterated from the book: “Forever and Ever” Devotional Poems. The publication is by Counter Currents in association with the Savitri Devi archive. The poem appears in that book, which is available on Amazon as a prose poem, which I have put down here in verse form, with just a few changes of words. Savitri never got to publish her devotional poems along with other a few other manuscripts, she was bashed and robbed of her gold jewelry just before she intended to publish them. Savitri hated banks so she kept her wealth (meagre as it was) in jewelry. These poems only surfaced a few years ago, as they were entrusted to a friend of hers. And there was really no way of publishing them until now. Interesting, how hard it was for Savitri to publish her books during her lifetime, she sacrificed everything for her books….Her legal platonic husband did not financially assist her much in this, if at all? I chose this poem to honor Savitri Devi as well as the 16 Blood Martyrs. No precedent here, Savitri was a chaste virgin who first identified the Avatar, there is no precendent for this. She also challenged the entire world, single handed, and it appears that she has won…Again, no precedent. Savitri the Valkyrie took on the entire might of the victorious All Lies at their very summit of their might, and she won, and wrote about it in her spare time, and then published and printed her victory as a Testament! And she did it completely alone, and that is the Self-Etherealization of the Blood! Emergence of the Self! And that can only happen post 1945, because the Avatar is present, you see.

  • oregoncoug

    Another Blood Witness has joined the ranks of the elite and the most few.

    Commander Matt Koehl, one among the innermost circle of friends and Kameraden of Savitri Devi on Gerda and the chosen successor of George Lincoln Rockwell, has achieved Parinirvana and gone away to Valhalla.

    Heil Commander Koehl! Sieg Heil!

  • delendaestziobot

    I wonder if Commander Koehl’s ashes will join those of Savitri Devi and George Lincoln Rockwell, in an urn next to theirs? Devi as the Virgin Mother of American Neo-Nazism and Rockwell the Father, wed in death. Their ashes like a Holy Trinity at the New Order’s Arlington ossuary? Their Spirits of course transformed into starlike vimanas and departed through the Void of the Black Sun and onto Valhalla.

    Sieg Heil!

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