Mimicry, by Joseph Goebbels,

The Jews are masters at fitting in to their surroundings, without in any way changing their nature, They are mimics. They have a natural instinct that senses danger, and their drive for self-preservation usually gives them the proper ways and means to escape danger at no risk to their lives or any need for courage. It is difficult to detect their sly and slippery ways. One has to be an experienced student of the Jews to recognize what is happening. Their response when they have been uncovered is simple and primitive. It displays a perfidious shamelessness that is successful because one usually does not think it possible to be so shameless. Schopenhauer once said that the Jew is the master of the lie. He is such an expert on twisting the truth that he can tell his innocent opponent the exact opposite of the truth even on the clearest matter in the world. He does this with such astonishing impudence that the listener becomes uncertain, at which point the Jew has usually won.

The Jews call this chutzpah. Chutzpah is a typically Jewish expression that really cannot be translated into any other language, since chutzpah is an expression of a concept found only among the Jews. Other languages have not needed to invent such a word, since they do not know such a phenomenon. Basically it means unlimited, impertinent, and unbelievable impudence and shamelessness.

As long as we had the doubtful pleasure of having to put up with Jews, we had more than enough examples of the typical Jewish characteristics they call chutzpah. Cowards become heroes and decent, industrious and brave men become contemptible idiots or fools. Fat and sweaty stockbrokers presented themselves as communists saving the world, and decent soldiers were characterized as beasts. Normal families were mocked as breeding pens, while group marriages were praised as the highest form of human development. The most disgusting junk the human mind could create was presented as great art while real art was ridiculed as rubbish. The murderer was said to be not guilty, and the victim became the guilty one!

It was a system of public deception that, when applied long enough, lames a people both culturally and spiritually and over time strangles any kind of defence. Before National Socialism, Germany was in the midst of such deadly danger. Had our people not come to its senses at the last possible moment, our country would have been ripe for Bolshevism, the most devilish infection the Jews can bring upon a people.

Bolshevism, too, is an expression of Jewish chutzpah. Turbulent Jewish party leaders and clever Jewish capitalists manged the most shameless coup one can imagine. They mobilized the so-called proletariat to class struggle by ruthlessly exploiting real or imaginary problems. Their goal was total Jewish domination. The crassest plutocracy used socialism to establish the crassest financial dictatorship. A world revolution was to expand this experiment from the Soviet Union to the rest of the world. The result would have been Jewish world domination. The National Socialist revolution was a deathblow to this attempt. Once international Jewry realized that agitation was no longer sufficient to take over European nations, they decided to wait for a war. They wanted it to last as long as possible, so that at its end they could institute Bolshevist terror and force on a weakened, drained, and impotent Europe. This had been the goal of Moscow’s Bolshevists from the beginning of the war. They wanted to join in only when easy and safe victory was assured, meanwhile holding down sufficient German forces top keep Germany from a decisive victory in the West. One can imagine the howls of rage in the Kremlin as they realized one Sunday morning that the Führer’s sword had cut through their web of lies and intrigues.

Until then, the Jewish Bolshevist leaders had cleverly kept in the background, probably in the mistaken belief they could fool us. Litvinov and Kaganovich were hardly seen in public. Behind the scenes, however, they were about their dastardly work. They tried to persuade us that the Jewish Bolshevists in Moscow and the Jewish plutocrats in London and Washington were enemies. Secretly, however, they were planning to strangle us. That is proven by the fact that they made up with each other the moment their devilish game was revealed. The ignorant peoples on both sides who surely were astonished at such a sight were calmed down by tactful measures.

In Moscow, for example, the Jews abolished the Atheist Federation, even though it had been a matter of honor only a few days earlier for leading Soviet bigwigs to belong to. Religious freedom was now guaranteed in the entire Soviet Union. Lying news items were spread in the world press announcing that praying was once more allowed in the churches, among other swindles. The English could not quite bring themselves to play the Internationale on the radio every night, since in Mr. Eden’s interesting distinction the Bolshevists were not allies, only fellow combatants. The Internationale would have been a bit too strong for the British people at the moment, but they are hard at work presenting Stalin as a great statesman and wonderful social reformer who can only be compared to Churchill. They are doing their best to find other similarities as well between the glorious democracies in Moscow and London.

Remarkably, they are not all that far from the truth in this regard. They look different only to those who do not know much. To experts, they are alike as two peas in a pos. The same Jews are at work, whether on stage or behind the scenes. When they pray in Moscow and sing the Internationale in Moscow, they are doing what the Jews have always done. They are practicing mimicry. They adjust to the conditions around them, slowly, gradually, so as not to unsettle or awaken others.

They are angry at us for uncovering them. They know we recognize them for what they are. The Jew is secure only when he can remain hidden. He loses his balance when he senses that someone sees through him. The experienced Jewish expert immediately sees in the insults and complaints the familiar Old Testament outbursts of hate. They have come our way so often that they have lost every element of originality. They are only of psychological interest to us. We wait calmly until the Jewish rage has reached its epitome. Then they start falling apart. They spout nonsense, and suddenly betray themselves.

The material on Radio Moscow or Radio London and the articles that appear in the Bolshevist and plutocratic organs are simply indescribable. London always gives priority to Moscow, which allows it to preserve good manners and blend into the landscape. Moscow’s Jews invent lies and atrocities; the London Jews cite them and blend them into stories suitable for the innocent bourgeois. They do it only from professional obligation, naturally. The dreadful crimes in Lembert that horrified the entire world were, of course, not committed by the Bolsheviks, but rather were an invention of the Propaganda Ministry.

It is quite irrelevant that German newsreels made the proof available to the entire world. Obviously, we oppress the arts and sciences, whereas Bolshevism is a true center of culture, civilization and humanity. We personally were pleased at a recent statement by Radio Moscow. It was so absurd and despicable that it was almost flattering. We assume the Jewish speaker recalls the good old days in Berlin. Unless they have a very short memory, they must recall that all their insults will only lead to a thrashing at the end. Every evening they announce that they want to punch us in the nose, us and all the other Nazi pigs. Sure, you want to, but doing it is something rather different, gentlemen! The whole affair has a certain tragicomic tone. The Jews talk as if they were really strong, but soon they have to move their tents and run like rabbits from the approaching German soldiers. Qui mange du juif, en meurt!

One could almost say that anyone with the Jews on his side has already lost. They are the best pillar of the coming defeat. They carry the seed of destruction. They hoped this war would bring the last desperate blow against National Socialist Germany and an awakening Europe. They will collapse. Already today, we begin to hear the cries of desperate and seduced peoples throughout the world: “The Jews are guilty! The Jews are guilty!” The court will pronounce judgment on them  will be fearful. We do not need to do anything ourselves. It will come because it must come. Just as the fist of an awakened Germany has struck this racial filth, the fist of an awakened Europe will surely follow. Mimicry will not help the Jews then. They will have to face their accusers. The court of the nations will judge their oppressor. Without pity or forgiveness, the blow will strike. The world enemy will fall, and Europe will have peace.

9 responses to “Mimicry

  • leuchovius2014

    Thank you for posting this, Kamerad ! A fitting tribute to Dr. Goebbels as the anniversary of his birthday draws near.

    The third paragraph presciently sums up the pigsty of the modern world that we live in now. We can see in the upside-down world around us what the repercussions have been for ignoring his words! Herein he sounds the death-knell of Western civilization. The Allies are reaping what they have sown!

    In a Just and properly corrected future of the New Ehrean Man we will be using writings such as these to instruct our children in their schools!

    • oregoncoug

      What this world needs most is Ehrean education, something that does not exist but that must exist. Ehrean education will be the magick bullet that will destroy this world and make way for the creation of a new world on its burning ashes. Nothing else will achieve this destruction and creation of worlds, but by creating an Ehrean Order of Kristian Knighthood dedicated to Ehrean warrior education, we shall be more powerful than all the armies of this world. Incomparably more powerful and nothing will be able to stand in our way, however much devastation this will bring.

      Our Ehrean education must arise in the Holy Land of the West, in Germany. From there, armed with the Armanen Runes, with the art and writings of Wagner, Hitler and Serrano, we shall go forth and in the Sign of the Swastika we shall conquer, destroy and transfigure this dark fallen Jew-infested world.

      Heil Hitler!

  • unicornis947

    For this reason Adolf Hitler said that the worst enemy, is inside of us, he was referring to the internal psychological jew, inside of every man. Because they had achieved to modify the thoughts of the normal man, by means of their infinte brainwash methods of their culture, propaganda, television, producing false percerptions of reality, synthetic food to destroy youth, like mc donald’s, fantasies drinks, altered fruits and meat, degenerate sexuality, teaching of stupidity, praise to the imbecile, deceit, and so on. It is actually all contaminated. If you want to do something, yo have to pay to a jew, if you want to park the car, you must pay to a jew, if you want to live you must pay, you need water, you have to pay to a jew for that, that is jewish corrupted world. Worst of all, is that they reached to make mankind to think that it is fine, that this is the reality, a materialistic world produced by the corruption, avarice, degeneration of a putrid ethnicity which reign is all, and they are a few, a few in the apex of the power, but people is feeble, people want this slavery, is something that anyone can notice, most people seems to like it. We have entered to the worst stage of the Kaly Yuga, if it was terrible during the second world war, now is catastrophic. Nothing deserves to be saved in this time. Joseph Goebbles had a great undestanding of the psychological jew culture. It is a great vision about it, it is also necessary to study it, to comprehend those cultural precepts, to despoil us from any of them. Every day is more difficult to do this because to world aims in that direction, the conciusness of the Demiurge is stronger, only a few of us can fight against it.

    Greetings from Chile, great page!

  • aufihrhelden

    If it is known that a group of people are ‘Masters of Lies’ then, in reality, they are no such thing otherwise they would not be known as such.

    Because of the nature of the people who side with The Jew in the world today, the truth is meaningless and so are the lies. Nobody understands this. The Jew doesn’t understand this by virtue of the fact that they still run their fiat ‘monetary’ fraud and their propaganda machines and their puppet parliaments. The three most evil corporations in the world who, throughout history, have most aided The Jew in its attempts to destroy Germany are Britain, France and America. The people of these corporations are out and out Judaic, they display a mixture of inertia and vile hatred towards all that is beautiful and superior yet The Jew is stupid so The Jew can’t see it. Pressing the ‘On’ button to create trillions of electronic digits to keep the fiat system going ? Why bother, when the masses would just hand over all their possessions anyway ? Creating Holocaust Lies that a child could see through on the History Channel ? Why bother when people hate The Germans anyway ? Bribing and controlling politicians ? Why bother when people are all watching soap operas anyway ?


    This is why they play the long game – because they are not capable of immediate intellectual exchanges but they don’t realise that people aren’t interested in such anyway.

    A good example – during The Third Reich, German cruise ships were not allowed to dock in British ports because The Jew thought that if British workers saw the luxuries that The German people enjoyed under Adolf Hitler then they would start to question why this was and they may want such luxuries for themselves. NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO ! Do you know what the reaction would have been ? Hatred for The Germans ! The British don’t mind living in slums as long as everybody else must suffer all the more.

    The Fuhrer understood. Again this, The Jews are stupid but id doesn’t matter because they are unscrupulous :

    ‘Although, as Miguel Serrano states, in the Ardennes Offensive the Third Reich did make use of various ‘miracle weapons’, the Unknown Directors decided on their complete non-use elsewhere during the war since using them would have caused such a distortion in the fabric of material reality that they would have placed the Antarctic and extra-terrestrial plans at risk’.

    Truth is meaningless and so are the lies but what of the condition of the ‘miracle weapons’ today ? What of the work of The Heroes of Neuschwabenland ?

    This is perhaps the most important link on the entire internet because it sums up, in just a few words, the Nature of things :

    ‘… Then they both sank into the muddy waters of the swiftly flowing river’.
    – That is what they want, a grand dilution, a world of ugly nothingness. They hate themselves but they hate truth and beauty even more. They are not even concerned about the lies …

    Truth only matters AFTER the war is won and power is gained otherwise paradise is only temporary. The man who builds his paradise on the beach can only live in it until the tide comes in.

    Truth ??? Lies ??? We may as well all listen to gumf such as this :

    • oregoncoug

      A hard topic, aufihrhelden, maybe the hardest. This world is hopeless, always has been and no intelligent man has ever imagined otherwise. Hence the dark pessimism of our European ancestors towards this world. But what matters isn’t this doomed world. What matters are the Ehreans in it, including their animal brothers, and their destiny. They matter greatly. Therefore the confidence of our Hitlerist Maestros like Wagner and Serrano doesn’t come from any positive estimate of the human masses, who are masses of absolute Sheeple and always have been. Our confidence comes from the Nordic Roman Golden Age, Virgil and the Ehrean New Testament of that uniquely golden historical time. The Führer’s favourite book was H. S. Chamberlain’s Worte Christi, a collection of sayings from the words of the historical Ehrean Kristos, the “someone who knew” as Miguel Serrano has described Him. If your German permits, you might contemplate Chamberlan’s Worte Christi as the Führer did, with greatest noble reverence. Our Father learned His Ehrean New Testament as a child from His beloved parents. The divine confidence He learned from them never wavered, not even in the Bunker in Berlin. His confidence does not waver in Valhalla now. We must be perfect as Our Father in Valhalla is perfect. Nothing less will do for us.

  • aufihrhelden

    Of course, oregoncoug, what you say here is actually what I am saying also ; this world is hopeless and always has been due to the hordes of animal-men that exist in it but if The Ehreans in this world indeed matter (which, of course, they do) then there can only ever be one course of action and that is the complete destruction of all that would bring harm to the said Ehreans in this world.

    If there exists an enemy on the surface of the earth whose sole purpose in life is your complete destruction then the only long-term solution is for you to engage in their destruction otherwise any paradise is only temporary.

    My writings here do not and never have portrayed the masses of Sheeple as anything other than an enemy in whom one can have no confidence whatsoever in as, regards truth and light, because no God can ever incarnate in them. Now (and I feel that this is of the utmost importance) if that was the end of it, then that would be all well and good and you could go on and build an Ehrean Empire of Germania which could last a thousand years but it is not the end of it because the masses are not only animal-men but animal-men who devote all their Satanic Beings into the destruction of Germania so therefore, by definition, there can be no peace, no truth, no lies and certainly no art (Third Reich Pilgrim, page 250) and no books until the enemy is destroyed utterly. I have every confidence in the Truth and The Light of The Ehrean Man such as the creator of the following website …


    … but of what use is this when this world is full of scorpions whose only mandate is to sting in perpetuity ? My stance is use the super weapons now on London and Jew York and THEN watch the light of the above website, for example, cover all.

    So what matters now ?

    Regarding the ‘nuclear bomb’, specifically pages 25-29 of ‘MANU’ : there
    seems to be a slight contradiction here on whether two bombs, out of five
    (pages 25-26) are one bomb, out of four (page 29) were saved for use against Germany, however, the main question to ask, of course, is whether this bomb/bombs could still be used now or whether the time lapsed renders it/them useless now.

    The ‘super-weapons’ of The Third Reich described in ‘The Ultimate Avatar’
    and page 30 of ‘MANU’ – could it be they were used the once in order to
    prove their validity, then perfected in Neuschwabenland then used in the
    final battle after all the evils of Judaism since the end of WWII would have
    been revealed to those who can see. The effect of His Word would be all the more dramatic.

    He understood that, as soon The All-lies declared war then preparations would need to start in earnest for the transition to Neuschwabenland and the Heroes of The Wehrmacht and The Waffen SS would buy time on the surface of the earth ; because there can never ever be any kind of truth or culture extant whilst ever they exist.

    The Jewish mindset would be easy to overcome if enough people were moved to oppose it and enough people wanted to oppose it but there isn’t which means that The Jews don’t even need to utilise this mindset in the first place, they could just simply announce what they are doing to the world ! This control for the world is not played out on an intellectual level or even on a merely level of propaganda. The thing that rules this world is INERTIA but the Jew thinks it’s necessary to own newspapers !!

    Mime : You and your kind I have always hated with all my heart ; it was not out of love that I brought you up, you burdensome child : my efforts were aimed at the gold ……

    Siegfried : That you hate me, I’m glad to hear : but must I also yield up my life ?

    Siegfried : You mean to murder me while I’m asleep ?

    …….. Siegfried kills Mime who immediately falls to the ground dead ….

    Siegfried : Have a taste of my sword, you loathsome babbler ! Nothung pays the wages of spite – that’s why I had to forge it.

    So Siegfried dealt with Mime but he was murdered by Hagen who was of the same breed …

    • oregoncoug

      aufihrhelden, here are a few cheerful thoughts for you on this Halloween 2014:

      The problem is that this fallen world isn’t yet ruled entirely by inertia. The enemy continues to have some capacity for action because this world is actually ruled by the energy the Juden and their Ziobot Sheeple slaves are still able to gain by drawing the blood energy from Ehreans. Vampires Unlimited isn’t inert until they’re deprived of that Ehrean blood they drink in. To do that all the many, so to speak, onion layers of Judaic evil (‘the world of shells’) have to be defeated agonisingly one by one.

      Actually that’s what the Ehreans have been actively engaged in doing these past two thousand and some years. Natural monotheism, natural polytheism, gnosticism, skepticism/agnosticism, Deism and Marxism, basically 666 distinct heresies in all, have to be initially broken, then have their ensuing rally attack crushed and then finally mopped up one by one. So 665 of those great battles have been won by the Ehreans reducing the defeated to the fading away of harmless nostalgic crackpots. Only one, Neo-Liberal Marxism. remains (the Bolshevik faction of the economic advisors of the Imperial Hapsburg Court spread mostly by the late Juden vampire HIH Otto von Hapsburg through his Liberal Red Mont Pelerin Society).

      Once the rally of the Neo-Liberal Reds is defeated (their initial attack was already broken back in 1945 and the last remaining leader of their follow up rally against us, namely Obamy the Negroid Jew Antichrist, isn’t much longer for this world) the Juden and their Sheeple will have no access any more to Ehrean blood energy and inertia will finally truly rule this fallen world, as it should. Then the Ehreans will be the only ones on earth or elsewhere who have any energy or initiative and there will be none to oppose us or do anything effective against us. Then our all-too-human enemies will putrefy layer upon layer infinitely (matter is inexhaustible). Ehrean good order will be imposed on them from above and they will be in the place we have long prepared for them and where they least want to be: Hell. Where they will have to be agonisingly well-behaved prim and proper living dead corpses worlds without end.

      Justice will be served and they will never be able to harm us again. They will never have any access to Ehrean blood energy and will be too well-behaved, weak and purified even to ever attempt such a thing. And we’ll go down and bash them now and then just for good measure and Old Times’ Sake. That will be part of the festivities. Can’t have them sneaking up and trying to get into our bright and glorious Valhalla!

      Anyhow, such is the historic Ehrean Kristian idea of Heaven and Eternal Bliss. We’ll never be bored: There will always be plenty more Juden and Ziobot pigs to bash and skewer. So much better than they deserve, but after all our Ehrean compassion knows no bounds. Just having pity on them and showing them the kindness they need most.

      Thus their Nazi Enlightenment and good behaviour will increase forevermore.

  • delendaestziobot

    In regards to pages 25-26 and page 29 in “Manu”, you are correct there is a contradiction, with the two stories. One story is from the scientists of Federal Germany and one story from the old SS man. Both stories are lies, adopted lies, lies spread through the human contagion, which is the note I have made now for the second edition of “Manu”…Of course the title of the chapter is “the Atomic Bomb does not exist”, and that is correct, the Atomic Bomb does not exist, and Hiroshima and Nagasaki were made of a rather primitive wood and paper construction, 99% of which were just basic shelters for Japanese families. The US airforce carpet bombed the Japanese civilians with napalm bombs, set them all on fire until they were utterly destroyed.
    You can read a little more about the fakery and hoax of the Atomic Bomb here:

    Nuclear weapons and atomic bombs are the fantasies of the US. As I have already explained in Third Reich Pilgrim, and it seems like so long ago now, fire is what does the damage. The Juden know this, that is why they just start fires, so cheap and efficient, you only need one match! LOL….And here you have all these stupid humans, some one told them that there were atomic bombs and they believe, and yet its fucking fire that burns everything down, and fire is cheap, costs nothing, oxygen is its fuel source. Imagine you have a line of fully armed police with their armour plated suits and hi-tech guns and shit, well you throw a few petrol balloon-bombs at their feet and chuck a match on them, and boooooooom!!!! LOL…Fire, all those little triangles turning like little nano sized chainsaws, can finish a man off as fast as you can click your fingers, well you hope it would be fast, if its slow than that is worse, for the one who is on fire that is.

  • aufihrhelden

    Some of the (modern) interpretations of His operas are better than others and some are a lot worse than others. But despite the presence and power of The Almighty Asinine in the world today, some revealing aspects are still revealed.

    The Evil Spirit threatens and will always threaten unless finally dealt with. Look at the face of Sixtus Beckmesser at the 4:45 mark ; in that moment he is planning his return in all of the future to come as Napoleon, as The November Criminals, as The Russian Hordes, as the cowardly Allied pilots and many other guises. At the 5:24 mark, Hans Sachs watches Beckmesser walk away and he knows what will come one day but everything is allowed to drift …

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