Ghost Lords of the Underground

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A wonderful banner from the painting series by Thomas Cole, “The Voyage of Life: Old Age”….We are old, us Ehreans, very old, the oldest beings in the dungeons of planet Zion! Even older than the whales, never to be swallowed by the gigantic Whale of Death. The Hudson River School, of course, those great American wilderness painters, of which Thomas Cole was the founder of that movement, one of the greatest Romantic painters. A little while ago I was asked by someone, who knows me to be wise in the ways of the world, if I believed in ghosts? My response was: “I am a ghost.” My answer did not seem ridiculous at all to the one who asked the question, they were of the understanding that I could very well be a ghost. I feel myself to be a ghost. A Hooded Man, A Ghost Dog haunting the secluded psyches and isolated retreats of human kind. A Spirit…. Un-bound by the fetters of the Adamantine Earth! Or that growth that enfolds her, some calcification similar to the calcification of the cerebral cortex, the grey matter, like entwined roots through soil, one can pull it up in clumps and clods of neuronal cell bodies, the grey matter of the entire earth, Ymir’s outer skull. What is inside is outside. Like the flesh of mountains, white marble, cut out when its soft and young, and then it hardens after being carved by the hands of humans. Or the blood, pressured up through volcanoes, harden into rock, as a scab to cover a wound, then humans take those scabs and carve them into lies that can last longer then themselves, and then archeologists will later turn the clock back, turn the mileage meter back for carved scabs of the earth’s blood, tell a story from scabs they find in the dirt, or grey matter, and receive a prize for who can turn the mythological mileage-clock back the furthest, like a used car salesman, they turn back stories to earlier dates and then sell them…It is a commercial venture. And everything material has been stolen from the Gods and made into a phantasmagoria of humanity, who is desperately trying to turn the clock back, making itself appear older than what it is, because it is not old, it is young. The Ehrean is not Human, the Ehrean is a Ghost Lord of the Underground!

In Hate and Vengeance!

4 responses to “Ghost Lords of the Underground

  • jalexandermaximilian

    We sleep walk now with the old man of the mountain again in slumber. He will again soon awaken, and humanity, those organic robots will have much to make penance for. The spirits of the sky have told me how a Holy Fire, a Great Blessing is upon us!

  • leuchovius2014

    Kamerad, thank you for the link ! Your words are very well chosen as usual ! All of us are as ghosts until the time when our Eternal Reich re-emerges. But the wheels are in motion.

    I think of the Werwolf, those few German soldiers who remained to fight even though the enemy had totally over-run their lands. It is true that many of the soldiers gave in or switched sides when the end was imminent, but the true soldiers continued on, even when their country had collapsed. Often alone, separated or abandoned, they fought on until the end.

    We are as ghosts until our Fatherland is re-united with its True Volk and the people become as one again, under the banner of the svastika.

  • aufihrhelden

    The creator of the above website is a Bearer of Light.

  • jalexandermaximilian

    I just want to say what an honor and indeed a bleSSing it is to have found such kamerades wise in the ways of the world, and filled the Light of Thee True God!

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