Norman Lowell in London

Norman Lowell speaking in London: Miguel Serrano – ‘Warrior & Visionary of the Spirit’



12 responses to “Norman Lowell in London

  • delendaestziobot

    All copies of the first edition of Ultimate Avatar are now sold…There is one copy left, but several buyers for it, so I will have to decide who gets it. To those that missed out, all I can say is that Speed and Lightning is of the essence. A second edition will depend upon a number of factors with the right circumstances arriving at the right time. I cannot predict when that will be at this stage, but I can say that other books will come before that, until then the English translation of Serrano’s Son of the Widower by Franz Berg, is available through Amazon or directly through Hermitage Helm, again the book is in short limited supply.

  • aufihrhelden

    ‘ … attacking him at the political, economic, financial – he just laughs at us, shrugs us off.’
    – Norman Lowell

    I will now proceed to give an in-depth analysis of the tactics utilised by World Jewry which enable them to ‘laugh at us and shrug us off’ :

    They kill people and start wars.

    END of the in-depth analysis.

    A world chess champion could shrug off the challenge of a club player because he knows he can beat him at chess but the Jew can shrug off the challenge of someone infinitely superior to him because he can KILL HIM !

    Struggling with your printing press ? Can’t count to ten ? Struggling with your precious metal commitments ? Can’t count to ten ? Pushed into a corner ? Don’t worry !! Be happy !! Kill them and laugh !!

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I give to you, the Stupid and Cowardly Jew, Ruler of The World !!

    ‘And you know that I’ve always defended the view that there are no stupider people than the Jews neither is there a more unprincipled or unscrupulous.’
    – Adolf Hitler

  • aufihrhelden

    ‘How could the proud Princes of Zion reign without the aid of discord ?’
    – page 11, Third Reich Pilgrim, The Ruins of Power.

  • M:G

    Reading this blog is like taking the red pill of truth, thanks!

  • aufihrhelden

    The man in the video says that it is a ‘spiritual fight’ and speaks it as though that is some kind of passage to a ‘Great Awakening’ but the Spirituality of the English Speaking People’s of the World, that is to say the very reason for their existence, is the total and absolute daily worship of the Demiurge and the total and absolute hatred of The Ehrean Race. Armchair spirituality (a misplaced belief in the goodness of ‘Man) is just, essentially, feeding the Demiurge.

    ‘It’s enough for me, to set eyes on you, to know that there’s evil in all that you do.’
    – Siegfried to Mime.
    … The Master of Everything knew …

    What would Norman Lowell describe as The White Race ? What one might refer to today as ‘The White Race’ are just absolutely evil. Look at the Americans, look at the British, look at the French. It is all about race, it is all about blood but not in that simple nationalistic manner that serves Zion so well. It is about the re-emergence or the resurrection of the Man to Come, the Ehrean Superman and the vast, vast majority of what people would refer to today as ‘The White Race’ are violently opposed to that.

    I’m told that it’s a Struggle, apparently it’s a Struggle, indeed His Holy Book is called ‘Mein Kampf’ but what kind of struggle is it ? On what grounds is this Struggle being fought ? It’s certainly not an intellectual Struggle because The Jews are stupid (look at the methods they use) and it’s certainly not a physical or armed Struggle not in the direct face to face manner because the Coward Armies of Zion are just button pressing cowards who could never, in a million years, face the German Wehrmacht or Waffen SS directly on the field of battle. Nor is it a Struggle for the recognition of truth because the masses hate truth, or, in the very least, it just doesn’t interest them. I find statements such as, ‘We are going to enter into a New Golden Age’ or, ‘The Truth will set you free’ without recognition of the realities involved, annoying to say the least.

    ‘There are over 600 species of moss in the UK, some of which are endangered’. – people aren’t interested because it doesn’t affect their daily worship of Zion. Neither are they interested in the Greatest Truths of The World as revealed by Hermitage Helm Corpus.

    Migeul Serrano talked of ‘animal men in whom no God will ever incarnate’ – that’ the nature of the thing. He also talked of the Hitlerist anti-gravitational vehicles and the super weapons before which, nothing else mattered. Therefore, knowing the fact that there is only one way to resolve the age old conflict between the Animal Man and The Ehrean Man, the only question of any relevance worth asking relates to the situation of Neuschwabenland today, its fighters, its tactics and its agenda.

    I would be grateful if anybody reading this would bear it in mind when reading the following quotations from someone who knew :

  • aufihrhelden

    … put another way, there are no loner any meaningful variables which have any effect on the principle of cause and effect because it is now (it has become) purely the Nature of a person which determines the side on which he or she stands and not any concept of truth or righteousness (the Jews don’t understand this which is why they still operate their media companies).

    I do not agree with the assertion that The Second World War was a ‘Battle Lost’ because it was never really a ‘battle’, not in the true sense. The Jews do not ‘Win’, they never ‘Win’ because the word ‘Win’ indicates that a person or organisation has used either intellect or physical prowess in order to defeat an opponent. Neither do the Jews ‘Prevail’, not in the real sense because the word ‘Prevail’ again indicates superior performance in order to overcome an opponent. The Jews think that they ‘Win’ and they think that they ‘Prevail’ and, no doubt, they laugh about it but, in reality, they only exist in power due to the support of The White Race or the vast self-hating majority thereof. The most accurate way of putting it would be to say that the Jews ‘Remain’ ; imagine a large set of weighing scales with ten people on one side and a single child on another, the scales will only move in one direction but that’s not a ‘win’, it is not a victory, it is just sheer weight of numbers.

    Here I sit, laughing at The Jews and the more power they gain, the more I laugh at them, if only I could hide my sheer disgust and hatred towards these vile creatures just for one moment.

  • aufihrhelden

    You see people don’t like any kind of a real solution, they prefer to pretend that their pretend simulation is real, they don’t like absolutes and they hate ‘nth’ degree talk. There are never any specifics except on the side of evil ; could it be that the Evil Masses of the world today love their evil more than the Men of Truth love their truth ?

    The frogs cried out for The Holy Man to come down to the riverbank to teach ‘spirituality’ to the scorpions.

    ‘What’s that, you want me to get out of bed ? What for ? For my ’cause’ to have no effect ? I think I’ll just lie here. Let me know when you want me to contribute towards building a gas chamber for five hundred million devils.’

  • aufihrhelden

    It could be said that the preservation of, or, more accurately, the resurrection of the Ehrean Race on the surface of this earth depends on the annihilation of the so-called ‘White Race’.

    • delendaestziobot

      Whether white black or yellow, it all deserves to perish. ‘White Race’ is just a literary term, there are no races, just a heap of biological junk called “humanity”, true there are a few different shades in this heap of horse shit, but it is still just a pile of stinking shit. Politics is a 19-20th Century phenomena that is the end result of centuries of manoeuvrings of the various printing presses, Nationalism follows moveable type and uniform printing on mass. That is the medium upon which national politics was built, that medium was reliant on iron, he who controlled the iron, controlled the presses, controlled the railways, controlled the guns, etc, and of course Politics. Quite old fashioned almost primitive uses of iron were the basis of Nationalism and National Politics, today in the Digital Age, where power can be transferred in a millisecond from one end of the world to another, any suggestion of Nationalism with borders and a political party is so old fashioned as to be quite primitive, but it still holds a quaint endearing quality to it that attracts the dreamers and the naïve. Nationalism was who owned what railway system, and how far the newspaper could travel on that railway system. Today its not about that, the railway and the newspaper have been superseded by more advanced technology…A Nationalist is someone still sitting on a train with a newspaper with bowler hat on and a walking cane, smoking a pipe. Politics today is in the entertainment business, it is a show, a spectacle, a soap opera, something for stupid people to watch. Technology like jet-planes, telephones, electric media, television, the internet, which the real Corporate power associations use, made Nationalism obsolete, it was something that simply could not exist, when electric media and jet engines had overcome the national railway systems! Nationalism emerged after the Medieval Guilds, it emerged with typographic man and the age of the technology of the printing press. Obviously if you could get a group of people to read the same thing when they had been taught to read, then they would all think the same thing. That was Nationalism – how far a newspaper could travel, in Russia it could travel very far, so Pravda was very large. Today when I can sit in my room and type this and it appears in somebody elses room on the other side of the world in a second, THAT MEANS THERE IS NO MORE NATIONALISM OR NATIONAL POLITICS….

      • oregoncoug

        When the nations are reduced to mere localities, then they are no more. Then race becomes everything. We are a race, we are the White Ehrean Race. We are the destruction of this world and the creators of a New Heaven and a New Earth.

        We are Ehreans, Sons of the Wolf, the Sons of Adolf Hitler.

  • delendaestziobot

    Nations have gone the way of the horse and cart…A White Nationalist is like someone on a horse and cart, smoking a pipe, carrying bales of hay to the local market. They do provide some humour, I mean Nationalists are the butt of jokes, or they are funny like those Medieval dress up groups, where they dress up and re-enact the Battle of Agincourt, or have jousting comps….Although the Nationalists are more pathetic because they actually believe in their primitive guises! LOL.

    The New Hitlerian Race of the Ehrean Astralkorpers exists, which is bad news for Humanity….

    • jalexandermaximilian

      That is bad news I quite enjoy.
      Humanity, the selfish, indulgent phonies who are so morally outraged at everything excepting their own imperfections. More concerned with celebrity butts than the fire coming to consume them.

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